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 I do appreciate that aspect of this thread, but I think I have some of the most fun with this shopping/thrifting when I come across something like this, look it up, learn something a bit more "intimately" vs. asking and getting an instant answer...sort of like "is this the good XYZ brand?" and you get an answer but don't really remember what it was the next time you see that label in the field. Along these lines, I have a Borsalino wide-brimmed fedora that needs cleaning...
  Jeez.  I've been creating a text file, pasting into SF then individually adding photos and links.  Let's see how this looks - would save me a ton of time vs. what I have been doing all this time.   11 Photos J. Crew Ludlow blazer 42R black Loro Piana Italian wool 3/2 roll new w/tags $425      FAST 'N FREE - Get it on or before Sat, Dec. 28 Time left:20h leftTuesday, 7PM $225.00 Was: $425.00 Buy It...
Paul Stuart classic black wool tuxedo, ticket pocket, functioning cuff buttons.  39S / 33W x 29L.  
 What did that take, like, 15 minutes?  Nice.
Label I'd never seen before - did a little reading up - always interesting the things you can learn, that you never expected to, as a result of buying clothing.    
(Testing the copy & paste method to see how it looks on my browsers and phone...)   -disregard thanks-
PSA: Barneys Warehouse is at it again, an extra 50% off a lot of stuff for the end-of-year sale, plus free shipping on all US orders.  Grabbed myself some Gant Rugger shirts and Duchamp ties.  
New with tags Bills Khakis Hopkins Berkshire plaid barn / chore coat, size small.  
 Sorry to hear it boss. Unplug, medicate, fluids, and sleep!  
 VeRO is not set up for "restricted items" - it's mostly to keep counterfeits off eBay and is policed by the companies themselves, not eBay.  For example, you'll find a pant-load of fake Hermes belts on eBay and you never get a red box warning when you list an Hermes tie, however, I get the warning 100% of the time when I list a Burberry item.  They are not restricted items/brands - they are controlled and reviewed items.  Obviously if you are listing "human kidney" then...
New Posts  All Forums: