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Picked up two pieces by this guy a while ago for $8.29 each - took me a while to flip them over, see the signatures, then decipher the name.  
  Wonder why he left the same exact comments for another seller, but gave them a positive and you a neutral...seems a bit douchy.   
Capnwes is the cufflink king of the east coast.
 Downside of being in the south - carton of Marlboro's is like $35 at my local grocery - probably cheaper at a tobacconist.  If you (and any NYC guys) want to set up a black market business, drop me a line.  Pretty sure I'm joking.  
 The "eGo" I bought is tough, 60-day warranty, solid metal, and battery life matters: I've been sucking this thing for 3+ days now and no charge needed yet on the 1100 maH battery (compared to MarkTen and "e-cigs" that have a 90 maH battery that lasts about 2 hours).  I shopped around, tested a number of them - - was even left coughing after trying the highest nicotine dose - - was like smoking an unfiltered Lucky Strike dipped in grain alcohol - HARSH.  I thought I was...
10:  The number of cigarettes I have smoked in the last 2 days.   60: The number of cigarettes I usually smoke in 2 days (about 1.5 packs per day).   eGo nicotine delivery system - has been surprisingly easy to use, good taste, good "smoke".  Anyone wanting to quit, or cut down considerably, check it out at your local brick & mortar shop (the MarkTen and other cig-a-likes are junk, and are made by the same big tobacco companies who got you hooked on cigarettes to begin...
 Love that look!  I see a lot of them listed as "boy's size" but that can't be right - I think they were all just really small watches.  The last one I had that fit me OK was a Movado museum, but I see them now in giant sizes so they must have jumped on the big watch bandwagon.  For a beater I've had slim Skagen's.  Still researching...
 hah!  the elusive and wily jackalope.  I'd love to find one on the cheap.   someone with giant dollars is probably calling the San Diego Zoo right now, trying to get their recently deceased northern white rhino.  sad state of affairs - only 5 left in the world now.
 Ditto this ^.  Browse around eBay and you'll find high-end NWT items for 75% or more off retail.
 Dang, that looks big.  I could eat a salad off that, or use it as a coaster (skinny wrist here)!  Sharp-looking, though - wish I could pull off something like that.    THAT is a good-lookin' timepiece!  
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