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I've only found one in a thrift, vintage 100 cashmere. Got featured on the PTO roundup but still didn't sell for a whole lot. Was a cool jacket and nice to be PTO'd nonetheless, and I'd never leave one if I come across it again.
My first sale was in 2000, but when I got serious with the menswear a few years ago I hit a limit I didn't know I had, which was something like 100 items or $1,000. Had to call to get it raised which is when it went to 1500 / $52,500 and they bumped it up on their own today.
Good tip! I grabbed a big boxful of classical CDs that someone was going to toss out at the end of their garage sale last summer - will be scanning those tonight!
I saw a dude doing it at my local GW, but he had a separate attchment that did the scanning...probably a more thorough thinger that also searched ABE, Amazon etc. I had used the stand-alone scanner from Red Laser but was not impressed with it. Can probably find a paid app that does wider searches - gonna look into that. Would be well worth it...unless you know of a good one to try?
Quick stop while out running errands; no clothing, grabbed a couple books tho:     Punk book is cool, not worth anything.  The other book is this one:       ...two other copies are active right now - one is $179, the other is $325.  Not bad for $2.92 + tax.      Probably the coolest thing I discovered this week: After I got home I went to look them up on eBay, and found that the barcode scanner on the eBay app does a good job of finding matches (assuming the...
Thanks man! I knew the username was an SFer but wasn't sure who - now I know. Not that I wish you any ill will, but I do hope it gets bid up a little more before it ends.
@Woofa those peek-a-boo ties do have some collectors. The only one I found was really hardcore and vintage - like 1970s Hustler / Screw / Oui / Cheri. Damn @Thrift Vader how much $ did all that set you back?
Hahahaha!  I'm lucky if i can have 50 items running at any one time...:     Congratulations! You've been doing a great job selling on eBay, and we've noticed. How would you like to list even more? Now you can. Here's how much you can now list every month: Items: 1500  3000 Amount: $52,500.00  $105,000.00
 Frieschky's sells seconds and replicas?  Wow.  They offered me a job once.  Said they get all their stuff from places going out of business.
New label to keep an eye out for:  
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