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 A store called Labels Resale in Atlanta gave me the business the last time I was there...so as to not derail for anyone who read it on another thread:   [[SPOILER]]
Who loves cats?!     [[SPOILER]]
Thanks again to whoever recommended Dawson Jones (Dr Liv?) - I have a terrible memory when it comes to that. Anyway, great shop, great selection, great prices, great employees.  Had a minor snafu with my last purchase, which they fixed immediately, no questions or hassles - done and done.  Made it right. If you're in the ATL area and need a mannequin, z-racks, whatever - this is the place, and they're open Saturday's which - for me - beats Stamps.
A man's man. My thoughts are with you and yours. Another thank you from me, for his service.
 Wow - I just looked at the feedback they left for others, and yeah - it seems like all they do as of late is buy shoes, later claim to be fake, then leave negative feedback and report to ebay (presumably to get free shoes, but I suppose they could be doing it as a goodwill gesture to get fakes off of ebay...?).  Totally bizarre.  LINK
 Might be wise for everyone to do that anyway.  eBay's 2017 changes seem to imply they're going after Amazon and want to offer a more standardized selling format, which may leave sellers of pre-owned items out in the cold.  Probably most likely not, but just maybe.  Can't find the specific eBay blog post, but that's the idea I got when I read it.  On another note, I don't think I've ever had this many views / watchers on an item and no one has bought the cheese:  
VeRO is only for the intellectual property owners (i.e. someone employed by CL to review listings and whatnot), not individual ebay users. A user can use the Report Item link to flag a suspected fake, but it's not part of VeRO. If these ladies have taken it upon themselves to police other users' listings, it may or may not be in cooperation with ebay - no idea. Or, they could just get a bunch of users to flag an item and that might be enough for ebay...whether they...
 THAT...is a really old Lanvin piece.  Unlined / self-tipped, hence the flimsy feel, and they sew the edge to keep it from fraying.  Doubt it was faked back whenever when they used that tag.  I've only seen it once (usually see the "LLL" tag, or less frequently the more desirable "woman & child" tag).  Has to be diffusion IMO.
Some new BIN's recently listed:     Rolex vintage Presidential buckle strap leather & wood watch box Ref. 56.00.2      Barbour International black Sylkoil waxed cotton jacket Fog motorcycle parka XL     American Giant black heavyweight cotton Moto full zip coat jacket XL made in USA     Polo Ralph Lauren wool lambswool herringbone tweed pants buckle back 36 x 29     Hermes black & gray 100% silk H X lattice logo Faconee...
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