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Listing BIN, 10 days...but the requirement is for transactions 1 Nov THROUGH 31 Dec. So if listed on Oct 28th for 10 days, sells on Nov 2nd, it falls within that window.
Yeppp... And some of my local estate sale companies move unsold stuff to the next estate sale so you see the same shit again.
 Through Dec 31st...when you click on "change your return policy", there is a new tick-box...however, reading up, eBay says it's for transactions Nov 1st thru Dec 31st.  I'm not sure why eBay is saying my items listed yesterday don't qualify for TRS discounts - guess they want you to enroll in the extended returns program before Nov 1st.    Return policy    Returns Accepted   After receiving the item, your buyer should start a return within: 14...
Apparently any new listings Oct 1st through the holidays must offer extended holiday returns in order to qualify for TRS 20% discounts...  I offer 14-day returns and 1-day handling, and currently get the 20% discount, but it looks like none of my new listings through the end of the year will qualify, and thus I'll lose my discounts.  So that sucks...       Edit listings to meet Top Rated Seller...
 Whoah.  That's a great find, and at $40 - amazing.
Barbours - 8 or 10 jackets the last few years, couple shirts. Prior to that, didn't know what Barbour was.
 You got it, boss.  I thought I hit a lode, and was tossing them into my cart, then inspected each one and put them back..."hole, hole, hole".  Ungh.  Prolly got back this weekend, will grab if still there.
Woo hoo!  Just scored a John Deere lawn tractor with 42" mower, and trailer, for $200.  Shit was like $1900 new.  Couple years old.  Have almost an acre of land and too cheap to hire a lawn guy and tired of my Honda walk-behind.  All I need to add is a beer cup holder.  
...except, I don't think those buttons are particularly desirable. I do it with BB buttons, Holland & Sherry, Burberry knight, Ben Silver and such, but haven't tried the more or less everyday PRL buttons. Never know tho. And yes I redonate the button-less blazer like Espu does. And I refrain from listing anything with holes in it unless it's really special. Passed on some Oxxford blazers last weekend due to holes - even at $5 each it's not worth bothering with.
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New Posts  All Forums: