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Have you checked out The Lot Radio? Quite a variety, watch live streaming. Community supported via a kiosk that sells coffee and stuff, well as t-shirt sales.
See a lot of that in vintage photos, where it might just be some 50's b&w pic of a guy at the beach or something.
@Tyrone MacStiophain I know there are fake P&S jackets, having seen them in person - the tag lettering is pretty sloppy. Not sure about shirts. Yes, it's his word against yours unless you have proof otherwise. If you decline the refund, buyer escalates and ebay rules in the buyer's favor, you get a seller defect due to resolution not reached by you. Get a few of those and ebay can shut down your seller account. I'd call EBay before taking any action online.
I only shoplift razors and baby formula, and sell it at the flea market. ...or maybe you meant Shopify?
File this under "a thing I bought in 2015 for $13 and didn't know what it was, then looked it up and said to myself 'I'll never sell this thing' but listed it anyway and two years later it finally sold."  
Those Hermes boots look OK to me.  Here's a pair of Kelly riding / jumping boots I picked up in 2014 - mine didn't have some of the same markings (and were legit), but yours do appear to be older, and maybe more or less the same design without the strap and ruthenium hardware.  [[SPOILER]]
   Origin of the dual vent... 
 I'm getting that way with Mason's.  Bought a new one at Saks and I kept getting asked about can just tell a well-made and well-fitting shirt vs. some scrub PRL or BB shirt. Been hoarding them for myself.  
I've seen repro tour shirts but without all the cities and dates on the back...but yeah neck tag and any (c) print etc on the front would probably settle it.
 Yes, noob in 89.  I concur it was 89.  Based on the 1989 date on the back.  Hope that helps, noob in 89.
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