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   My seller limits did not appear on my summary page until after I called and asked eBay to raise my limits...after that - poof - it suddenly appeared.
Shoes on sale!       New Allen Edmonds Delray black calf leather split-toe bluchers size 9.5 D          SALE $139.00 Free shipping       New $560 Salvatore Ferragamo Francisco black calf leather loafer metal bit 11 D         SALE $210.00 Free...
Apologies - deleted.
That coat is the sexbomb.com
When I cleaned out my old car to trade it in, there were a LOT of coins in the center console.    ...so here's a fun distraction: whoever can guess the total dollar and cent value the closest (over or under), I'll donate $25 to your favorite charity that accepts PayPal.   Bonus: donation goes to $50 if you guess within one dollar +/-.  I already cashed them in and sent the answer to Spoo, so it can be independently verified after the fact.    One guess per person....
I think that's the date on most Italian-made tags in this level of suiting.
I would block & ignore...even if they end up getting paypal sounds like they'd be a pain to deal with.
 So far so good - nice long drive last weekend.  I'd thought about something more thrift-friendly (roomier) but since I spend a relatively small amount of time thrifting, went after a daily driver-type.  The wagons are nice, though I've always had a thing for older Volvo 240 wagons.  Best of luck in your search! 
Grazie! Always wanted one, figured why not? 2013 C250 sport coupe...if I were selling at Spoo levels, it would have been a new SL 550...or SLS AMG GT if I could have my druthers.
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