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Most often I'm reading on mobile...and on mobile, sigs do not display.
That was my thought as well.
   [[SPOILER]]   @Jompso I think most folks were agreeing with / +1'ing the bits in your original post that I highlighted...I'm in the same boat, as I'm sure many are.  Too many pieces I probably never should have picked up in hindsight, and then get tempted by the low-hanging fruit when I look at my items, i.e.: "Should I take the time to photo and measure this nice Oxxford suit, or these 5 okay shirts?"  And my fodder piles grow when I do grab that one thing I thought...
Prolly spoiler your spoilers.
To block:   I placed the winning bid on this item. I'm very sorry about the inconvenience, but can you please cancel this transaction? I just realized I've been spending way too much money on clothes lately and I like this shirt, but I don't really need it.  
On the upside, maybe a few more folks started following me as a result...
^^ haha the dog is like '"wtf"?
just got my ass handed to me on some items i paid too much for...had to auction them to get them out the door and at least some $ back on them.  they'd been sitting too long - couldn't bring myself to list them earlier knowing i'd be losing $, but had to rip off the bandaid and take what came.  good to be rid of them tho!  and did pretty decent on some other stuff.     waiting for some e-thrifts to come in, hoping they'll be as nice as described...maybe setting myself up...
 ...unfortunately there was only one same item & condition sold; was looking for the exact price, then remembered checkaflip a couple minutes later.  yah, remembered that a couple minutes after i posted - and it does work!
Looks like the old trick to see what the real sale price on a BINOBO item no longer works (view original, print) on computer, and they "fixed" it on mobile as well. Anyone else know of a trick to see the actual price sold for?   EDIT: d'oh, it appears that checkaflip.com does still show the real sold price...no idea how they do it, but seems to work.
New Posts  All Forums: