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 I let these go to non-payment case.  Guy knows he didn't "bid" - he bought it.    Aside from an unrefined and coarse comment, maybe you could constructively help the OP by saying why.
It depends. When is it?
The experience? When you're young, dumb and full of ***, it's something you have to do.
 Yeah - I've direct PayPal invoiced with the extra shipping charges added.  You have their email address now, so you can do that if you want.
 I'm good for 1 or 2 a year.     Yeah it's really different...it was like watching a stage play - they left in a few line flubs etc.  i initially watched it on computer, then burned to DVDR and watched on the big TV and it had a totally different vibe. very current / up-to-the-minute.  the episode released today was filmed over the last few days.  and it's only $2, with future episodes priced at $3.  better than most movies i've seen recently.  for a good hour I'll pay 2...
Slow day....real.slow.                    Eventually I'll list some of my vintage crap on Etsy...this included:         Kids:               Also for Etsy - new-old-stock 70's Boogie Nights NWT...no idea how it survived 40 years +/- with the tag intact.             Degrade Pierre Balmain.  Go ahead - he likes it.    
 When I lived in Chicago there was a wanted ad on craigslist for a "drunken clown" - you would show up in a clown suit then they would take you out and get you drunk - - you didn't need to talk or be funny, just get shit-faced and maybe do clowny stuff like make balloon animal snakes and worms, and grope women and vomit.  Like, a real-life Shakes The Clown they wanted to hire to hang out with them all night.  And I was like - "shit - all I'm missing is the shoes - I got...
Hah!I had a lady ask me at an estate sale if I was a reseller, and I told her "Yes, I'm using the profits to put myself through clown college." You can tell anyone anything you want, and if they have no reason to doubt you, they won't.
Louis CK "Horace and Pete". Best five bucks I've spent in recent memory, and future episodes will be cheaper.
 Alleged priests who run homes for men down on their luck, wanting a discount.  Guys allegedly working on oil rigs, wanting some oddball payment scheme.  Alleged service members asking for a discount (legit ones never will).  Guys that only have $10 to spend on a $100 listing due to myriad reasons...and so on.   Be right over.
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