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Colored markers? I can't think of another way to fix a run on a silk tie...but if you've got a way I'd love to hear it, since I pass on a lot of ties due to runs.
 OK thanks.  I know that due to my return policy, they can start the return within 14 days of receiving the item...I just thought there was a shorter window during which they now have to send it back once they have started the return and I accepted it.
I accepted a return on 3/17; buyer hasn't shipped it back yet.  How many days do they have to return it?  I have a 14-day return policy, but as far as I know eBay also imposes a time period in which the buyer must return it once they start the return.  
Yay.  This and $1 will get me a cup of coffee at McDonald's.  
Some thrift, some discount from the clearance racks @ right prices. Not finding the cheap Isaia ties here but still some decent pickings.
Still panning for gold here; best so far has been gold filled, but not giving up on it!
Retail therapy.  [[SPOILER]]
 Might be sooner than that, here in GA.  The Senate just passed a bill that would decriminalize cannabis oil for treating 8 specific ailments, though it would not be produced here.  The House has already passed a similar bill.  So it seems imminent, though I don't think cafes and the like will start cropping up any time soon. I lived in Oregon before here, and it was notoriously easy to get a "green card" (medical marijuana card).Doctor: "Which do you suffer from -...
 Not around these parts...yet.
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