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I don't think I have ever come across an evil buyer. Some returns I thought unwarranted, but no blatant rip-off artists. Yet...I've been selling on and off since 2000 and don't recall any truly nefarious buyers.In the end, my buying experiences have been positive...after forcing a couple returns for blatant SNADs. I get pretty aggravated with not getting what I expected based on description, even if I return for a refund. Ain't nobody got time for thet.
NMLC - these Ferragamo drivers just came in online, at 30% off = $170 + tax, free shipping using promo code "freeship".  pretty nice deal (I already bought mine - disappearing fast!).   Also, they're gonna be getting some Bergdorf Goodman wares starting Oct 1st at select locations.  brodeetz.
 ...just don't work as a winter caretaker... 
 I bought the thing after reading the SF article on the top 10 underrated quality OTR suiting companies (which included Smalto).  Where were you the 3 times I offered it up?    OK so needless to say: available, if there is any interest from anyone.  PM if so.
 More like sewn-down pleats on the front of the blazer.  Weird.  Not sure what to call them.  Some pics:  [[SPOILER]]
 Man, I've got a NWT super 180's Smalto blazer I could not give away (i.e.: unload for a decent price) on the site.  Has some odd shoulder pleat-type things so maybe that's why, and doesn't fit me, so I regret picking it up.  Sounds like you found a keeper though - bravo!  
 ARGH....  !! Not sure what's better - letting listings expire / ending them all before going on vacation, or keeping them active but turning on vacation settings [and potentially not being able to meet shipping times on auctions].  Last time, I timed it so I didn't have anything active, though I recall the Capn saying he lost followers doing that, perhaps thinking he quit selling.  I just didn't want to deal with any questions etc, nor advertise to the world that I wasn't...
Church's for Alan McAfee blucher shoes, made in England, size 9C, very nice cond Vintage Florsheim Imperial Caiman Alligator loafers, size 10.5 B, very nice cond Allen Edmonds Park Avenue cap-toe Oxford shoes black calf leather size 10.5 B Bally brown leather kiltie tassel loafers, size 9.5 US / 8.5 Euro, made in Italy       15% off for SF members on any of my BIN items, if...
@nickinto There is the buy/sell/trade/wanted thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/287214/the-un-official-thrift-buy-sell-trade-want-thread/2100#post_7393302 ...as well as many posts in the marketplace section of this forum.
Vintage Banana Republic brown suede leather waistcoat vest, size small Barbour hooded A875 Classic Durham green waxed cotton jacket C44/112cm Large   Paul Stuart field / chore / hunting vest, made in Italy, size XL, olive green   New Alexander McQueen x Puma Street Climb III Lo sneakers US size 11 NWOB   Gant Windcheater size Large brown nappa lambskin leather jacket soft & supple   Levi's Made & Crafted...
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