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Huzzah! Some free swag from my buddy J.G. - CD and LP of the new Venture Brothers Vol 2 soundtrack. I'm jazzed!
Gnocchi. I had to date an Italian girl for a while to learn how to pronounce that one.
ANYWAY.    Been fostering this orphan kitten for the last week.  Was mean as hell when I got it - calmed down a lot since then.  Patience, babe.    No comments from you cat haters - last time I posted a picture of I stray cat I took in, @capnwes told me to set it on fire, which was messed up, so hush if it's not your thing.   His name is Sparky.   
 That settles every question ever, for time immortal.  (or is it "time immemorial"?) 
I always make them do it, just so the person has to return it within xx days, or case closed.But yeah, that person's request is a bit much.
Did you have the buyer open a return on ebay?
 Their 100% cashmere blazers are not to be sneezed at.  I grab 'em when I see 'em at the thrifts, and they have done OK by me.  There is still an odd subset of the population that thinks JAB is quality for some reason... (aside from the made in Mexico by Zegna stuff, which is even harder to explain).
His Purpleness.
Me too. The use of Soviet-era propaganda art colors (red, white, yellow, black) always grab me.
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