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I hear you. I bought a couple palms I thought would be fine down here...several dollars later and checking the USDA zone map, I learned otherwise.
Yeah - it's the garden center's way of sort of baiting us. Early on, I watered and fretted over annuals that didn't come back the next year.
Annuals typically live for one season...perinnials come back year after year (hence the name).
 I'm sorry to hear this, DanM.  My condolences.  You gave him the best life he could have had, and hopefully that is of some comfort to you and yours.  
Oh - and happy Dad's Day to the dudes who got them shorties!    
 I was in love with Motobecane bikes when I was in HS and after - great urban assault vehicles of the day and unique details.  Everyone else wanted a Sekai or Trek - I wanted Motobecane!  Then I went Cannondale and never looked back.  
 Did you buy it?  If not, it's a bluff.  If you did, it's a fold.  However, love the new avatar!  
Was that a kazoo? I was like "dude you better get some screens for that before you smoke out of it."
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