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 Please spoiler when quoting posts with lots of pics.
Labels can go suck it. That place blows.
 Just finished the Tommy Tuesday episode...where Tommy Hilfiger comes in and buys a bunch of vintage Tommy Hilfiger...and says they need a separate Tommy section, and not to mix it in "with that Polio" [stuff]...  haha!
Let me ask my grandfather. Oops no wait he ded. BUT I do know he had a subscription back in the 70s. And he had a recliner with big pockets on both sides. On one side he had his liquor, the other side was porn. That's how it's done.
That would be so awesome if it is tho. Never known anyone who found one. Fingers and toes and eyes crossed!
@Nataku I assume that you checked the Beatles Yesterday and Today, yes...?
Scam alert!!   (I edited this to hopefully make the link not clickable...anyway...don't click it - it was "help-member.com")   Got this message via eBay messenger and I came "this close" to clicking on it.  Notice the URL - not ebay - if you get this, don't click!!!   New message from: delcasalej (3)         I would like to warn you that someone is using your images and your name in selling...
I'm sensing a trend. Time to rest again, J...too little sleep makes a man unintelligible.
 I put "untagged".
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