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 Wow - noice - congrats!     Digging on that!   Listed mine yesterday BIN after that was discussed on the eBay thread.  Fingers crossed.   ...but what the hell kind of shoes are you wearing?  They look like hobo shoes.  And yeah crop those bare feet out.  It is against the rules of this thread. 
 Thanks for reminding me - have a vintage pair (with the wool liners / booties inside) that I need to list - seems like the time is now! 
A HUGE thank you to @hooker4186 for being my Secret Santa this year!  Dude made a generous donation to their local animal shelter, per my wishes.  I thank you, and I'm sure the dogs and cats (and other animals in need) thank you.  Happy Holidays!!         On a related note, I sent my Secret Santa box out pretty early - tracking says delivered several days ago.  Haven't seen the recipient around here lately - hope they got it!
 Yeezus - I hope that's for a set of 4.
 Maybe the horse just needs some new shoes.  And so I'll just leave this right here...
 ...that Ben Silver pocket square is made by Drake's - might be worth mentioning...bring a few extra bucks.
If real then yes very much a thing.
 I'm sure someone here will give you a clever way to get them to admit (via eBay messaging) they washed / wore the shirt and removed the tags, while at the same time making it seem like you will be issuing a refund..  If returned in different condition than sent, you do not need to refund - but you'll have a rock-solid case if you can get the buyer on record as having washed it etc.Something like "Good evening!  I received the shirt back for a refund - I'm sorry it didn't...
Block block block: jiayxu5   Smelled this non-payer from a mile away: zero feedback, wonky address, BINOBO for $400 was accepted and they asked to cancel the purchase, said they did not know they were buying it.
Not true Prorsum IMO. Label would be black text on a black label. Almost impossible to read like the Prada white on white. Appears to be standard Burberry London - nothing to sneeze at - still decent stuff though check where it's made.
New Posts  All Forums: