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Dang...I've done the exact same thing with Stone Island and CP. Guess I got lucky. They didn't warn you or anything first? ...and, what restictions do they place on you?
 Heh - that ain't me...pic is from an online forum, and I thought the hoodie was cool / would probably buy if someone made them.
I think that's totally reasonable for 90 mins, tho I'd probably splurge on a 911. If you're gonna do it, do eet!
...hahaha...wrong thread sry.
@capnwes another re-purposing of tweed / wool blazers...make some and take my money.  source  
I was reading about that Porsche experience a few weeks ago - sounds like some good old fashioned fun!
I'd go over and above that - if the dude is being put out by now having to buy a shaver and do extra work, he's still getting less than he paid for even with covering the cost of the shaver. But if you stated as-is, no returns etc, then you can risk it far as feedback is concerned and do nothing, or just the partial refund.
Thank you glam!! I'm going to check these out - and I'm sure a good resource for others on the hunt for watches.
Decided to pop ten bucks on Facebook advertising for a PRL Corn suit, just to see what might happen. Placed the ad last night when the suit had 32 views and 2 watchers. This morning, it had 41 views and 4 watchers. BUT, around the same time another item made the PTO roundup which may or may not have skewed people towards eyeballing my other wares. Suit sold tonight, with 62 views.  The FB ad had a click-thru of only 9 people at a cost of like 92 cents total.  But I...
 ...and I'm always looking at vintage Speedking's...just tossing mine into the wants!  Have been eyeballing them for like 2 years - they're always either trashed or wayyyy over-priced.  No happy middle ground.  
New Posts  All Forums: