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Essentially the same tags as on a RLBL Anthony suit I had, so yeah - it's current. Someone chime in with who makes these now?
Someone grab that Penrose - was $185 new at Barneys and I'll bet Spoo wore it once at most.
Re TB, no idea yet - haven't measured a damn thing. Just waking up after a well-deserved 7 hour slumber.
Ashtray and litho (?) FTW. Edit: screen print - even better.
Yep sounds like SS13. Post clear pics of all the labels - someone here will ID it.
True...for every fetish there is someone to perform it. As for the CT shirts, they have about 20 of them priced at $ 30 ea, used...not just one..and more every time I go. So, not selling - no wondering why.
 I really dislike the GW's that have the upper / lower rack system going on along the walls...one of my locals does that, with the suits & sc's on the upper rack, and my arms are about ready to fall off after I'm done shoving shit left and right, it's so jam-packed and barely reachable. The sound of many snapping plastic hangers is not foreign to me, having to shove so hard to be able to sneak a lone finger in and check a label.   Then the outerwear is on the lower rack,...
 My honey-hole isn't a thrift - it's an indie resale shop that gets a lot of stuff, a few good, mostly everyday...and ever so slowly they have been figuring out what the good stuff is and pricing accordingly.  Not that I'm complaining - still deals to be had, and they have every right to price their stuff as they wish - just gotta wait for it to go on sale now because no one is buying it used at their new pricing structure.  Used Tyrwhitt shirts for $30 - I'll eat my own...
 Thanks man!  The Kiton will hopefully pay a few month's car payment - that's sort of how I quantify things - weird, I know...but I'd never wear it.  I'm a sucker for Thom Browne too - only the 2nd thing of his I've found.  Pretty sure it's earlier / made in Japan, but I haven't popped all the tags on everything yet.  I'm spent.
PS: today was one of my longest days evar in the field...woke up 4:30am, out the door by 5:45am, didn't get home until around 9:30pm.  It was fricking WORK, but 100% enjoyable work.  Now the unpleasant part (measuring & photographing what I'm not keeping).  
New Posts  All Forums: