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Today's grabs, which include a couple firsts for me.  Nothing is available.  [[SPOILER]]
I think it's worth every dollar at $1k private sale - you'll never thrift a matched system like that if you spent 10 years looking. Bring speakers to listen, turn every knob, flip every switch. You can find PDF manuals online free. If it were me, I tested and was satisfied that all worked, no hesitation. Obviously wave some cash around and try to get a better deal but I would not regret full price.
Shows sold for $575 on ebay mobile. Not sure if that's accurate tho - didn't view on desktop site.
I dunno man...offering $30 on a $32.50 BIN? As a seller I would have accepted...as a buyer I would have sprung for the extra $2.50 if I wanted them that much. Makes little sense on either side.
As to point #1: nope. I wanted to do the same (auction item for $9.99 and $5 ship, or BIN for $25 and ships free, for example). No such animal.
Small flat-rate box, priority...inside of which the tie is packed into a small plastic self-seal mailer. I charge $5.50 to ship if auction or free if it's a BIN item. The last tie I bought on ebay was hard folded, put into a ziploc bag, then into a flat kraft envelope...and it was stained. Yay.
I need a cold pop.
Please post the buyer ID so I can block. Anyone who asks for a partial refund on a pair of pants that don't fit is suspect in my book.
Anything sturdy and over 12" deep (I hate when the records hang out). I had some shelves from Dania that worked well. A friend had a listening room and got some flip-thru bins from a record store that wasn't carrying as much vinyl as they used to - that would be cool.
It is possible, it is not illegal but it is against eBay policy.
New Posts  All Forums: