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 I did search for 645700, which had a link to Hermes US...and also a photo of the same color tie, but when landing on the Hermes page it was just the front page, and no matches when searching the site for said #.  However, just now I searched for h645700t and it brought me to the link you posted - so maybe I need to add the H and T to the search - either way - thanks for the tips! 
 I use RRA for blazers; will use for a suit if it fits comfortably, if not then I go Medium flat rate box.  Depending on how big it is (38R fits into some poly bags I have; 48R not as much), I either pack into these poly bags I bought from Amazon, or into a double-wrap of dry cleaners bags (overdue shoutout to @My Main Man for hooking me up with 100 of them!).  Shirts I pack into these poly mailers from amazon, then into a padded flat rate USPS envelope.   I've seen worse,...
 Wow - great job finding it!  I scoured the US Hermes site and didn't find it in any color; didn't think about non-US sites.  Thank you for the tip and verification!  
You can call me TNM if you like. Just that there's at least one other ATL (jon)...your choice.
 Goddammit I'm no longer ATLnoob.  How do you think Vladimir Putin would react if you said he was the president of the USSR?  He'd ride a bear up into your house and throw a wolverine at you. 
 True dat, though if I have to deal with unpaid reminders or other hassles from a buyer, they don't get any feedback.  Hopefully it's all good with your buyer, but if they're a rat, please update the blacklist.  
Not really, if it's positive. Maybe they buy a lot of sex toys or something they don't wish to make public.
Boy's XXS / age 2-3 Barbour Transport waxed cotton field coat:       George Cleverley custom wooden shoe trees, approx. size 13 wide:   
What are you, some sort of pinko commie? Though I did learn from Henry Rollins that putting the American flag on clothing is technically illegal, so, as your attorney I advise you to remove it.
 If it's the one I gave dire warning about, like a year ago (yahoos in Las Vegas or someplace), turns out it was a turd.  I saw one episode and stopped sweating, but when I saw the preview I was raising the flag of "ohmigod they're onto us someone is going to spill the beans", but it never happened.  They bought junk and sold junk.    Just today.  5 hours driving, 5+ hours shopping, $40 gas, two meals, sore back.     Exactly.  I've sold stuff for $9.99 that really chapped...
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