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New no-reserve auctions just listed:   Ann Mashburn 100% cashmere gray crewneck cable knit sweater size Small   Dunhill London 100% cashmere scarf dark purple plum 15.5" x 67" made in Scotland   Florsheim Imperial vintage v-cleat 5-nail longwing shoes pebble grain leather 8D   Hackett London red merino wool & angora blend sweater, size Small made in the UK   New Brooks Brothers 100% cashmere blue colorblock scarf 12.25" x 66"...
His happy place.
!!! Zilli leather. Dango.
   Damn bro...   
Got a new pickup truck, heading to @SpooPoker's to fill it with swag, hope you de-iced the driveway mango.
WAT on that texidermy?!?!?!
 I've got the current Skyliner repop and yeah it's a damn nice and warm coat!  Took it to Wisco last January and was snug as a bug in a rug.  Not as puffy as that vintage one, and does have a front zip and pockets.  Great go-to jacket.
Those Kiel belts are nice...and money.
Not a problem.
It's called The Centurion Card, you pleeb, but yes you commoners know it as the black card.Because jerk. And they wanted to know the high bid and then backed off. Block them - I hate that crap.
New Posts  All Forums: