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This diner waitress is hot. No stop can't stop.
Wearing Spoo's ex-lucky pants and I'm up about $700 for the night.
Hitting the thrifts here very very soon.  Rental car: check.  Map and list: check.  Don't have any expectations really, but never thrifted there before, so we'll see what's the haps.     
 Embarrassing.  And she cussed me out.  Not like I was groping women on the street - she dashed out of a town car or limo or whatever, and I was in a hurry not paying attention and saw a "shape" at the last second - put up my hands, which happened to be where her boobs were.  It wasn't until 15 or 20 seconds later I was like "that was Kate Moss!".  more of a "brush with greatness" Letterman story than anything. 
 As have I.  And you, me.  And we are all together.  Goo-goo-ga-joob.   In recent memory, sold something to a woman with the same full name as the most recent ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise.  Zillow'ed the address and it was a big house in Vermont on 55 acres.  Doubt it was "the" person - "she" has a bajillion dollars, but maybe she's frugal.  Probably doesn't count tho.  But I did once accidentally feel up Kate Moss' boobs on a street in Manhattan.  So I got that going for me.  
Not necessarily...I've seen people post on ebay the same thing for sale at RealReal, saying shipping would take like 10 days. Presumably if it sold on ebay (for more than the other site had it listed for) they'd buy it from RR and have it shipped to themselves, theN to the ebay buyer.
Great changes are a-comin' - congrats!
Actually, ebay does have a rule against it. It can get your listings pulled, and if you do it a lot, they can ban you. Granted, the vast majority of listings with brand name misuse run without issue.
Keyword spamming and 72-point fonts...feel like I'm perusing Crazy Eddie's sketchy used car lot.
New Posts  All Forums: