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PSA:  Bright LLoro Piana for your woman (not my listing).
The fuck....?  Spate of return requests due to "does not fit" with tagged size and accurate measurements, along with a couple unpaids.  I always take the returns instead of fighting, and maybe it's because I sold more in the last 30 days than usual, but you'd be wise to block these users (already added to the SF blacklist):    ...
Hang in there!
Sorry mango - was just not meant to be. It was probably built on an old burial ground or had some bad juju. You know how these things work out even better in the end. Chin chin - you deserve a good drunken evening and may you have better luck with the next one!
 Had good luck the couple times I visited the Salvation Army store on S. MacDill.  As I recall, found a thing or two at Sunshine Thrift as well.  I hit maybe 6 or 8 in Tampa and those are the two that I remember.  Had better luck in St. Pete at the church thrifts (few Oxxford pieces incl. a 3-piece suit).  New-ish Goodwill in Oldsmar didn't have anything the 2 times I went.  Larger concentration in Dunedin / Clearwater / Largo / Seminole / St. Pete; vs. Tampa, and it's a...
 ^^ I struck out as well, except at the nicer outlet mall - Barney's had current Zegna ties at something stupid like $29 (orig $195).  Bought a few.  J Crew at the same outlet also had some serious markdowns on past season Ludlow.  I hit several GW's in Orlando and surrounding communities and came up with nothing.  
 There's also the RTP thread....
Nice Barbour finds!!! 
 No - the minimum increment was probably $1, but since you bid 23 cents over the $41, their bid went to $41 automatically, and yours was still tops at $41.23.  
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