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I did extremely well with some Mexican camo...but that's because it's supposed to be destroyed if the service member leaves the forces. If Croatia has some similar rules, you will do well with collectors. Search ebay sold listings to see if there are any comps.
Assume that was grailed? You can't post links to them on SF.
 Sid has the same tags on their "made in Italy" Sid Mashburn-branded tailored pieces (they also have other tailored pieces made by Sartorio).  Here's the tag from the Sid made in Italy I picked up recently:  ...and this listing shows the tag on a branded Andrea Campagna blazer  LINK.    Here are the pics from that listing in case it is removed for some reason:    They seem identical save for areas where it appears there is more/less info depending on whether it's made for...
Ditto. Anything vintage speed shop is gold.
I'd go with Fair Isle.
Haha too young for me (rather, I'm too old for her). Already did that phase like 20 years ago. But yeah I'll take the cat kitch if she's unloading it!
 If Reuben passes, please let me know! And about that sister of yours, @ReubenR ...  you'll probably have to send me her pic and phone # and instagram and facebook and whatever else kthanks.
WTF they totally reworked the ebay app again. Sigh. I guess it's a bit better than the last one, but wasn't needed imo.
You don't want this shit, man...believe me. I'd trade only having IHOP and Dennys right now. I mean, within reason - like, I'd have to drive 25 miles for a Waffle House...not get rid of them altogether.
Somehow really screwed up my back last Sunday; a week later and it's even worse.  Tried to hit some thrifts and estate sales today but after 3 stops it was taking me like 10 minutes to get in and out of the car so called it off, went to Waffle House, Walgreens to buy some Icy Hot, beer, and a heating pad, then home.  Got some Zanaflex I'm gonna pop a bit later (gifted from relative who can get me any Rx for free), but damn it's like middle age hit me alluva sudden or...
New Posts  All Forums: