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I resorted to disguising it, which in hindsight is sorta dumb to do since half the people probably don't know what it is... I'm going to quit doing it.
Damn, I was going to suggest eyeballing the Ford Flex. It's the only SUV type vehicle I like the looks of. Low MPG tho.
 ...wait - - - Robert Bruce Jackman?!  I didn't even know he was sick.  Oh hold up - I was thinking of Bruce Robert Jackman - different guy.  Whew.  Cool preview - thanks for posting!  
 Figured you would have, it being a PA thang...    DuPar's in Vegas trumps Waffle House 10 times out of 10 when it comes to pancakes or French toast - it's that good (I think they're using the same griddle grease from 1952); but by God I'll never eat scrapple again.  Pig heads and stinky pinks and who knows what else goes into that! Then again, I've had Lutefisk and didn't think it was so bad, so I'm not exactly the Anthony Bourdain of the thread.  
 In the end, I am hoping that all this leads to eBay separating the wheat from the chaff, and quality sellers will remain on eBay whereas hit-and-run / crappy sellers will fall off the map.  Shopping on eBay is such a minefield now that I'm surprised anyone does it any longer, or, more often than 2 or 3 times once they get burned.  I've been disappointed more often than not with my eBay purchases, and I think part of this is to get sellers to step up or step aside, leaving...
 I offer 14-day returns, but not thru the hassle-free program (I never joined).  So a buyer has to message me and go from there, as far as I can tell - I've never had a case opened in order for someone to return something so I don't really know...but I know it's the same when I want to return something to someone who isn't in the hassle-free program - the only eBay option is "message the seller". On a related note, I got this long cryptic message from eBay today, and I've...
 Have you ever eaten scrapple?  I did once, then I found out what was in it so I passed on it after that. That scrapple scrapbook sounds fun to look thru tho - probably some cool vintage imagery & graphics.
 Alas, 40R - but thanks for checking.   Thanks cuz!  I want you to give yourself a promotion, and a raise.  And if anyone over at corporate gives you any guff, you tell them to talk to me. Can't wait to see if you pulled anything out of that estate!
My measly grabs from today.  Not sure why I'm even spoilering them - I have so few photos...  All N/A at the moment. @SpooPoker may I please have a reality check on the pink tie?  Only has the one label - I've had the same one before in black on black - this one is pink on pink - but I'm not 100% on it.  [[SPOILER]]
11 hours thrift and hardly anything to show for it. Drying up out there.
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