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Any interest in these RLBL made in Italy shirts before I'm forced to iron them and list on eBay?  If so, please PM for measurements. $43 each with free shipping to the US.    Neither have any issues - no evidence of wear to collar/cuffs, no spots/stains, no soiling to collar/underarms/cuffs.  Thick MOP buttons, none missing.      Gray mini POW plaid, size 15.5, 100% cotton.  Button front, cut-away collar, standard button cuffs.           Purple/white check,...
Shouldn't you be at work or something? Must be nice to sit around all day, binge-watching on netflix and eating bob-bons while getting a mani/pedi.
Standard in the C250 Sport. I dunno...chrome rail things that attach them to the chassis. You prolly know more than me - just figured out the phone tether last weekend! I'm slow on the uptake.
...I got a hair closer with red seatbelts and red piping on my floormats. Heh. It *feels* faster that way.
Goddamitt that was too clever. Bravo!
Like the dude who traded a paperclip for a house (with many trades in between, but, he started with the paperclip and ended up with a house).
I hear ya - I've got a big bill from Lowe's soon - gonna replace all my house screens. Will try my hand at building them myself from their kits, but still - won't be cheap for about 20 screens.What ya gonna buy?!
Hermes ladies' Kelly jumping / riding equestrian boots.  Black calfskin with ruthenium hardware.  Made in Italy.  Size 39.5 (US 9.5).  
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