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Some relisted items, some new.    9 Photos New Luigi Borrelli Napoli Italy luxury handmade striped shirt US 16.5 slim fit      FAST 'N FREE - Get it on or before Mon, May. 5 Time left:28d 23h left5/29, 8PM $129.00 Buy It Now Free shipping 9 Photos New Luigi Borrelli Napoli Italy luxury...
 I dunno man - I'd rather pay $4.95 for a used shirt and not worry about being arrested.   PSA - Martin Dingman gun club shirts are on final clearance (now $60, were $275).  Not bad.
 Seller might not know how to combine shipping onto a single invoice...but they still should offer it/figure it out.  I agree - combined shipping on items that can be shipped together is the mark of a fair seller. (side note to @Koala-T: if you win both, I'll certainly combine!   )
 I have breakfast at Waffle House with these two guys every other Saturday.  Chet and Morty - couple of upstanding gents (terrible tippers tho). 
 You can conjure bad universe karma for them, or wish a pox upon their house, which is usually more satisfying.  As a seller, I don't see anything wrong with offering the same thing for sale on multiple channels - and the first to pay gets it, all others get refunded until all listings can be deleted/removed etc, so no harm no foul in the scheme of things.  By "win" do you mean you were a high bidder in an auction, or used Buy It Now?  An auction item really shouldn't be...
 Was this not removed by eBay because you were keyword spamming (i.e.: using a brand name someplace that was not the brand of the item)?  I recall that's what your earlier post said...and now you've relisted it using "Belvest" - and they (along with some other brands - Burberry being a prime example) are strict on policing their trademarks.  I would remove "Belvest" from your listing if I were you - just a heads-up...
I'm a Kovacs lamp guy myself but those Adlers look pretty cool.
 Did I write it backwards as well?  I dunno, I've been drinking.  So y'all should know that my man-crush is Scott McGillivray.  And the jeans that fit me best are Rustler and Lucky Brand.
 For MMM reference on the different "Lines" (courtesy Frenchy, may God have mercy on his soul).
 You gotta add about 1" to the chest measurement when laid flat (+2" overall), otherwise the jacket would be skin-tight...so a US 44 would measure out to be about 21".  I wouldn't list a US 44 as fitting a 42, unless they lean towards the David Byrne look.  
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