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 Yes.  I sent a tie to a (female) buyer whose address was: Jane Doe714 7th Ave Guest from 07/19 to 07/27New York NY 10036-1520  The Marriott Renaissance Times Sq...  $4800 and up for 8 nights at that hotel and all they bought was a $34 tie.   
 C'mon.  Just let me have it.  Be a pal.  Be a buddy-roo. Super nice haul, mang.  
Holy shit. I thought some UK addresses were unnecessarily long, but that one beats them all. I've had luck shortening / using abbreviations when able but can't see how to shorten any of that thru ebay labels.In this case I'd take it to usps then add the tracking number later.
  Mine was probably the Zegna mainline alpaca/wool blend overcoat last year.  It was current - i.e.: was still on the front page of the zegna site when I picked it up.  The retail was $6k IIRC.  
 Rock on! I got this one yesterday:  "Pure perfection! Authentic, impeccable Hermes Kelly Boots!!!!!".  Was super nice to get glowing feedback on a $1400 sale, but waited until I got that feedback before transferring the $ from PayPal to my bank (I knew they were very nice, and authentic...but you never know).    
These could be something...maybe have the cryptic Church's writing and they cannot figure the size. Or, not something at all. I dunno. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alan-Mcafe-Model-Macaflex-Dress-Shoes-Brown-215-/221541203049
Who wants to dress their kid as @capnwes this Halloween?  Available for cost + shipping plus a few measly bucks.   Generic polyester (i.e.: not real clothing) costume.  Size 6-12 months.  One piece shirt / tie / argyle sweater vest.  Tam / cap.  Plaid short pants with green "hose".  Shoe covers (they Velcro on over regular shoes).  Golf bag with 3 clubs - one club is removable.  Appears worn once, no vomit stains etc - nice pre-owned condition.    [[SPOILER]]
I asked a seller to clarify their listing for a PRL Italy blazer they listed as made by Canali...tag looked like Corneliani to me but dude insisted Canali makes them now. He had thousands of feedbacks and on ebay forever, and had detailed listings re: canvassing and construction so he knew his stuff, but it was the first and only time I'd heard the Canali claim.
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