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Only hit one Goodwill today; yielded one blazer and one pair of pants (pretty sure they're not a matched suit, even though both have the same date code and tags - the trousers are a bit muted in color as compared to the jacket).  New with tags and spare buttons.  [[SPOILER]]
 Weird - yes, it worked with lower-case "b" but not upper-case "B".  Thanks!
 Before I realized how hot steam actually is, I stuck my hand in front of mine and found out with a quickness!  Hope you didn't get scalded too badly.My steamer is a thrifted Conair; hose does fine once heated up (it's super-stiff until it does heat up, so maybe they designed it that way purposefully).  No complaints on mine, since it's a cheapo and not used a whole lot.
 Bikerii is an invalid eBay user ID. @Brianpore can give you access to the SF blacklist. 
 Thanks, yeah - it's going to be listed, so I thought of suggesting that one could sew a patch over it - 'merican flag, NRA membership patch, etc...
 HAH!   I'm just frontin' - I don't own a gat...and won't stir up the old debates so gonna drop it.
 Ditto that.  I'm edgy as it is...some weird noise at 4am and I'm loading the Glock in my semi-sleep-state, ready to cap dat ass.  
I best get bizzay...   << Zero insertion fees on up to 10,000 fixed price listings Pay no insertion fees on 10,000 fixed price listings. Existing selling limits apply. Learn More Start: 10/25/14 00:00:00 PDT End: 10/29/14 23:59:59 PDT Available at ebay.com >>
I am livid.  Here's a moron to add to your block lists:  kayykuek (will add to the black list shortly).  He bid an item up from $41 to $99 then said he thought it was a different size, and told me to ask the 2nd highest bidder if they wanted it...before the auction has even ended.  I ended up cancelling all his bids and blocking him (though I could have let it go unpaid and offered it to the 2nd highest bidder, but I don't dink around like that).  So now I'm back at $41...
 I'd rather they did not understand what was I saying, and limiting it to Guidouches®© pretty much guarantees that.
New Posts  All Forums: