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Same here - he's spoiled.
@SteelGuy it's not BBBF, just BB. But you will see BBBF made in Thailand, China and USA.
Shields, no? Doesn't appear to be Mark, Brian, Robert, Dennis, Frederic or Bonnie Shields...
That is correct.
My only experience was someone opening a return case after 30+ days. I called ebay and they said I could deny it and not get negative feedback...but it showed as delivered over 30 days ago. Since you don't have tracking, I'd call ebay.
What was the reason for the case? Not received? Wrong size? Not as described? ...?
The coaster at the Sahara was awesome, ... sadly now closed. If one has the nards, the rides atop the Stratosphere are scrotum-tightening. I always do the neon museum boneyard tour, but in July it'll probably be a bit warm, and with no car for the OP, maybe not an option.Check out the Fireside Lounge for some old fashioned Vegas extravagance.
You have a bravery. I remember the great madras tussle of 2012. One guy skinned his knee. It was very ugly.
Ditto for Forum at Caesars, and Encore Esplanade (at Wynn, tho fewer shops).The outlets never panned out for me.
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