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New grill, 30 pounds of meat and 250 in cash - we better be invited!
 Good info!!  I swear I see that "cheesy" Parisian logo in shoes all the time and today I peeked inside a pair and saw the Alden mark and was like...shit...have I been passing up on Aldens all time?  But it was the nail pattern that made me look closer, so, hopefully I hadn't missed any.  
Two stores and one estate sale today...got to the estate sale about 45 minutes before it was totally over and done, and surprised there were still a few things to be had.    [[SPOILER]]
 The foot opening was all shredded (pieces of leather missing & chipped off), cuts / gouges and such, on all the pairs I saw in the wild...which has only been 3 pairs to date.
I've never thrifted shell. Seen a few pairs over the years but too beat up to buy.
That Dior coat - wow!
I guess it fappened.
+1 - I get the same message and no idea what it means.
New no reserve auctions just listed:    Polo Ralph Lauren vtg plaid madras Harrington coat jacket Talon zipper Medium   Bleu de Chanel France men's cologne eau de parfum 1.7oz 50ml approx. 90% full   New Magnanni Blas cognac brown leather penny loafers size 16 M medium NWOB   Swaine Adeney Brigg England antique shooting walking seating stick cane Fleming   New Thom Browne Brooks Brothers Black Fleece rugby shirt BB0 Small XS...
New Posts  All Forums: