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  The dopest seersucker suit that ever seersucked.  Maus & Hoffman candy stripe.  Jacket 44R, trousers 38W x 29L with room to alter +/-.
Cot damn I said cot damn!
 Howzabout this one?  Picked it up last week, was an older label I hadn't seen - made in the good ol' USA... 
 Appears to be standard Waterbury brass buttons.
  New Allen Edmonds burgundy Chester wing-tip Balmoral/Oxford shoes 10.5 EEE 3E       Salvatore Ferragamo Twirl rotating Gancini bit black leather loafers 7.5 D excellent        New Salvatore Ferragamo Francisco black calf leather loafer metal bit size 11 D         Thomas Pink patch pocket linen blazer, forest green, 50R, working cuffs flawless         Salvatore Ferragamo "Gene" Studio patent leather formal tuxedo shoes 13 D excellent  ...
 Seller should honor their sold price - I'd ding them on feedback as well.  I sold a flawless Theory blazer for $9.99 recently because that was my starting bid and that's what it sold for.  Tough nuts for me, a good deal for the buyer.
Thanks Wes, for the timely and informative answer!Heh...
 I can trade 2 of these if that will get you off to a good start. 
 I just had 24 boxes shipped cross-country of varying sizes & weights; UPS ended up being cheapest at $1100, after an AAA discount.  UPS is also a bit cheaper if you ship to a standard business address.  I'd plug the deets into the FedEx, UPS and USPS estimators and see...
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