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 I set mine to fire off at 6:30pm ET, per post #1 of this thread.  If anyone else did as well, I'm sure there will be more showing up in the next 30 mins +/-.
  Make sure to try a Peanut Coke when y'all blow into town. 
He's that smooth.He always ends with a swirl, too.
I learned stick on a test drive. Friend came with me who knew how to drive stick and he drove the car off the lot. Went around the corner and we switched places - got about 30 minutes of lessons and had the basics down. Hardest to learn was keeping it in the sweet spot when stopped pointed uphill, but that'll be somewhat different on every car so you pretty much have to figure it out on each car.
Agreed - that tag does look fucky (or it's new and I haven't seen it yet). But the other one - CiPa - looks like others I've had and they were legit.
Kiton looks legit - Ciro Paone line.
 The only logical response:  
PRL patchwork madras pants (courtesy of @SpooPoker), gin and tonic.  ATL -> TPA.      Aside from Sid Mashburn, Miller Brothers Limited is another local shop that touches quite a bit on Southern Trad...and H. Stockton typically has some offerings, though not to the extent as Sid or Miller Bro's. 
Funny clean anecdote about groom, compliment bride, express love for both and wish them well, thank them for including you in their special day, encourage everyone to join you in toasting their marriage and new life together. Mic drop and peace out. Hit on every bridesmaid.
Nutso. Probably best single haul in the history of the thread.
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