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Wasn't there a thread about favorite buys of 2016?   For personal use, this has to be my favorite.  Won from @SpooPoker for the paltry sum of $18.15...and I had the nards to ask for the SF good guy shipping discount. Adidas x Opening Ceremony Taekwondo Gazelle's in like new condition.  Perfect fit, super comfy, minimalist style.  Thanks again Spoo!   
That would be impossible for me to leave, unless they special priced it or it was shredded.
One for your block consideration.  New boots, side zippers were sticky...i.e.: not broken in yet.  
Nom nom noming myself for this suit. Paid more than thrift, but considering these retail for 15k to 35k, I'm well under 1%...and with ticket pocket, working cuffs, I'd imagine this one was closer to $20k. Don't think I've seen one posted before, either.
You know, I think that's what it was - horsehair plaster. Had no clue, just seemed like a layer of crappy fabric. Later, I lived in a house in Portland OR built 1895, which was even more oddball with hidden dumbwaiters etc. But Hans' house has to take the cake.
 ...so I assume you're down to bare studs now, yes?    [Bare studs.  Let Fueco or Spoo get in a TWSS.]  Reminds me of an apartment I had in Chicago - was going to smooth out the living room walls, started chipping away, and came to discover it was one of those older buildings with what amounted to burlap under the plaster...best I can describe it.  I hauled pounds of plaster and stuff to the dumpster and planned to just leave it that way when I moved out, then the bedroom...
I would, but that's pretty much going rate. If it has the wood case, definitely yes. Not the most desirable receiver, but a good start.
Toby?Toby Wong?
 Unless "FTFY" means "Fucked ThatUp For You", leave the man alone in his Madonna choices.  
Easily the best video from the 90's.       "sometimes, the clothes do not make the man" 
New Posts  All Forums: