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Optional roof rack...which is kinda dumb over the panoramic sun roof so I'll have to cram the trunk.
Picked this up today, partially thrift-funded. Because I'm worth it.
That rocks!
Big love for that coat, and the fit pic!
 Is there a point at which one is required to file quarterly tax returns & make payments?  I got into the selling semi-seriously in 2013, and had to pay taxes on sales as well as self-employment tax when I filed in April 2014...but I do not know if it's something I should do / need to do quarterly from now on.   Also, picked up some decent-looking wide-shoulder hangers for $1 each, free shipping on a pack of 25 from here.  I'll honestly be surprised if they hold together...
In short, yes. You take returns whether or not you take returns.
 Yes - at least - the Burberry's are.
Got a very nice Paul Stuart SC, windowpane plaid, butterfly lined, 70% silk 30% wool, tagged 44 Long semi-tall. No flaws. Noticed when taking measurements that the right shoulder is doubled padded compared to the left, so, a tough sell on ebay. On the outside chance that this would work for someone here, offered at cost ($12) plus shipping. PM for measurements and pics.
...and LuxoticThreads is an SF member...(snoogz)
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