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 I have (been at the PBR again).  My bad.  I guess I don't fret over it or think about it as much - just checked and I've had 10 returns in the last 14 months, and on most of those I charged shipping on top of the final price (which I did not refund in most cases), so it hasn't been a big deal.   For the original poster, you could try refunding minus original shipping but a buyer could pretty easily turn it into a SNAD (warranted or not), so I think the tacit agreement is...
 Hah!  I need a breathalyzer on this computer, no joke.  "Clearance Sale" - check prices - whip out debit card BANG oy what did I just do?    Damn.  Sickest haul in a while.     My last sneaker purchase was Onitsuka Tigers!  Love those - I'm old enough to remember them pre-Asics.
 If you sell an item with free shipping, presumably you have built the shipping cost into the price of the item...so if you want $15 for it and it'll cost you $5 to ship, you list it for $20.If returned, you refund the $20, and list again for $20, so you're not really out shipping costs on the return, if you still want to get $15 for it and relist it for $20.  That assumes you resell it for $20, of course.  At least, that's how I figure it when offering free shipping,...
 I hope you're going someplace, or doing something...not wasting vacation time like I do half the time.  Enjoy!
 I'd get 133 pairs at my local GW for that kind of money.
   5 pairs, new.  3 Fendi, 1 Martin Dingman, 1 Gravati.
BLARRRR.  Just spent $811 on some shoes...better be worth it or I'll be calling Pabst Blue Ribbon to complain that their product got me drunk and made me buy a mortgage payment worth of shoes.  
 Dang, I can almost taste the lemonade (or sweet tea, if that's your thing)...see the Spanish moss wafting on the stately oaks in the summer breeze...hear the bully toads splashing in the crick...taste the pulled pork BBQ.  I am ready for some summer.
 I have better luck setting those up as 30-day BIN or BINOBO listings vs. auctions.  Without the large audience some sellers have, I'd be lucky to get a single bid in 7 or 10 days.  That said - I just noticed I have a 41R Loro Piana blazer on auction (not sure why I listed it as an auction) with 1 watcher - so - that tells me it probably won't even sell.
Some relisted items, some new.    9 Photos New Luigi Borrelli Napoli Italy luxury handmade striped shirt US 16.5 slim fit      FAST 'N FREE - Get it on or before Mon, May. 5 Time left:28d 23h left5/29, 8PM $129.00 Buy It Now Free shipping 9 Photos New Luigi Borrelli Napoli Italy luxury...
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