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 ...one "n" too many...what the heck?
Today's meager finds.  NA.  [[SPOILER]]
Oy, the times they are a-changing...my local Goodwill priced a used shirt at $19.99. And I paid it. They're catching on, albeit slowly.
Does Dormeuil actually make clothing? I have a jacket with no tags anywhere except it says "Dormeuil" all over the lining. I had the impression they made fabrics, not clothing....
You can still wear them to Red Lobster on date night with the wife.
  IIRC Evisu No. 0 or No. 1 are the more desirable, made in Japan...I've had No. 2 and couldn't give them away (made in China, not selvedge)...I've passed on 3's that just looked too weird.  But my memory may be flawed - would like to see what the denimheads have to say. 
I'm standing here beside myself. That's a great haul!
 Jeepers - great sale on that!  Mine only went for $106, tho it had a slight pull on the narrow blade.  Keeping an eye out for them - easy to spot now that I've seen a few.
 Pic too small - can't see price or what it is - Zegna Quindici yes?
  The dopest seersucker suit that ever seersucked.  Maus & Hoffman candy stripe.  Jacket 44R, trousers 38W x 29L with room to alter +/-.
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