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 One of the better winter holiday's I had was way the heck up in Ellison Bay.  Rented a chateau-style house on the lake, four-wheel country in the winter.  Mounds of snow.  Fireplace, booze, board games, books, movies, and canoodling with my gal.  The life.    Enjoy! 
Finally found a runner rug long & wide enough (30.5" x 16' 9") for my main hallway, which matches the other Karastan's I have - YAY!            ...Not super-cheap, but I sold a used one two feet longer in somewhat better condition for $1200 a couple years back (at that length and width, they are custom order / custom made), so I'm not complaining...and it's for walking on.  Pad included - those aren't cheap either!  
Can I ship RRA from either PayPal or USPS.com?  I am not finding the option on either site, but I could have sworn it was hidden there somewhere per older posts here.   Thanks!   EDIT: never mind - just found it on usps.com - can't select "flat rate".
LA / SF Valley guys into SW&D: co-worker's son is having a launch party / pop-up shop / art show tomorrow (12/13/14) for his clothing brand Take! Los Angeles.  Some of their stuff is already sold out, so who knows - you may be the first on your block to wear the next big thing.  Here's the flyer if you're so inclined:    
Browsing the epaulet site, I thought I'd found the deal of the week:        ...but when clicked, the price jumps to $400.  Boo.    
 Baller!    I ship all big/heavy coats and similar using the USPS "Large Mailing Box", which measures 12" x 12" x 8".  With online / eBay shipping discounts around 40%, they usually ship crazy cheap - like - $7 or $8.  Local PO's don't stock the boxes - I ordered a stack of them before autumn arrived.  Have used them for wool peacoats, long wool jackets, puffers etc.
...that Malo cashmere is boss!
 Guilty as charged.  Just re-donated six large size Goodwill bags back to GW - stuff I picked up over the last couple years and never should have.  Probably scare up another 2 or 3 bags worth if I look in all the other closets.  Orphan blazers, shirts I thought I could save, bad ties, etc.  It's an education, and everyone has to pay for their education - money, work, time & effort, or whatever.   Have tried them - they don't hold much weight, and only useful for stuff that...
 Thanks for the tip!  
 I'm headed to Madison in January as well.  But I'll be there earlier, and will have Hoovered all the east side thrifts prior to your arrival.  Actually, probably won't have much time to thrift - family thing going on.  Might hit the GW at best.   Grabbed a Bauer Skyliner down jacket, still have my parka from when I lived in Chicago...plenty of sweaters, scarves, gloves, long underwear, hats etc.  I think I need some decent insulated boots tho.   Maybe the Wisco weather...
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