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 Cream linen sounds nice, and something you might wear more than once per season.  Are you adverse to Madras, patchwork, seersucker or pincord?  Those could be summery and fun, though maybe a bit too fun, or too relaxed.
@jgill79 - great haul, well done! @jdrizzy - happy birthday to ya!
   My local GW's charge a flat $5.24 per shirt, and at best I grab one out of ten that I inspect in-store...
This was a year or so ago - doubt I can dig up the info...
OK triple post, scuze me...looking for a source for some shoe trees with the little brass (?) knob thing on top of the back/heel part.  Strictly for taking eBay pics, so, cheap is good.  
  ...and...:  Wow, good karma all around for those guys.  I've lived long enough to sort of believe in that - screw someone over and you eventually get screwed over in return.  Easier to just do the right thing.  
 My stupid-ass mistake [long story short: I had to refund a guy, email address was JohnSomething@whatever, amount $224.xx...by sheer coincidence I had another buyer with a JohnSomething@whatever email address for $224.zz on the same day...refunded the wrong John].  I asked the dude to send it back, fully expecting he would not, and was not disappointed in the end.  I've caught that one too - refunding unintentional shipping overcharges for a few bucks, and almost refunded...
Some new stuff, no reserve:   12 Photos Newly ListedLardini flawless navy blazer, made in Italy, Loro Piana wool/cashmere/silk, 40R     Expedited shipping available Time left:Apr-10 17:02 $99.00 0 bids   11 Photos Newly ListedBullock & Jones 100% slubby/raw silk blazer, 44S short, cream...
 My worst foul-up was refunding the wrong person to the tune of $200+...and then having to refund the correct person the same amount.  Naturally, the wrong person kept the refund - called PayPal - no way to un-refund a refund at the time.  That sucked. 
 ...in eBayLand, it's a vintage cotton blend.
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