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That's a lot of hooey in my opinion. But thanks for clarifying.That sucks - sorry mang.
 ...I thought I had lost mine as well - but on 2nd glance I'm still top-rated, but projected to lose it and drop to "above standard" on my next evaluation period Sept 20th.  Somehow eBay believes that only 83% of my transactions had tracking uploaded within handling time and validated by carrier, when in fact it is 100% when I run the reports.  I think there's some sort of lag in the system, for most recent sales or something.  In any event, double-check your seller...
Nice. I'm definitely doing the vertical bracket things when I rebuild, along with the double-thick shelf supports, as you have. I skimped the first time - gonna do it right this time. Labor Day weekend...and also tidy up my ebay room(s).
Mayday mayday. Entire upper closet system broke & fell down, onto lower system which also failed. Now have 150+ items hanging in various doorways. Fire Marshall would give me a fail for access to a 2nd means of egress. Need to buy some quality z-racks...or start selling some of this stuff. #ThriftAndHorde
I thought maybe "tie raped" was a real term, like "chainsuck"...guess not.
Heh - I get that as well, with the accompanying adrenaline rush.
Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine - all considered drugs.
Or you can call UPS and have it held for pickup or delivery after you're back, instead of delivering to your house when it arrives.But why this maroon would buy a bike that's too tall is beyond me.
Seriously...adults who cannot spell "suede"...?
 I would not drink from that cup, unless you want to open the seven seals and bring forth the apocalypse.   So I went to take the "cup" to the garage...and it's gone.
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