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ATL boys, Google fiber is coming (limited area for now).  
You know you're jaded when you pass on a NWT PRL top at the thrifts....was originally tagged $99 but I was almost sure it was a pajama top and no bottoms to be found. I was like - not worth the six bucks Goodwill wants for it, without the bottoms.
Been a while since I've hit a thrift...not much today.               First time I've ever picked up Zanella...seen them but never bought, until these - velvety narrow wale cords.          
Same here - bought an Ann Demuelemeester (sp?) jacket from her listed as used and it arrived NWT...same tags they had in their ebay pics. Ponderous.
Feelies The Clown.
Nice one! But fix that typo in your terms and conditions - that would drive me nuts.
I type "56 EU" in the box, and include a pic of the the tag. In the description I state 56 EU and give measurements...also stating items are sold per tagged size, measurements are just a guide etc...swiped from Spoo.
Not letting me quote in reply, but, @spoo Mondrian-esque patchwork wall piece...or ammo bag.
I type in "untagged" in the size box. Can come back to haunt if you list it as a specific size and it's not tagged as such.
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