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 Awesome jacket.  Never seen a tag without the connected "NT"'s (black or white label), but that was only a few seen in person and whatever popped up on Google.   And I ain't poo-pooing your find. Plus I can't imagine that anyone would go thru the trouble to fake that jacket - seems like too much work. 
 I remember this question being on my PSAT's.  I think I got it wrong, so no help from me, bub - sorry. 
You mean, like they are on the white collar tag?
Pogs or beanie babies.
Ebay will manage the increment, but if you're already the high bidder I believe you can just increment your own bid by less than what the increment would be if you were not the high bidder. Not sure, since homie don't play that.
 The one and only time I ran a $.01 starting bid auction, the same thing happened to me - one user bid on it dozens of times, raising their bid like 5 cents each time, and the item (Boglioli K jacket IIRC) ended up selling for way less than expected and way less than average for similar items.  I think the large number of bids scared off other bidders who figured "why bother."
Page taken from Elvis Decanters' playbook.
To close the loop, just heard back from a Def Jam employee that the jacket was only for artists and staff - never available for sale to the general public. Sweet.
 OK - it's headed to eBay anyway so sure to find someone there that it will fit. I only posted it here to see if anyone had seen it before, knew anything about it etc.
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