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 ...and this is another reason why I need a dedicated spot in my house for flippering.  Right now it's all in mixed-use areas and I am loathe to move it all downstairs to an empty room because I don't heat or cool that room (vents are shut off) - once I start heating & cooling it, utils are going to jump 20% or more...but Wes be the man, pointing out I need not fret!  Thanks!
 Do you re-sell 100% of the items you buy in each store?  If not, I'm not sure how you could deduct everything you buy, if you don't flip it (or redonate it).  I'm not sure why you wouldn't keep track item-by-item...unless you mean only keep a running total of the costs for items sold.  I track item-by-item as they sell, using an Excel spreadsheet - I input price paid, price sold for and shipping cost, and my formulas figure out the profit per item plus keeps a...
Near mint recent Ermenegildo Zegna "Traveller" suit, made in Italy, 48R/40W.       Flawless current/recent Ralph Lauren Black Label "Anthony" suit, made in Italy, 42R/35W.  
 ...for a best offer that I was happy to accept, which is slightly less than my monthly mortgage payment, and considerably more than I paid for it...    In my experience eBay is sort of wonky with this...you have to choose something like "take action" and then you get a menu of options, one being along the lines of "cancel sale - buyer is returning for a refund" or whatever it says.  You continue from there, the buyer either confirms or not (doesn't matter in the end,...
One quick stop today.  Put back a cart load of flawed clothes and checked out books & wares instead...hardcover Jobs bio and a box o' beetle bugs.  
It's a Christmas miracle.  Nice sale to end my year.    
 At best, it showed me where other people speak similar to me (Denver CO, Wichita KS and Albuquerque NM), but I've never lived anywhere near those cities or states.
Picked these up for next year...not a high-end brand or anything but NWOT and free shipping so why not...        Also got a holiday bonus from work, which can't be beat!
 I do appreciate that aspect of this thread, but I think I have some of the most fun with this shopping/thrifting when I come across something like this, look it up, learn something a bit more "intimately" vs. asking and getting an instant answer...sort of like "is this the good XYZ brand?" and you get an answer but don't really remember what it was the next time you see that label in the field. Along these lines, I have a Borsalino wide-brimmed fedora that needs cleaning...
  Jeez.  I've been creating a text file, pasting into SF then individually adding photos and links.  Let's see how this looks - would save me a ton of time vs. what I have been doing all this time.   11 Photos J. Crew Ludlow blazer 42R black Loro Piana Italian wool 3/2 roll new w/tags $425      FAST 'N FREE - Get it on or before Sat, Dec. 28 Time left:20h leftTuesday, 7PM $225.00 Was: $425.00 Buy It...
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