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 The only logical response:  
PRL patchwork madras pants (courtesy of @SpooPoker), gin and tonic.  ATL -> TPA.      Aside from Sid Mashburn, Miller Brothers Limited is another local shop that touches quite a bit on Southern Trad...and H. Stockton typically has some offerings, though not to the extent as Sid or Miller Bro's. 
Funny clean anecdote about groom, compliment bride, express love for both and wish them well, thank them for including you in their special day, encourage everyone to join you in toasting their marriage and new life together. Mic drop and peace out. Hit on every bridesmaid.
Nutso. Probably best single haul in the history of the thread.
Wat. So did you steal a zebra? Or buy one? Where do you live that you can just get a zebra? Is it tame? Do they bite? Horses can sense that I'm afraid of them so they try to bite me...is your zebra friendly? Did you name it yet?
Saturday night, few beers, Google ex-girlfriends. One is an exec at Gucci now. We did not remain friends after the breakup. Goddammit.
Waiting, waiting, waiting...Least some nice eye candy to look at. [[SPOILER]]
"Biggie" is a popular keyword for those as well.
Gauloises, man. Dead stock WW2. Just got 4 packs in from France, they were originally part of a French Resistance survival kit or something like that.
Thanks for the reminder - almost forgot I have a bleaching appointment tomorrow. Or as I call it - "changing my ring tone."
New Posts  All Forums: