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Decided to pop ten bucks on Facebook advertising for a PRL Corn suit, just to see what might happen. Placed the ad last night when the suit had 32 views and 2 watchers. This morning, it had 41 views and 4 watchers. BUT, around the same time another item made the PTO roundup which may or may not have skewed people towards eyeballing my other wares. Suit sold tonight, with 62 views.  The FB ad had a click-thru of only 9 people at a cost of like 92 cents total.  But I...
 ...and I'm always looking at vintage Speedking's...just tossing mine into the wants!  Have been eyeballing them for like 2 years - they're always either trashed or wayyyy over-priced.  No happy middle ground.  
 That thing is amazeballs, effortless, #1 menswear, and go anywhere all in one.  
Pnut - pretty sure he does have yr email address, or can just get it via the info request, since he bought from you. Otherwise, the address change sounds shifty and yeah you ship if ebay and paypal say it's OK to ship then you're covered. If either said "no seller coverage" then I don't ship. If he's a My USPS member (I am), he'd get an email alert when something is coming to his address - that's all outside ebay / paypal and USPS just does it when it knows you, your...
 Check the inner tags on those Cremieux - some might be Isaia. That tall Halliburton case might be a (camera) lens case...if there's any foam inside it usually tells you what the original owner used it for.
Search Google for styleforum ebay blacklist - it exists - you need to ask for shared access - i think it's still @Brianpore ...
 ...or 90% of the blazers that are check/plaid and look interesting down the rack turn out to be women's Sag Harbor.
Thanks @YoungAmerican and the PTO folks for the include this week!
Now that I found the pic I'm gonna, but they haven't carried the brand in like 8 yrs so I'm not hopeful. BTW the joke was just meant to be a little pun - no anti- anything intended.
Not knowing a lot about lighting, I wouldn't have touched that with a 10 foot pole.  But you're a 6 foot Pole who knows his lighting.  Hahaha!     On the subject, I had a couple lamps like 10 years ago I bought from DWR and would love to find them again.  They were red triangular bases (but also made in black and white base I believe), with white shades, and the maker was a guy's name, not a company name...the original tag had a picture of the dude.  Anyone have any clue...
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