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Been forever since I've been able to get out and see what's doing.  Hit one thrift and one estate sale today.  From the thrift:     Was hoping to flip this but I see someone else here has one listed and it's not selling like hotcakes, so ... :       Some JP's for me:      Hahahaha!  But the crystal / embroidered / beaded ones turn over OK, so why not:     BB for me:    Vintage BB cotton denim work shirt:       I think these are the "good" ones.  Made in Japan, selvedge....
When I was in high school, I stole a haircut. I needed one bad, to get a part time job, but had zero dollars. So I got the cut and told the barber I needed to meet my sister across the street at Walgreens to give me the money. And I never went back. I did get a job, washing dishes and bussing tables at Ponderosa Steak House, and it was the worst job I've ever had. Horrible. So hopefully, in the scheme of how the universe works, we're even. But if you were a barber in...
What, you couldn't keep it under the .9% rule? Pass.Hahaha just effing with ya, my six foot Pole.Looking forward to pics.
@HansderHund thanks for the tip - had been looking for something like that.
There's a separate thread dedicated to the game (to keep this one more or less free from it):http://www.styleforum.net/t/309281/buying-and-selling-on-ebay-tips-tricks-problems-questions
 Mrow.  Bad kitty.  Dig that!  
 1912 to 1959.  Unless there are other identifying details, probably as close as you'll get.  
 Probably 1970's.  That's the original "346" (named for BB's location at 346 Madison Ave.), and is different from today's 346.  The original 346 was well-made; the current 346 is made for the BB outlet stores and is junky.  The original line was from the 1950's or 60's into the 70's; in the 60's the tag was black, and changed to blue in the 70's.
I totally would have bought that last thing, whatever it is.
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