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 Sorry, was replying to the wrong issue.  NVM.  
 Is that Vicuna vicuna, or some "cashcuna" thing?  If real vicuna, man, fix that lapel, forget about the lining and nibbles, and flip.  My tailor would charge about $30 to restitch, though that might be a little more tricky than a plain side seam or whatnot (I had mine fix a 4" side seam split on a cotton blazer and it was $20).  Nice coat!
He already shipped it.
Decent deal on a size Med Arc'teryx (not mine)...listed as NWOT but take that for what it's worth. 
 Mine arrived a couple days ago, also purchased on the thread advice from @Jompso.  Haven't tried it yet - was afraid to screw anything up - but good to know others have had positive results - will be using it soon!  
 Yeah they're pretty cool!  Picked them up in St. Pete FL last summer and finally got around to listing them.  Had been in someone's storage for ages, with about 1/8" layer of dust on them when I pulled them out.
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 Nope - those are Mexico '66.  The ones I'm looking for are pure white at the toe / front wrap-around thing and don't have the loose tab/flap at the heel.     Maybe 10.5, probably 11; I have some size 10.5 Mexico 66's in suede and they're a bit tight.  The Corsair was re-issued a couple years ago as the Corsair Vintage - can't even find those in the colorway I'm looking for.
 Noice! Still Looking for Onitsuka Tiger leather Corsair's in the colorway and style I had in high school, like these: 
 After seeing someone else post recently, I was eyeballing Hislon brand on eBay - some pretty cool old deco designs and affordable Swiss-made.   Nacar is another Swiss brand to check out, purely for looks, not prestige.  Obviously, these are not Rolex, Omega etc - we're talking $100 +/-.Tsovet has a Swiss movement, still making watches today in a classic style, sub-$200.  End has one for £169 - non EU customers save 20% plus free shipping thru 2/20.   hah!  my mom too,...
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