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 I'm sort of in the market for a starter Rolex...vintage (40's / 50's), something that has the looks of the Speedking but maybe a tad larger (I have small wrists but the Speedking appears to be really small).  White face, stainless steel, leather band (or no band and I'll get my own), with actual numerals in some / all of the places.  Authentic and working, natch.  Something that evokes art deco, and understated.  Entry-level price point.  Along these lines:  [[SPOILER]]...
 Will keep an eye out - I get a free local weekly paper that I always throw away - not sure if they carry the coupons but will check next time. If you can, visit one of the Dwarf House versions of Chick-Fil-A (not really politically correct these days, but so it goes).  There are 13 in the Atlanta area.  Not worth a long drive, but perhaps an amusing side-trip.
 Have sold logo'd Filson before - will probably flip. The 2nd one looks like the Klondike / KLNDK jacket.  Can't quite make out the style #, but if you google it, 95% of the time you'll find the model name that matches the style #.
 Rugger is good.  And Michael Bastian is better.  And the lambskin nappa leather windcheater jacket is best (I thrifted a minty one last year for $40 - retail was like $800).
Best deal found today...
 Thanks!  Had a saved search for over a year, waiting for a 30" wide Kirman runner to show up, in a usable length, for a good price.  This one is a keeper - had to be over $2k when new. Doesn't best your NIB that you got for free, though - nice!
 Best answer this week.
   Yes, what he said! You can enter the actual weight if you want - I think under 7lbs max for RRA - but no matter - de-select "flat rate" and RRA becomes an option.
 One of the better winter holiday's I had was way the heck up in Ellison Bay.  Rented a chateau-style house on the lake, four-wheel country in the winter.  Mounds of snow.  Fireplace, booze, board games, books, movies, and canoodling with my gal.  The life.    Enjoy! 
Finally found a runner rug long & wide enough (30.5" x 16' 9") for my main hallway, which matches the other Karastan's I have - YAY!            ...Not super-cheap, but I sold a used one two feet longer in somewhat better condition for $1200 a couple years back (at that length and width, they are custom order / custom made), so I'm not complaining...and it's for walking on.  Pad included - those aren't cheap either!  
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