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Anyone down with Nashville kind enough to tip me off on 3 or 4 must-hit shops? I'm gongogonna be running thru soon but not all day. Feel free to PM if you don't want to share publicly.
WTF. Bidder won an auction and never paid, blocked, relisted and the same user just messaged me about a BIN price on the same item. Is everyone taking crazy pills?! I posted them earlier but def block if you haven't - kierrandomari . Same dealio - see their feedback as a buyer.
One would think so...I'm not sure how many strikes would lead to being banned, if there even is such a thing as banning a buyer who does sometimes pay, other times not. They made me an offer on an auction item, I'm assuming because I block bidders with unpaid strikes and they could not bid.
From today - the NWT stuff was mostly around 90% off. Crap - nevermind - they're all gonna be sideways or upside down and will take forever to submit one at a time. So here's one.
Here's one to block - check their feedback as a buyer - ransotamm
That Bubba Blackwell photo is awesome! And I know Spider Webb!! He's in a book I published. I saw a Yang Li today but did not kop. Should I have? Can go back tomorrow. Also -- when posting from my phone, what code do I wrap around my pics to sperler them? Got a bunch and don't want to photowall.
With dignity and aplomb...since they already admitted that they damaged them when opening the package. No refund, no return. Same reason I do not drag a box cutter across the top of a shipment of sport coats or the like - I'm smart enough to know not to.
Bob's your uncle. Mind the gap. Etc.oh - and the Queen is mannish.
Oh yeah, all over them. Should have listed on ebay a few weeks ago...
Somewhere I have a set of true vintage Dukes Of Hazzard twin bed sheets and pillow cases; General Lee, Daisey and all. Yee haw.
New Posts  All Forums: