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Posted this on the thrift/discount store brag thread, but probably got buried. Anyone know what line this is?  I though it was Red Fleece, but doesn't say Red Fleece.  Made in USA, and original price are on par with Country Club and Golden Fleece, but it's not either of those. TIA.  [[SPOILER]]
Glad I left it, and will avoid in the future - thanks!
Speaking of - catch and release - blazer with a couple small moth holes and incredibly low gorge, but never saw this label before. Collar tag said made in Italy. Old? Should have copped?
 Yeah that Isaia is super-thick; surprised it was on clearance, being in season.  My local (well, hour's drive) NMLC was one of 14 stores that got a pile of Bergdorf Goodman items - lots of Tom Ford, Belvest and other stuff I drooled over but none of it priced low enough to snag, 'cept some ties.  Couple Tom Ford blazers were discounted plus an extra 50% off, but still pretty pricey and were spring/summer.  Might go back in January and see if they're on super duper clearance.
 Depends on where you live, whether you have a "good" Marshall's or not.  The vast majority top out at Hilfiger, Izod and PRL.  Then there are the "good" ones, where you can find stuff like Brioni, RLBL and RLPL and RRL, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.  Typically situated in wealthier areas - Atlanta has two good ones in Bucktown.  Similarly, TJ Maxx with "The Runway for Men" carries the good stuff.  Problem is, if you've got 5 or 6 Marshall's in your area...
Not much from today.  One Goodwill, Saks Off Fifth, NMLC and one Marshalls.  [[SPOILER]]
Picked up some ties on 50% clearance at NMLC (2x Brioni, Drake's, Hermès, Isaia). Saks Off 5th sportcoats buy 1 get 1 free, copped two RLBL. That is all.
Yes, on the LuxeSwap official affiliate thread.
Incredible. Have that fun, make that money.
That's a lot of fuckin cows.
New Posts  All Forums: