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 All hand-made, start-to-finish.  At best, the nearest "machine" is a pair of scissors.  @Letric may be thinking of someone else.  Follow them on Instagram or whatnot - stuff is beyond lux.  
 impuntura I like the cut of your jib
 Ergh...I was all like "motorcycle warehouse - need BSA or Norton or Triumph with sidecar!".  Probably no such luck, but otherwise sounds amazing!!
 I had that hat back in the day...along with the Anthrax "Not" ball cap.    [[SPOILER]]
 Precisely why airlines are willing to let 1st class seats go empty rather than discount them and/or let people bump up to 1st class for $50 or $100 - to maintain the aura of exclusivity. (but next time you're flying, consider how much more it really costs - in some cases, it's cheaper to fly 1st!) Or, why Ray-Ban stopped production entirely for two years after the brand had gotten so diluted and was subsequently bought out, then came back with quality stuff again.  
I'd say somewhat but not significantly if it's in that nice condition.
 A Twenty-K coat at that!  I picked one up last year, pre-owned, had a big "scuff" on the front, ended up unloading it on eBay for a decent amt.
The soundtrack to Repo Man will always be a fave in my collection.  The movie is pretty good, too, but the soundtrack turned me on to some swell stuff.  
 Oh jeez - all the "when you see it..." - I saw it immediately.  Stuck out like a sore thumb.  I'm not really OCD, but a million little things bother me like that.  Like, I have two in-wall ovens, and when there's a power failure or a time change, I reset the time on them both at *exactly* the same moment, and eventually one clock is like 15 or 30 seconds faster than the other.  What's happening?  Is one oven slightly ahead due to the curvature of the earth and how the...
Ok I'll check it out but right now I'm arguing on facebook with a guy who is clearly wrong about something inconsequential and I will spend the rest of my days proving him wrong if that's what it takes.
New Posts  All Forums: