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I was thinking the same thing.
Rooting thru some photos I picked up.  [[SPOILER]]
  I'd always heard that Canali only made for, and of, Canali - meaning - they have their own fabrics and only make their stuff from those fabrics.  Maybe that's what the OP had heard as well, and was referring to...
 Is it a signed print / litho, cropped and signed poster, or original airbrush?  Might be worth unframing to check it out.  See here.
Some cool shit, Nat! Bet the farming, scooters, and some of the other stuff would do well.
 I believe it is genuine after eyeballing a couple others...but missing the belt.  Bummer.
Vintage Belsaff Trailmaster, Medium (not my listing, no idea on authenticity...$60 OBO).  
 Heh - I've got like 3 or 4 words that I simply cannot spell - it looks correct when I'm typing it but it gets the red underline and I gotta spell-check...except on SF where you cannot highlight and right-click to get a suggested spelling so I copy & paste into Google, then copy and paste back into SF.  I never learned to type but I'm pretty quick with 4 fingers; still sloppy sometimes which does not come in handy when I've got to program an algorithm for work or whatever...
 ...so now I have to buy the box set from Criterion...had never heard of it - looks interesting.  My Criterion want-list keeps growing.
If I see these show up in a thrift, I'm totally kopping.      Wonderful, Ridiculous, Head-Scratchingly Pointy Mexican Boots Are Now A Designer Item     
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