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  Update - received said hangers, and they exceeded my expectations.  I figured they'd be junk, and all tossed into a box and get scratched up.  Ended up receiving a 19-pound box via FedEx ground today.  Large box (24" x 15" x 15").  Packing material on top / sides.  Each hanger individually wrapped.  A few have some slight "impressions" - from being at the bottom of the box.  Yanked on the hook pretty hard and it did not pop out, solid wood, did not twist.  Heard from...
 I'd say "pop-over"...with French cuffs - new one on me.
There's a Van Gogh museum in Sweden? I went to the one in Amsterdam...at least, I think I did - kinda hazy on that whole trip. Nice links!
Agreed - if I weren't so lazy I could be taking pics right now no matter the weather. Plus in the winter it'd almost be dark this time of day after work.I'm envious of the whites those two have achieved!
      I'm thinking of just taking stuff outdoors and photographing there...being obsessed with the perfect white background is getting me nowhere, my camera loses the white balance setting all the time, and outdoor pics (with a decent background) look nicer to me in most cases.  Would be a huge pain to make that switch, since I've set up an entire room dedicated to pics, far from a door to outside...and it would limit me to daytime & sunshine...so I dunno.
  Damn, that's sweet.  If it were my size, I would quit smoking and start again, so I could buy that jacket and it'll be twice as nice.  
 Still do...and A&F, Hollister, and other brands you'd never think people would bother to counterfeit.  To wit: http://www.hryde.com/brands.html  You want a toe?  I can get you a toe.     
  New Onitsuka Tiger men's Serrano shoes, US size 10, green/white, never worn NWOB   $61.00 Buy It Now Free shipping
 Crazy...you had a cat named Pancake...I named mine Pancake just because the vet needed a name when I brought her in the first time - she was a stray no-name and it was the first thing that popped into my head.
Or smack it up, flip it, rub it down (oh no).
New Posts  All Forums: