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Nice Barbour finds!!! 
 No - the minimum increment was probably $1, but since you bid 23 cents over the $41, their bid went to $41 automatically, and yours was still tops at $41.23.  
 If the current (or only) bid was $30 but that person's max bid was $41, your $41.23 bid will raise the other person's bid to $41, and you will beat their bid by 23 cents.
 I have a basic store (150 free BIN or BINOBO listings per month).  I do not get free auction listings unless I jump on one of the special offers we all get from time to time...tho note that auction listing fees will be refunded if your item sells, once the Spring 2015 changes take effect.  At best, I'll have 50 or 60 items listed at any one time, mostly BIN but I do run the occasional auctions.  I like to end and relist BIN items that don't get much action - relist at...
 You could probably get your questions answered here, depending...I've noticed that, after opening a store, the folks I've spoken to at eBay sound US-born.  Maybe lucky, or maybe store subscribers get directed to US CSR's.
 Hmm - you're right, and it's a tough call.  I guess I replied with what I would do if I were him, not if I were me.  If I came across something that could get me $40k or $50k, (minus seller's premium etc), I dunno.  I'd probably sell.  Blow a few grand on family/friends and perhaps take a great vacation.  Stick half of the remainder into a cash account to add to my (measly) cash cushion, and the other half into some sort of retirement / interest-bearing account.  On the...
PSA: A mis-listed Gitman Vintage Oxford stripe shirt, size small (not mine).
 That's how I go into it - if I like it for myself, I don't really care who did it nor usually bother looking them up.  If it's something I'll take a gamble on to try and flip, I pop on it.  I started listing some of the 19 works by the same artist I picked up a month or so ago - sold the first one for $225 and a second one for $182.  Not bad for a $9 (each) investment - hope the remaining 17 sell for around the same.  Certainly no Hockney but I'll take it!  I think the...
 I'd hang onto it, unless I had a load of $ in it and needed to get that money back.  If you don't need the money right now, yes, it's a worthwhile investment. You could probably trade it for a house not too far down the line.  Crazy nice find.
 Maybe pop a Joan Miro reference in there somewhere...kinda reminiscent of his work.
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