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I have a J Press women's coat sized in cm, with Japanese tags. If that helps allay any worries.
 ...last thing I bought from them was listed as men's, and turned out to be women's...  Yours is prolly fine tho.
And his address and email.
 ...and you had the balls to charge shipping on top of a $1k BIN.  
In my world, angora sweaters were like a 50s thing - my mom's era, when women had pointy bras and pencil skirts etc. But a nice snug fuzzy angora or mohair sweater never totally goes out of style in my opinion.
@Fueco probably has what you seek.
Someone posted these on the thrift brag thread and I should have looked at pics on my computer instead of phone before I bought them.Florsheim Imperial # 93605, which I believe is color #8 Horween Shell.  Size 9 EEE / 3E. Heels replaced. Has some chips along the top back heel trim...whatever that part is called.  Didn't find any cracks etc, though the leather is dry. I asked Cap'n Wes who said they should clean up well but the chips detract from the value / resale.  I know...
 Did a lot of research on LV ties last week.  Looks like a real Damier from here.
When I was at the "nice" TJX yesterday, also went to the Saks Off Fifth downstairs, and they had some insane Brioni pieces...woven leather bomber jackets marked down to $4k (from $15k), and some lamb leather jackets.  Tried one on.  Drool.  Interestingly, they also sell used stuff there - Burberry and Hermes bags and scarves &c.  Encased in perspex boxes.  All over-priced, all there since they opened a few months ago...but nice to look at.  Weird tho that a Saks sells used...
I think I got a schweet deal on those Adidas x Opening Ceremony kicks (esp with the free SF member US shipping).  Hope they fit - I'm usually a 10.5 but sometimes 11's run a tad small and also work.  I hope so! Also got my Rich + Clean order in yesterday; lightning-fast shipping!  I ordered the travel size best-of / sampler, and I either need to take a trip or a staycation soon, so I have an excuse to try it out.   Thanks Spoo! 
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