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 Yes please!!  That's a beaut.   ^^ Would be cool to see.  Slow start for me - building a new secondary system, g**damn IKEA shelving won't hold too many LP's but ... again ... a start.  Need that Marantz, and decide on speakers.  The Epicure set I found recently would just be too massive I think. Potato pic: 
Sorry double-tap: concur. Likely an institutional model - school, office or govt. The one like in Pulp Fiction is what you want.
...that's when I assume the original owner took the item to the dry cleaners to get a stain removed, it didn't come out, so got donated. I check stuff with cleaners tags even closer than usual.
Looking for Marantz 2270 if anyone's holding. What do? PM if have. Nat, Jon...
Yes on the Marantz. I wooda.
Decidedly not thrift, but found a good seller of new vinyl - went on a mini-spending spree for some Blue Note titles.  [[SPOILER]]    Also a shout out to @ATLjon for a nice hook-up on some stacks of wax from the backs of the racks. !! 
No gamble no future, young man!
 Last time I read those vacation setting rules, it said that you can alert buyers that you'll be shipping outside your stated handling time, but that you're still responsible for shipping them during your handling time (or something like that - it made no sense to me when I read it, and is why I always have zero for sale if I can't do the 1-day shipping). eBay has to be tapped into the USPS label purchase / scan / tracking in order to know when it was actually shipped,...
I don't sell a bunch, but yeah 25 seems like a lot...  
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