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When I was at the "nice" TJX yesterday, also went to the Saks Off Fifth downstairs, and they had some insane Brioni pieces...woven leather bomber jackets marked down to $4k (from $15k), and some lamb leather jackets.  Tried one on.  Drool.  Interestingly, they also sell used stuff there - Burberry and Hermes bags and scarves &c.  Encased in perspex boxes.  All over-priced, all there since they opened a few months ago...but nice to look at.  Weird tho that a Saks sells used...
I think I got a schweet deal on those Adidas x Opening Ceremony kicks (esp with the free SF member US shipping).  Hope they fit - I'm usually a 10.5 but sometimes 11's run a tad small and also work.  I hope so! Also got my Rich + Clean order in yesterday; lightning-fast shipping!  I ordered the travel size best-of / sampler, and I either need to take a trip or a staycation soon, so I have an excuse to try it out.   Thanks Spoo! 
Thanks!Did some reading on it last night...made from 64 to 67, and the serial number on mine is towards the end of the run. Apparently a hybrid tube and solid state. Interesting little unit.
One moving sale, one thrift, and one TJX.    This stuff smells so good!         Yet another BB for me.     NWT.      Don't know jack about this, other than I know the Callaway Big Bertha name...      "The" Fisher model 600-T professional series.  Works!       Buckhead Station TJX still had 3 on the racks as of a few hours ago, in sizes 0, 2 and 3.      [[SPOILER]]
Any ATL-area person want 2 tickets to Atlanta Opera's The Abduction from the Seraglio for Friday Oct 14th?  I have a voucher (bring to the box office, get 2 tickets).  I won't be going.  Free.  PM me.     Deets: voucher good for 2 D-Zone Grand Tier tickets.  Only good for the date, performance, and seating area listed above.  I'd suggest visiting the box office as far in advance as possible to get the tickets, to at least ensure you get 2 sets together.  Not sure where...
Chair good. Chair want.
Unless something has changed, you cannot block zero feedback buyers.
Drained my pp on records. Damn Spoo the 18 year old makes me do stuff like that.
 I have that on an SD card playlist in my car...which also includes Double Dutch Bus, You Dropped a Bomb on Me, Atomic Dog, and other classics of the era. I'm supposed to be working - sorry for the flurry...back to work.
   Yup - friend of mine married a guy 20 years ago, all was well for 19.5 years, then it went into the toilet - he racked up tons of credit card charges that she was halfway responsible for in the divorce, and he ruined her credit in the process.   Dude in my mom's neighborhood got nailed by an uninsured drunk driver - his medical bills exceeded his insurance coverage, he used credit to pay for monthly bills etc since he had little income...until they maxed out, he had to...
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