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Ouch - sorry to hear about the layoff. Best of luck doing the full time ebay bad mamma jamma!
 Most folks just post their current list of items here...or you can check user signatures if you're not using the mobile app (i.e.: I have a link to my eBay items in my signature below, as do many others who sell on eBay).  But, since eBay listings are usually for a finite period of time, there is no automatically updated list of what people are selling.  Many sellers are happy to discount by whatever they'd save on eBay fees, i.e.: discount 10% +/-, if purchased direct...
Tom Ford flawless recent peak lapel nailhead 2 piece suit jacket pants 50R 40R Base A   [[SPOILER]]
 Some sick cops! I went to an estate sale today as well.  It was in a country club neighborhood that I was familiar with and knew there was a ton of money there.  For perspective, this is the house next door to the house where the estate sale was:  ...but the estate sale house itself was the smallest, oldest, crappiest house in the whole neighborhood - it pre-dated all the other homes by like 40 years...and was filled with nothing but incredibly overpriced junk, junk and...
 That's the Zambezi, in case you were wondering.
I was contemplating hitting the Buckhead GW today - good to know that you already cleaned it out so I won't bother. Haven't been to the "good" Marshalls or TJX in ages. Would like to see a pic of that Chesterfield!
Is this the Etro I'm looking for?  
 Don't see why not - illegible but recognizable Church's mark, and the only ones I've ever found were also Church's.
If Loro Piana vicuna is like $20k, Kiton has to be - what - $30k? I'm clueless on that. But dang - that would make a nice ammo bag.
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