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I can only list what I have, or find in the future. If I find a Brioni 2 button dual vent, I'm sure as hell not leaving it because the new one is one button unvented.
Reminds me of the London underground / tube signage.
That patchwork looking Reyn is pretty baller.
Actually, ...
Allen Edmonds Park Avenue black calf leather Balmoral Oxfords 7.5 E 7 1/2 wide Barbour Ashby navy blue Sylkoil waxed cotton jacket size Medium corduroy collar New Brooks Brothers Reyn Spooner reverse print nautical tropic Hawaiian shirt XL New Bills Khakis Parker aqua blue walking shorts 100% cotton 34W trad prep ivy New Bills Khakis Parker plaid walking shorts 100% cotton 30W trad prep ivy USA Vintage...
Oh fuck I hope not...had someone do that with a Polo martini bear hoodie. Sent me a different one back on return and ebay sided with the buyer. "No proof" of either what I sent, nor what they sent back, was ebay's response.
Hello?Is it me you're looking for?Or maybe pee-stained Zanella's?I never can be sure.Hello?Any Kiton's on the floor?I'd settle for Brioni,Just don't play that Macklemore.
I've dropped a few tens and twenties on unknown purses and bags, to bring home and then look up "how to spot a fake xyz" - really helped having the item in my hands and going over the tells. My sister now has a few passable fakes that she's happy with (and knows they're fake), and I did find a few realsies. I just stay away from any and all Coach. Even the real stuff is rarely worth picking up cuz every thrift around here marks it up as being real."Woot WOOT baba booey...
I have a couple Coast shirts that I really like. Made in Italy, smaller brand that doesn't have much recognition over here, but well-made and comfortable.
If only there was some sort of online service that would let us search for "source of rayon" or something like that.
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