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 Interesting...though seems counter-intuitive to over-pay, unless it was a must-have personal grail item, or the sellers had it under-priced to begin with.   I've been to estate sales on day 1 at full-price, and days 3/4/5 at 75% off, and have found stuff worth buying at both ends, so you never know.  Last few sales, I only made the last day and found minty Hermes & RLPL at 75% off (original prices were going rate), Hartmann NOS, minty Barbour etc.  No idea how these...
Convert to vest.
Nice! I sold a White Zombie concert tee from their first big tour, given to me at a show when my friend was the drummer - went for north of $200. I figured dude would never pay but checked his feedback and he'd bought a bunch of RG skeets and paid immediately. Go figure.
Don't do that.
...not to mention the price as part of the label on the narrow blade - always fake.
Hah! Took me a minute...
I'm polite to people who shop in thrift stores and are obviously shopping for themselves / their kids / what-have-you. I just check stuff right up to where they are, then move around and keep going.  Sometimes they ask me what size I wear, then hold up something and say "Hey this is a [your size]! You like this?", which is thoughtful but usually not something I want for myself or to trade.  But I always take it, look at it, make a nice comment and thank them...then put it...
Tried to keep it all flippable. If someone wants both lots, $135 shipped.
Hermes leather is much wow! Beaut.
Haven't been able to list anything on eBay lately; any flippers here want a package deal?  I won't be able to take any measurements or any more photos.  Selling as two lots - not individual shirts.   Lot of 4 Ted Baker Endurance shirts, NWOT (one still has a bit of tag on it).  Various sizes.  Lavender and gray.  eBay sold prices seem to average $30-$40 each, with some outliers going for more or less.  $45 for all 4 shipped to the ConUS.   [[SPOILER]]    Lot of 5 NWT T.M....
New Posts  All Forums: