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 Hunting horn or powder horn. 
 Looks good to me as well, and is what I usually do (point out that the first few images are stock, remainders are of the actual item).   Downside is: don't use stock images from the manufacturer - use them from a 2nd party seller.  I had an item pulled for TOS violation using stock images because those images are the property of whomever posted them elsewhere on the internet.  In my case, it was a Barbour item, but I swiped the images from Barneys.  However, Barbour...
Too many distractions from the 2014 WSOP final table coverage.  Back to TV.
 Last I read, you can ONLY use stock photos for new items.  Granted, a bajillion folks use stock photos for pre-owned items, and not like your item will be cancelled, but I'd steer clear of doing it personally.  
 I used to chuckle when someone across the rack from me was like "Woah Tommy Hilfinger" (they always say 'Hilfinger" for some reason)...  So to anyone I guffawed at, I apologize.  I only look at it hoping it's Paul & Shark (never is), but will start taking a 2nd look.  
 I did, dammit!  U no get?  
 SOLD!  mines.  you can't have.  mines.
 What?!?!  Dammit, now I have to look at the Hilfiger stuff...which I never do.
 If that stuff is real, you win the day...maybe the week!  
 I hear ya.  My goal was to keep stuff out of the living areas and relegated to two spare rooms, but I'm back to items hanging up in the doorway between my DR and LR...I get overwhelmed - what to list - where to start?  So I go for the low-hanging fruit - stuff that will sell - and keep putting off the rest.  Got 5 giant bags of stuff to redonate, could probably fill a few more if I went through everything else.  I plan to power through as much as I can over the long...
New Posts  All Forums: