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 Thank you.
Anyone recognize this label as being legitimate?  I've never seen it before...old?  fake?  collab?  It's in a plaid cotton button-front jacket.    
EDIT: answered on the Nigel Cabourn thread: older ca. mid-1980's, legit.   Any Cabourniacs recognize this label?  I've never seen it before...old?  fake?  
Ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford is selling some swag on eBay...LINK.   Including the tie he wore when he confessed to smoking crack cocaine.     
I personally would not. If you do though, triple-check color match as well as weave...I once got burned on a Fitzgerald "suit" from a resale shop - they had paired the jacket and pants, color matched but the weave was different.
 Maaaan...I saw Def Lep in early 80's a few times - High N Dry & Pyromania era.  Top of their game.  
 Some places have them, some don't.  Stuff I donate to my local GW store shows up on the racks at the same store.  Stuff donated to one of the attended trailers, does go to sorting & distribution.  Vegas, I don't know.    I've been all over Vegas - my favorite area (after downtown) being Boulder Highway where all the old motels and nasty places are...I used to plan trips around taking pictures of old motels, diners, burger joints, strip clubs, vintage neon, classic...
 It's definitely not those two d-bags who have (had?) the TV show, that may have Vegas on lockdown.  My M.O.: I looked up the wealthiest zip codes, Google mapped them, then searched for thrift stores in those areas.  Still debating... 
 Wow - that absolutely sucks.  I'm sorry about that.  However, I don't know if I'd go posting on youtube or elsewhere how eBay buyers can screw over sellers and get away with it.  You're probably livid - I know I would be - buyer damages an item, tries to get a refund, and even if ruled in your favor you're still left with a damaged item that you couldn't possibly resell for the same amount.
New Posts  All Forums: