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 Yes, sometimes it's the obvious... 
Bummer...I do remember a friend telling me about an old school tiki bar "by the airport" but no idea other than that. Thanks for the info.Saks Off 5th is buy 1 get 2 free, mix and match, in-store only on clearance items, only on Dec 26th. Can be hit or miss - my local Off 5th had Brioni, Isaia, Hermes ties and RLBL blazers on clearance last time I went, so it was worth the drive that time.
 12 minutes per item is about right, for taking photos, measuring, writing ad copy, listing, packing, labeling and shipping.  I'm down to about 3 minutes per item after buying speech-recognition software to create the description, which I use with my Google Glass to take the photos - all I have to do is stare at the item and talk.
     Don't crush the man's dreams before he's even started.  I'm rooting for you, goochman - get that $3k a week, $20 at a time!  It's all about the Jackson's!  
Originally Posted by guccihomme  I've been browsing eBay and am amazed the amount of money that can be made with what I leave behind thrifting. It doesn't require big scores. Selling thirty items that net $20 each, that's three grand a week part time. Add the occasional Hermes, Canali, and there's more money.   If you can make it happen, I say go for it.  $3k+ a week is nothing to sneeze at.   Originally Posted by guccihomme  There is a woman every morning at opening...
 Ouch - tooth pain is the worst!  I had an infected tooth a while back that felt like was burrowing into my brain.  Antibiotics followed up by root canal.  That was one day before I drove from Portland OR to Atlanta.  If yours is infected, you gotta kill that bug - can do serious damage to your jawbone.  You gotta eat, too, even though it's probably excruciating.  I did protein drinks, Odwalla Superfood, and made milkshakes with raw eggs.   Thanks man!  That's what I have...
  Holy cow.  I'd dig thru all of them, looking for some super vintage (hand-painted, bark cloth etc).  The older I get, the more I want to visit Hawaii, if there are still any old-fashioned tiki bars and mom & pop small hotels left.  This has been my Christmas:    ...still contagious so had to cancel visiting family.  Hope everyone had a fine holiday.
...and not forgetting Kwanzaa for anyone here who celebrates it!
 The SF Thrift Thread secret code, when you think you spot another member in a thrift store: SF'er #1: "That monkey wears a shearling coat."SF'er #2 in reply: "That monkey sleeps in the nude."Both: "StyleForum! Yay!  Deetzbro!  Fuck vicuna!"
 Convinced that Acute just copies / pastes Suit Supply (and other site) pics and pretends that they are his own fit pics...because always best fits.
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