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Diamondback. No idea on year or model.
Interesting...never bothered to look it up. No idea.When they first showed up a couple years ago they were going for $200+, and actually selling. Now down to $30 and I see that one seller has sold over 100 of them.
Haven't seen the ones you're referring to.
Those "Loro Piana" splatter camo jackets are all fake. Still some on ebay but they no longer picture the labels because they're so sloppily done.
Sorry, my bad - I misread it.
Buckhead Estate Sale - nothing. Clothing Warehouse opened their film/TV vintage wardrobe showroom for 2 days only to the public, everything for sale - nothing worth buying.  Crowded with L5P hangers-on.  Eff them.  Accosted by Yoga instructors.  Circled the Buffalo Sexchange parking lot like 5 times, no spots, and all the available street parking meters were broken - eff them too, eff Atlanta, eff that whole wannabe hipster crappy scene.  Saks Off Fifth -...
There are several threads for selling and this ain't one of them.
@Tweets purple Polo and Gloverall gave me a loner donor boner.  Noice.
 That's so subjective...Almost any long-time seller has had items sell in under an hour, as well as items that languish for weeks or months, at BINOBO.  Style, designer, how current (or old), size, price, season, etc all play roles.  Kind of impossible to answer, unless someone here has kept a spreadsheet on it...and I wouldn't be surprised of some of the more granular guys here have done exactly that.  Personally, I've had a minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/never experience. 
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