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I'm switching to not taking returns (though even that means I still take returns, if someone wants to go the SNAD route somehow). Closing my ebay storefront, selling some BIN / BINOBOs here and there, and consign the rest.
No such username...
Some airlines are now monetizing the middle seat, and charging more for a window or aisle seat.
$24 from Nashville to Chicago? I'd like to know the airline - would like to get back there this year. And...I'm the neighbor with the shitty lawn, despite dropping $200 in weed & feed on it every year.
That's not really an issue...and I've never asked for it. They do or do not on their own accord. They are not required to.
Nice Mashburn! I was circumcised with pinking shears...for her pleasure.
Darnka schoern!
Thrift shop: Another Hartman belting leather & tweed suitcase:   [[SPOILER]]       Needs some collar attention...     New Saks Off Fifth opened in town.  They had tons of Brioni and RLPL / RLBL.  I only shopped the clearance rack and got:          From TJX on clearance: BBGF tuxedo.  Is this Martin Greenfield?    [[SPOILER]]    
Thanks gents!
Anyone able to identify the maker? It's on a Fendi suit.
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