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Fuuuuu.....that Burberry nova toggle coat is so money.
New Ralph Lauren Black Label Italy Anthony shawl lapel tuxedo formal jacket 40R     New Taylor Stitch black raw selvedge jeans Yoshiwa Mills Democratic fit 31W 36L      Hackett London Aston Martin Racing bright yellow down puffer vest gilet Large     New AllSaints shadow plaid over-shirt shacket wool blend lamb leather trim Large
I call that "changing one's ring tone."
Saturday night. The September issue, Captain Crunch and PBR. Beats standing in line at the Life Of Pablo pop-up shop.
I don't know where she primarily haunts, but I've only seen her at the BH GW. Red-haired female. Pushy as fuck. Never had her grab anything out of my hands, but had her reach over / around / in front of me to grab something that was "in my space / under my nose." She also follows the employees around and grabs whatever they just hung up - to the point of bumping you aside if need be. That was my first encounter with her. The second time, I planted myself firmly, had...
I'm sure that @ATLjon is familiar with "red" - she's a real piece of work. You'll come across her sooner or later, @concealed, if you haven't already.
From left to right, it looks like those boxes were shipped via UPS, FedEx, and USPS respectively.
....I thought he said punk? Mostly ska, new wave / synth / soft rock.My dad turned me on to JM Jarre via those same two albums tho. Classics.
That's Jompso.
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