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Chemical compositions - can probably google and decipher. ...ie i remember c6h12o6 is simple sugar...and we all know h20, co2 etc.
 I'm not into the scene and all, but, T.I. opened a restaurant downtown named Scales 925 and they have all sorts of southern / comfort food on the menu, in a (apparently) classy atmosphere.  I'm salivating over some of the offerings.
 I've only found a couple, made in China, fused. 
 That Zegna label is older - any with the Z inside a circle are several years old - someone else can probably narrow the date down better.  Looks like pleated trousers but not sure - if so - also a bit dated - most folks go for flat-front these days.  Made in Spain is a bit of a detraction - more desirable is made in Italy.  That said, someone out there probably wants a Zegna pinstripe suit with pleated (?) trousers, but I don't think anyone here is going to do the...
There's a racoon and an opposum fighting in my yard right now.
 Bro - post pics of the whole suit, and "Zegna" label / tags on the inside of the jacket, and describe condition / any defects etc.  It can be worth anywhere from nothing (if it has moth holes, excessive wear etc), to a lot (if current label / Couture) - gotta see Zegna tag(s) and know what shape it's in.  That one picture only tells us the size, it's pinstriped, and that it's wool.
New auction items, $19.99 start bid, no reserve.    Zilli orange brushed cotton casual shirt size XL made in Italy excellent cond.   Gant Michael Bastian Stockbridge down puffer vest green tan size Medium flawless   Trussini Italy mini houndstooth wool silk blazer IT 60 XL / US 50 XL extra long   New Bills Khakis P34 KHIT Island Twill Parker pants chinos 31W x 34L USA NWT   RRL Ralph Lauren slubby textured blue black tonal...
 I don't know if it's required, but it's definitely a useful tool that helps pay for itself.  Aside from looking up brands, items within brands etc, the eBay app, PayPal app, camera, email, text etc apps all come into play.  Google maps and GPS on the phone help me find thrift stores nearby in unfamiliar areas.  eBay app allows me to respond to questions from potential buyers a lot faster.  Camera allows for a quick pic I might have forgotten to put on eBay, or posting to...
Took me forever to upgrade from my old skool razr to a smart phone a few years ago...pays for itself in being able to search in store etc, and no one laughs at me any more (cept it's an S3 Active so already behind the times...again.) The new Verizon pricing has me thinking upgrade and switching from NSA bed buddy AT&T.
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