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Cot damn it...  I should change my username to OopsRekop, not because it's "Spoo" and "Poker" spelled backwards, but because for the 2nd time in recent memory I purchased something from GW that I had previously bought there and redonated...as in, "Oops, rekop!"  
 I added a whole-house surge protector last year on a Groupon deal for $75 (of course they inspect your panel and say you need this and that upgrade, but I didn't bite)...plus the individual outlet surge protectors, which I hope has me covered.  Sorry to hear about your surge and resulting headaches - that must have royally sucked - I know I get in a huge panic when I wake up to a blue screen on my PC. 
 Those look like Speakers, on the sofa.  Are those Paradigm (little blurry)?    Depends - I have my pages set to 50 posts per, so I see 3500 pages.  I think you can set it as high as 100 posts per page...then go on vacation and come back to "only" 3 or 4 pages to catch up on.   I like that bag!  Never seen one like that - is the main body a PVC-type material, or something else?   PM sent to dude - thank you for the tip!  
 ...maybe ATLjon?  I wish I had picked a different username...I joined when I was a noob to this forum as well as thrifting so it was fitting at the time.  Wish I could change it.   Prepare for an onslaught of PM's.  Nice find!
 You might need a garden cat.  The cat I had in Portland (it came with the house, and it stayed there when I moved) used to leave me presents of dead moles - best record was 3 dead moles on the front porch during one summer.   Back to B&S on eBay: I've gotta get a dark backdrop - my pics of lighter-colored items always turn out looking like crap.  Gonna swing by Joanne Fabric this weekend and see if I can find a big piece of matte dark gray vinyl.  Darker items on my light...
 Figured that might be where you were going...I've got an Indian friend who gets pulled out of line an inordinate amount of time...he's also openly gay and likes to mess with (flirt with) the guys who give him the pat-downs, see how uncomfortable he can make them in return. Without fail, I got pulled out of line the last three times I was coming back from Mexico - both at the airport in Mexico as well as when coming thru US international arrivals.  I must give off some...
 ...something like...?   
Those are almost always replies from buyers - when you answer their question and they reply with "thanks" or whatever - ebay shows those as unanswered questions.
 Is there a 24k club some of us might not be aware of?  I belong to the 24k club at the Golden Nugget in Vegas, and I think there's a strip club in ATL..otherwise  
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