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 Good to know - I hadn't used the discogs marketplace in years - sounds like they made it easier to sell.  I've also used gemm.com to some success.
 Definitely use the UPC system on eBay when you can - you enter the UPC (bar code) numbers and it will, in most cases, know what CD it is - artist, title, track listing etc - saves a ton of time not typing that stuff in.  For any UPC's that don't show up in eBay, use discogs.com to copy/paste track listings etc. Unless you've got some obscure, out-of-print, collectible, foreign pressing, limited, or otherwise non-ordinary CD's, expect to compete with sellers who offer the...
 Picking up fewer damaged items, yes, but not due to the defect system.  Like you, I've gotten far better at spotting damage when initially buying.  I have a couple piles of probably 30 or 40 items that need minor mending, buttons replaced, spot-cleaning etc...which I'll never get to.  Now I pass unless it's something cheap and pretty nice, with an easily addressed issue.
Ah ok - sounds about right...and now I'm clear on Powerseller status having nothing to do with getting FVF discounts.
 Ah, that's right - I always forget what begets what on eBay.  I offer 14-day returns because even if I didn't offer returns, I'd still have to take returns. 
 You might get a discount on FVF's.  Mine changed from bronze to silver recently - not sure when or why - but under Account --> Seller Dashboard it shows my silver trinket and discount level, which is currently 20% (and I know I had a discount when I was bronze but not sure how much it was):      I am 99% certain RSS feeds are only for Store sellers.  Everything I've read about it refers to driving more traffic to ones eBay Store (vs. "listings").   Oops - sorry for the...
Pretty damn close! Bit loafers - you know the ones.
I'm still looking for some Cousin Eddie shoes. Loafers tho.
Interesting read re: ebay's Cassini search engine: http://www.ecommercebytes.com/cab/abu/y214/m01/abu0350/s02
 I don't see why not, if you cover the Regional markings with Priority stickers and do the measurements and weight when calculating shipping...hopefully I'm reading into this wrong and you're not really fretting over 38 cents, and instead just don't have any standard Priority boxes, but do have RRA boxes.
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