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I had a pocket square made by them, many moons ago. Italian made, hand rolled. Twas nice. Sold it. Can't recall seeing any ties, which doesn't mean much...
...sorry bad post...
The ones with painted backs can also be very worthwhile grabs (search sold, sort price).
 Asia Argento?!  I love her movies.  She's hot.
 I dropped my stuff off and they packed it.  I had triple-bagged all my stuff into four more or less same size and weight bundles, figured they'd ship in 2 boxes...but the counter guy suggested one box.  I made a real distinct point of saying ok, "but only if the box doesn't arrive all beat up and split open," and dude said no worries - I'll use plenty of packing peanuts and tape.  So in their defense, I let them use one box, but if I had packed it myself, would have been...
 Yep, can't ever remember getting a wet / damaged box via USPS.  UPS, yes, plenty of times (more often than not - no exaggeration).   I had 25 boxes shipped via UPS to myself cross-country a couple months ago, and most had split apart (used sturdy moving boxes from UHaul) due to being crushed or jumped on or whatever they do to them up en route.  Delivery guys are usually very cheerful, so they must pull the truck over every once in a while and just beat the shit out of...
Thank you, UPS Store and delivery, for another carefully packed and handled package...the 50+ pounds I had shipped to myself from FL - they put it all into one box, and then it got wet someplace en route and came apart.   Thankfully, I had triple-wrapped everything in plastic garbage bags, but if I hadn't, it would all be wet and items would be missing.  Is it too much to ask to at least keep the shit dry when I pay $88 for shipping?  
 Just heard about Moo on NPR - moo.com - I like their rounded edge cards and luxe paper...sort of a step or two up from VistaPrint [at least, vs. the last time I checked VistaPrint, which was months ago].  Can upload a finished design, just like VP, or design your own.
 The "made by England" is a little weird though - thought it said "made in England"...sorry, no idea on that one.
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