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 If real...   Nope.  His kid got into some weird legal troubles and a lot of the old man's art was seized by the FBI.  More like "surrendered" art.   Thanks - me too!!  
...here's the thing that has me in a lather: Original painting by William Verdult (not a print, giclee, serigraph etc).  Appears to be watercolor on paper, though in poking around I see some similar landscapes listed as oil on paper...but pretty sure this is watercolor due to the chalky texture and lack of any luster, though it may be both oils & watercolors due to the layering in some areas.      I'm not 100% sure it's legit, but am 99% sure...the signature is the...
Some recent pick-ups...not pictured: stuff I already packed to send to Spoo, and a few other items keeping for self etc.  [[SPOILER]]
 @borbor and I have posted them in the past.
I either just scored big or wasted a decent amount of money. Need an art appraiser to authenticate and give valuations. Deets later.
 "A Porsche Cayman S would be nice tho" FTFY 
@FlorianQC I hope you cop all that good stuff when it hits final clearance.     @hbkshin do we need passports now to go to Canada?  Last time I just needed a drivers license, but I remember something about needing a passport for Canada / Mexico after a certain date.   @SpooPoker getting some boxes ready to send your way...few days.   @capnwes that addition / build-out is crazy, and coming along nicely!  Congrats.
For anyone looking for a new suit, Saks Off 5th website is having a buy-one-get-one-free sale.  Most of the decent ones appear to be Hickey Freeman, priced at $500 to $800 (so, $250 to $400 per suit).  Not bad if you like HF and want brand new at 70-75% off retail.
 I did not know Ford was coming out with another GT...I liked the last one better - reminiscent of the original - maybe they'll have the white with blue stripes again...but the 2016 is pretty damn sick.  600hp from a V6?  Nutty. And good score with that domain - best of luck!  
 They will continue to be scanned along the way, but usps.com tracking will not update - it will always show as "out for delivery."  The only way to correct it is to get someone on the phone that will admit to knowing how to back them out and re-enter them manually as "picked up", and also do it for you.  Since your USPS supervisor claimed ignorance on what will happen next, I doubt that's the person you want to speak to again. Happened to me and I lucked out in that no...
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