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Yep, especially on the mobile app. The classic site thru a browser is working ok for me so far but it's a PITA on a phone.
Have we seen it posted elsewhere on SF?
Hit a few places, found a few things. Oxxford suit, Oxxford blazer, Avirex A2 leather bomber, NOS FootJoy pebble grain longwings, ... some other stuff I forgot - still in the trunk. Oxxfords were from a church thrift shop - never went to a church shop before - definitely will in the future.
Grabbed these typo + Church's. Would you call these bluchers? I would, but only because I'm ignorant. http://m.ebay.com/itm/221541203049
Should not steam a silk tie - it can pucker. Dude prolly roont it. Do with that as you will, but I'd dispute.
My old stomping grounds - Clearwater Tampa St Pete. Never spent any time in the panhandle - from here east and south is where I'm familiar. I'll probably be drunk for a few days, then go find the thrifts!
Treasure Island.
My view for the next 8 days, beach & gulf right off my patio. Thrift-funded.
Attolini is good, yes.
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