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...and let the brodeetz PM's commence on that Gitman x Opening Ceremony...
 Something like this? http://www.styleforum.net/t/170294/nwt-canali-full-dress-tailcoat-waistcoat-trousers/0_30
Canali could be a morning coat or along those lines - sometimes the color defines when it is worn.
In space, I cannot hear you scream.On mobile, I cannot see your sig.
I've used stock photos for a new item, but never used. Gotta be careful tho - I used photos from the Barneys website for a Barbour item, Barbour reported it as copyright infringement and ebay ended my item and slapped my wrist. I had to point out to Barbour that the pics were not theirs - Barneys takes their own. They sent me a long apology email and contacted ebay to ensure I wasn't penalized, so I won in the end but was a real pain in the bum.
Noice! You did well for it only being a split-second!
Those prints would have been nice! I only looked at the current offerings and saw all solids - was hoping Spoo would have the aqua blue.
       ARGH!  Ok i still have some tweaking to do - thanks y'all for the input.  I do have a 2-bulb florescent on the floor I usually use to shine up the wall, but didn't use it this time due to the long length of the jacket - will pull the object further from the wall, raise it up, and use the light.  I think suits & blazers etc will look a heck of a lot better too.  Thanks!
I haven't bought anything in the city in months. OTP represent!
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