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 Is that EUC?  Looks NWT to me...
 Linda's Stuff usually has a few great typos - like this Charvet shirt + PRL package deal. 
First stop of the day, had eight Edgar Pomeroy suits in my cart, completely handmade / bespoke, working cuffs, ticket pockets, hand-sewn buttonholes...put them back one by one due to bits of damage. Rest of the day sucked as well save for a snakeskin belt.
Just back from my birthday dinner with family; was bestowed with a gift card for Orvis, part of which I will use on this Barbour golf umbrella:        ...been wanting this one for a year now - finally!
 They also had a Harvard (brand) foosball table that looked new but it had already been paid for - if both were available I would have bought and rented a van or pickup from UHaul to bring them home.  Eh well.  
Saw this yesterday ($40 at GW) but could not kop because car.  
 The surfing mags are interesting - Wax is pretty cool.
   Thanks bros! 
 Shit - it's after midnight here - which means - it's now MY BIRTHDAY !!  [4/13]  {not to steal your thunder :) }
 Definitely not OCBD.  It's patchwork plaid - you already got it.  Also keep all fingers out of photos unless you're freshly manicured (personal pet peeve - same goes for bare feet etc - others may disagree).    
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