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I have a friend who does SEO stuff - very successful, and on the level.Edit: http://www.madfishseo.com
Thanks for the link.I'm just looking for cheapos (but still ok) to toss in when a suit or blazer sells for more than, say, $50. If I was selling Tom Ford's and RLPL / BL etc then yeah a nicer or custom one might be in order...but I'm not, unfortunately.
 PM sent!
Anyone know of a supplier for generic suit / blazer garment bags?  Looking at these - a buck each is pretty good...unless I can get them cheaper someplace else (without having to buy in bulk from alibaba etc).
From the inside of a pair of shoes "made in England" - is Church's yes?     
 I'd take notice of that as well.  Jeebus.  WowNiceSale.  
First time I heard of him was eavesdropping on a conversation in the Buckhead Goodwill between two other sellers. Funny how reputations precede us sometimes.
Didn't remember that Dan = WowNiceShirt. Bought from me once or twice and I think he's a local. Good buyer, and seller.
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