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I've seen it, never bought it since it looked cheaply made.
@jebarne hit up Wes he may have some. I've had a couple full sets of those Dunhills but I think all sold; will dig thru tho and see if I have any strays.
@SpooPoker is that one of those giant embroidered pieces of Asian art? My local GW had one but priced at $60 so I did not kop.
Wasn't Polo Country the precursor to RRL? Either way - that tooled leather thing is the farking jihad.
Searched the thread but can't find the original post by the person who found the cashmere Loro Piana Storm System vest at their good Marshalls (with no tags...but surely in the pockets).  Anyhoo, unloaded mine that was "only" silk.  So if that cashmere is a good price, definitely go back & grab it - it'll probably get marked down because other folks can't find the tags either.  [[SPOILER]]   @noob wants to get into my drawers.  
 When I was a kid (in the 70's and 80's), I had some of those same wall-hung cabinets, for displaying small collectibles and whatnot, with thin wood dividers and a really thin wood back...the font drawers I've seen have been thicker wood, with a thick tray bottom (or back, if hung on a wall).  Would be cool if they are font trays tho - if so, the OP grabbed some good ones, but the old-school cabinets are nothing to balk at either - I'd love to find some for myself as...
Are those font drawers? Don't look like any I've seen before - more like the wall-hung curio cabinets one used to see a lot of in the 70s or 80s. But if they have handles, or evidence of having had them, then yes.
Hit 3 stores today but only 1 panned out.  N/A until I figure out what I'm keeping.    [[SPOILER]]
Sigs don't show up on mobile, and I'd wager approx half of the people viewing are on mobile. Per ebay, about 40% of my sales have been via mobile. So - always include a link in the text!
New Posts  All Forums: