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Tip o' the tam to PTO, for you NYC guys:   Wednesday through Friday, 5/13-5/15, J.Press and York St. are hosting a warehouse sale featuring up to 95% off present and past seasons’ stock.  J.Press & York St. Warehouse Sale – 8 Crosby St btw Grand & Howard, 4th Fl – 11am to 6pm Daily
 Yes, yes it is!  I looked it up before buying.  If you wear a size Large and your name is Ryan, I think I have something for you.  :) 
Got this from Bae.  Listing said the fabric tag was missing so took a chance - the tag was in the pocket (wool body with top grain cowhide sleeves).  Plan to remove the "RYAN" and cover the area with another patch if there is any evidence left behind - a flag or something.  Only 20 years old so not vintage yet, but kinda RRL-ish.    [[SPOILER]]
 Oof!  That hurts.  I feel your pain - I seriously thought this would do way better than it did... 
 I was considering it, if the chargeback cases had been resolved amicably (i.e.: it was a mistake or whatnot).  Apparently it did not work out that way, so of course I am going to keep him blocked.   Thank you for the follow-up - will keep this guy blocked.  Another SF'er PM'd me saying they had issues with him as well, so anyone who hasn't blocked him, good idea to do so.   Thank you for your bids - I do appreciate it!  Honestly, I thought it would bring more - it had 52...
Meet the next future ex-Mrs. Need Machine.  She prefers Margiela and Rick Owens, is from Wisconsin, and can belt a tune.  I'm in lurve.     
 That's what she sai...wait, no, she never said that.
   No joke about the St. John women's stuff (not to be confused with the sharty St. John's / St. John's Bay men's crap)  - THIS St. John is crazy money. Saw some today, priced up and did not cop - hope 330 did well on it.  Nice finds. 
 Back stories:Had not tested the flask for "water" tightness, so, if it'll be used for its intended porpoise, test it first!  The two shirts: bought brand new for myself, wore once in Vegas, laundered once.  Nonetheless, might still smell of eau de desperation and hookers. Thanks again!
  This person just eBay messaged me, asking why I have them blocked.  Hate to block them on a cashmere BB blazer I'd like to sell.  They have 826 positive feedbacks.  Did this ever get resolved?
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