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I would use that horn to announce my arrival everywhere. Waffle House, the bedroom, men's room at the bar, etc.
That's harsh, especially on a new seller. Of course we see other people do it all the time, but it doesn't usually matter unless one of the brands is in the VERO program and checks/reports listings.
Dang...I've done the exact same thing with Stone Island and CP. Guess I got lucky. They didn't warn you or anything first? ...and, what restictions do they place on you?
 Heh - that ain't me...pic is from an online forum, and I thought the hoodie was cool / would probably buy if someone made them.
I think that's totally reasonable for 90 mins, tho I'd probably splurge on a 911. If you're gonna do it, do eet!
...hahaha...wrong thread sry.
@capnwes another re-purposing of tweed / wool blazers...make some and take my money.  source  
I was reading about that Porsche experience a few weeks ago - sounds like some good old fashioned fun!
I'd go over and above that - if the dude is being put out by now having to buy a shaver and do extra work, he's still getting less than he paid for even with covering the cost of the shaver. But if you stated as-is, no returns etc, then you can risk it far as feedback is concerned and do nothing, or just the partial refund.
Thank you glam!! I'm going to check these out - and I'm sure a good resource for others on the hunt for watches.
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