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 I'd look, but Johnny Dangerously just started.  Icehole. 
Meager finds from my truncated Las Vegas thrift run.  Had the most luck (but still not much) in Henderson.Hit some spots in Summerlin / Spring Valley and came up with nothing.Also hit the Goodwill Deja Blue Boutique and it was a total waste of time.  I guess they send items in better condition there, as well as recognized labels, but I found a 1970's cardboard stiff and sandpaper rough suit from Towncraft there for $50.  Van Heusen used shirts for $15.  No-name stiff...
 I don't use Global Shipping (mainly because of the insane cost to the buyer), and have shipped to US-based forwarding services several times without issue.  Better yet, it is considered "delivered" when it hits the US forwarding service...as opposed to having to get all the way to Japan before being marked "delivered".  If that's an option, I'd go for it.
 Probably reversible and the tags are in the pockets, like this one I picked up recently:  [[SPOILER]]
Vegas thrifting didn't turn up much, but i was working on 4 hrs sleep and just felt like crap so made it a short day. Some older Zegna, older PRL, arancrafts sweater. Mleh. Back to the hotel for a couple beers and already gave back a stack of their dough; and it's not even 6pm yet. Oy.
This diner waitress is hot. No stop can't stop.
Wearing Spoo's ex-lucky pants and I'm up about $700 for the night.
Hitting the thrifts here very very soon.  Rental car: check.  Map and list: check.  Don't have any expectations really, but never thrifted there before, so we'll see what's the haps.     
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