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No reserve auctions just listed:     New Tom Ford fuchsia spring summer long sleeve top Med made in Italy NWOT $1,540 8d 23h left US $49.99 0 bids     Hackett London red merino wool & angora blend sweater, size Small made in the UK 8d 23h left US $9.99 0 bids     Faribault Woolen Mill 100% wool scarf gray w/ orange stripes made in USA 72.5" 8d 23h left US $9.99 0 bids     RRL Ralph Lauren Double RL 1/2 zip...
...that's when I say "my grandma likes those - I'll give you double what you paid" and see what's up.
 Typical Chicago...every place I lived there had some wonky outlet situation.  Like, you'd have 4 outlets in a closet and none in the living room...or 3 outlets in the middle of a bedroom wall 5 feet off the ground.  
Hahahahahaha....oh well.  [[SPOILER]]
Or ask a woman. They don't have the same problem with navy blue vs. black/gray that a lot of guys have. Barring that, I compare to items I know are blue, black, and charcoal.
The dry cleaner / "seamstress" closest to my house is so bad that they remove their own business from Google maps etc, presumably so no one can leave an online review. I gave them 3 chances with 3 different tasks and they failed them all. Now I drive to a cleaner further away that does a good job, and a separate repair shop in a different city that does great work.
 Congrats @HansderHund !   Only one YouTube video is appropriate: 
 I've been a 100% Sennheiser guy for years now, and the most recent pair I picked up were just for listening to stuff on my phone while on the plane or whatnot, so I wanted them to be small & light, i.e.: "on-ear" not "full-size".  Your portable headphone budget is quite a bit more than mine - I think I paid like $75 for my last pair and am totally happy with them.  There are hundreds of styles & models among the top 5 or so brands, and I'd be loathe to recommend a...
I use IrfanView for basic editing (resize, crop, rotate etc), then tweak contrast on ebay using their tool.
 Yesssss!  Norton FTW! 
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