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Hmm - my invite says it's for electronics, clothing / shoes / accessories, and jewelry / watches.
Yes...where you can pay to get placed in the first page of search results. However, right now it's only for fixed price multi-item listings. I can see it possibly affecting you if you're trying to sell/auction one thing and someone else pays to advertise multiples of the same thing at a fixed price.
 They had a lot of that hickory-striped-style stuff for Cruise 2008 - skip to about the 2:50 mark of this vid: 
Chanel tag appears legit - 2008 Cruise Collection.
El Chapo, being moved to different safe houses.
 I picked this one up earlier this year...might be the one you're thinking of:   [[SPOILER]]
 All hand-made, start-to-finish.  At best, the nearest "machine" is a pair of scissors.  @Letric may be thinking of someone else.  Follow them on Instagram or whatnot - stuff is beyond lux.  
 impuntura I like the cut of your jib
 Ergh...I was all like "motorcycle warehouse - need BSA or Norton or Triumph with sidecar!".  Probably no such luck, but otherwise sounds amazing!!
 I had that hat back in the day...along with the Anthrax "Not" ball cap.    [[SPOILER]]
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