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 I did that in high school - worked at a menswear store and did some alterations by hand (no machine, ever).  The owner taught me how to blind hem, had me practice several times then turned me loose on a real pair.  It was pretty tedious work - no shortcuts.  Literally one stitch at a time, look to make sure I was grabbing only 1 or 2 threads thread every time.  Only advice I would have is to practice first.  Once ready, pin them up in a few places.  Iron them to make a...
Yale: they pop up infrequently - most folks don't know that the Lux Et Veritas buttons are for Eli's...
 Was not a thrift - they wanted more than I could have unloaded it for, since it would not have been for me.
 Noop.  Was over-priced for a logo'd item, even with the 25% off sale they had going on.  I guess they Googled it and threw their estimate of a "near retail" price on it.  If it was a horsey or similar, I would have considered it.
The deal of the day:     ...and that's for the Hi-Test Primo.     Almost copped, luckily saw the NetJets logo and passed:      
Belvest for Hermes (on a blazer) [+1 to @SpooPoker for confirmation!]       
 Goddammit - now I'm going to have "used underwear" fetish ads following me on Facebook etc.
 I was 99.9% on that...just needed your expert stamp of spoo-proval - thank you sir!
[[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]
 Too school for cool.  
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