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 Been watching the live stream of #manintree for a couple hours...bizarre.
Just got done with work...I effing hate presidential elections - gonna be some crap work schedules until next Nov.  No time to thrift at all the past week or two, probably not much save for some weekends over the next several months. Further off-topic: [[SPOILER]]
New one on me:   Sold a NWT PRL hoodie, with the collar tag and price tag both stating it's a size Large. Buyer returned it, sent back the same brand & style PRL hoodie, but the collar tag is marked XL and the price tag is L.  I triple-checked my listing and original photos, and I definitely sold them a size L. The item I got back may or may not be legit - usually don't see mismatched tags on PRL stuff.   What to do, to cover myself?  Going to drop them an eBay...
I'll trade you for 2 pairs of fake Nike Foamposites.
Depends on weight and size. Expensive way to ship a tie, cheap way to ship a bulky jacket. Cheaper still is parcel post (or whatever they renamed it) for big heavy items, but can take a week+ to show up. Use the usps calculator.
  Lightweight 55% silk / 45% wool blend blazer from Sid Mashburn, made by Andrea Campagna. Multi-color plaid. 2 button front. Two flap pockets, one working ticket pocket, and one chest pocket, all still basted (sewn) shut. Two rear vents. Fully lined. Half canvassed. Lightly structured. Includes buttons and thread for your tailor to attach cuff buttons. Made in Italy.   New without tags.  Never worn.  Retail $1,150.  First quality with...
@330CK trade you for the glass items I found today.   Hit two estate sales but got nothing...one house was filled with some real spendy stuff but the clothes were absolute shite - Chaps, Merona and Chico's.  Might go back tomorrow if they have 75% off in the afternoon, at which point the prices on other stuff might be justified.  Other house was basically empty save for bare mattresses and grubby toys - why bother?   One thrift stop - not much:    These are vintage...
Stupid Americans. The plural of mouse is mousse - you just add an extra "S" like most other words.
Damn nice shoe haul!
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