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 ...if you go beyond the return date, re-donations are also deductible, but only for what the store typically prices the items at.  Forgot to mention that.  You're lucky that your thrifts offer returns - none of mine do.  Also, if you're buying from - say - Marshalls or Saks Off Fifth to re-sell, and put it on a credit card, you can deduct the interest paid on the card for those purchases.  Probably a bunch more I'm not thinking of that are pretty obscure or one wouldn't...
 Technically, you're responsible for paying taxes on anything you sell thru eBay...however, PayPal only sends that info to the IRS if you sell more than $20,000 AND more than 200 items.  If you sell 199 items for $20k, they won't report it.  If you sell one item for $19k, they won't report it.  Talk to a tax pro.  What follows is just my personal experience:You can use eBay/PayPal to track sales, as well as eBay fees and PayPal fees, which are deductible.If you consign...
I, too, have buttons, but not a whole jar...sets harvested from bad buys and whatnot, plus the odd one here and there. Don't think I have an exact match for this coat so will probably have them all swapped out.
Yes, I make joke. Actually haven't seen that T&A label before - assume it's newer / current?
  This was my house in Portland some years back.  Music is by Coil (Unreleased Themes from Hellraiser).  I had a sign on the front gate saying it might be too scary for little kids, but the parents still sent them up the path anyway, and more than one kid started bawling and the parents got all angry at me, so I told them to go fucking trick-or-treat at the mall where it's all safe except for that one time we had a mall shooter so they're better off just staying at home. ...
 Yeah - I went to three stores but two of them I walked out empty-handed. I think Cousin Eddie lost it before he hit Canada.
 Not sure why they look too small.  They fit just fine. 
why are half of my pictures missing?  gah!  thanks obama.   fixed.  i think.
One store today.     Nothing available at the moment...I don't know sizes of anything right now, some keeping, some to eBay.     Wish I could have copped this, but had some spots I wasn't sure would come out:             So here's the shizz I did...
On the Belstaff, probably a map pocket. Nice stuff!
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