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 I visited for a couple weeks some years ago, but barely hit any resale shops.  Ate a lot of great food, drank gallons of beer, petted a lot of cats, hopped the train for several day trips out of Amsterdam, did some window-shopping in the red light districts, and ... other stuff.  But my girlfriend forbade me from trying absinthe.
 If I can decipher the name (or happen to already know it, which would be rare), and let google do the walking, I'll pick it up for a flip if there's enough meat on dem bones.  If I personally like it and the price is good enough that I would keep it for price paid if I never figure out who the artist is, I pick it up.  Otherwise, I don't spend a lot of time on it.  @330CK has more experience with it than I do.  
 I think I only had one sale that was over $1k in the past year, so that would have to be it - some watercolor paintings sold as a lot for $1,125 (that I bought at true thrift pricing).
 London Fog is like candy corn.  They manufactured all of it between 1962 and 1987 and every year they just roll out what's still left.  True fact* - candy corn has not been made since 1987 - the stuff you see every Halloween was made no later than that.  Same with London Fog. *not a true fact
There are very few men who should adapt a superior attitude in a subforum of an internet forum that is dedicated to trying to make money off of selling the used and discarded clothing items of other men.     Sometimes I sell women's stuff on the information superhighway so you all can suck it I rule you drool.  
 Damn, son.
I was in the BB store last weekend and could have sworn I saw something like that. Might have been the J Crew or vvines store but probably BB...
 No.  Church's are always pretty much illegible aside from the size and even then you need to know, for example, "110A" means UK size 11 A width, e.g.: 
    Doc, are you gonna take that?  Are you not going to call him a doodie head and block him back?  ARE YOU A MAN OR A MOUSEKETEER?!  
Spent most of the day holiday shopping; made the mistake of going to Lenox Square Mall to buy some gifts at Brooks Brothers and spent more time getting into and out of the parking lot than actually in the mall.  Madness, the weekend before Xmas.   The Lenox TJ Maxx had some snappy shit - Kiton, Cucinelli, RLPL, RLBL, Zegna Couture, Loro Piana, Saint Laurent leather bags, etc...including some RLBL Italy Nantucket red cotton blazers for $250 (with original tags @ $1250)....
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