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 Wow - that absolutely sucks.  I'm sorry about that.  However, I don't know if I'd go posting on youtube or elsewhere how eBay buyers can screw over sellers and get away with it.  You're probably livid - I know I would be - buyer damages an item, tries to get a refund, and even if ruled in your favor you're still left with a damaged item that you couldn't possibly resell for the same amount.
 Sorry sir, nope.  Check Spoo's completed listings for Prorsum, one of which was an item I consigned with him.  Black on black labels.  The few I've had personally were all made in Italy, though I don't know if all Prorsum is.
Thrifting around Vegas - opinions?  Looking at renting a car for a weekday ($50 + gas), hit about 10 or 12 places in Henderson, and Summerlin / Spring Valley.  GW, Savers and Sally's mostly.  Of the dozen+ times I've been there, I've never hit any thrifts so no clue if it's worth the time & money.
I search PayPal for the last xx years/months on their username or email.
The few I've had were black lettering on a black label. Hard to read but easy to spot when you see what looks to be a plain black label at first.
 Wow - good to know!  I've never been to that one, having assumed the two in Buckhead were the only "good" ones.  I'm kinda far OTP north, about an hour from that store, but maybe I'll make it over there before they're gone - thanks for the tip! 
 For a duffle, if you have the means, JW Hulme makes some beauts, and they just get better with age.  Filson is the go-to for many folks; bullet-proof.   I'm in the market as well, for a carry-on duffle / weekender type...if any of you guys snagged the Brooks Brothers duffles from Marshalls and are looking to unload, hit me up with deets via PM.  My local stores did not stock them, alas.  Or something similar.  
 I've seen that happen...was in a shop a few weeks ago eyeballing a leather Helmut Lang jacket - a bit too rich for my blood, but I went back last weekend and all jackets were on sale.  Hunted down the Helmut, was still there but the f*%$@ing tag was gone...just a few threads where it had been.
...sigs don't show up when using mobile. May not seem like a big deal, but per eBay 42% of my sales last month were made on mobile devices.
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