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At this point I think the original gist has been lost and, while some entries have been amusing, perhaps we can retire it and go back to infighting and name calling?Right impuntura you big goon?Hahaha! ha? (please don't squash me)
Part of selling...my mantra is even if you don't take returns, you still take returns, unless you've built an empire like Spoo and have airtight listings that supercede any return or NAD claim. Otherwise we mortals slog on and hope that people can and do read.
 Posts here on SF are not against any rules of eBay. It's easy to circumvent buying / selling something listed on eBay, and complete the transaction outside of eBay.  You lose eBay buyer / seller protections, but that's neither here nor there.  If the potential buyer / seller reports you, then yes, you can be suspended or banned.  I don't work for eBay, nor does anyone else here than I'm aware of, so tolerance levels are as yet unknown.  I wouldn't circumvent if it's not...
 I can kinda understand it for tailored items - dudes need to try shit on and see if it fits / if it can be tailored.  I've had a few buyers ask if they can buy and try, and offered to pay restocking + shipping both ways if they need to return it after bringing to their tailor, and I was totally OK with that.  But the goons who buy a size XL jacket and say it doesn't fit - you look at their other purchases and they clearly wear a Medium - that busts my hymen.  
They're his if he wants - I owe him a proper on a belt trade. PM yer address @ReubenR if want.
Nothing to see here.  Move along.  Eh, really not much today. Thrift shop:        Worn and dirty JAB blazer... But I think I can do something with the buttons:     Buffalo Exchange:    Estate sale: Couple old-timey bird cigarette dispensers:   Just the bags - the shoes were WAYYYY over-priced:         This is an early 1900's Chimayo with a whirling log motif.  Spoilered to explain first: for those not up on the history of some stuff, this is not a swastika.  The symbol /...
Debut album: "Kopulation".
J. Crew flawless black Italian wool 2-piece tuxedo; jacket 36S and trousers 31W x 30L.  
 I'd refer to them as Chelsea boots, but, yeah, Beatle boots might get some hits.
Meanwhile, a few miles away / next town over from me:    http://fox59.com/2016/01/14/naked-woman-attacks-diners-during-waffle-house-rampage/
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