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I concur. Seen plenty of older Burberry. OP: was there a tag inside the left front pocket?
New Polo Ralph Lauren green cotton shawl collar cardigan sweater, size Medium.         Jean Paul Gaultier brown leather blazer, size Euro 52 / US 42.  
You may well be onto something. Buyer said they were way too small to be a US 12. Merci.
I've got a return, which I accepted and will relist the item, but wanted to make sure I didn't make a mistake for when I relist them.   Pair of Church's shoes, tagged 110A.  That's Church's size 11 A/narrow, correct?  And would be US 12 A/narrow, correct?   Pic below, as well as a screen-shot I found on some UK shoe seller website.   Thx.       
     Ditto this.  When I get lazy, or over-stocked and low on hangers, I ship out a box to a consignment place.  Saves me plenty of time in photographing, measuring, describing, listing etc, so it's worth the commission to me.
Oh well - thanks for trying chief!  
Ok thanks - the AW years always throw me. Gonna list a jacket that came out last autumn / winter so I guess I'll go with AW 14 15.
Dumb question: what season are we in now? AW15 or AW16?
 I've got some tassel loafers marked Bally Switzerland, made in Italy.  For whatever that's worth...It it were anything other than plain cow leather (nappa, calf, goat etc), companies usually brag that up on their labels.  If it's really soft, supple and buttery, I could see Bally using calf or nappa, but if it's a bit stiff / less pliable and not really smooth to the touch, maybe regular leather. 
 I'm in - PM incoming shortly.  You're the man!!  
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