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 Definitely not OCBD.  It's patchwork plaid - you already got it.  Also keep all fingers out of photos unless you're freshly manicured (personal pet peeve - same goes for bare feet etc - others may disagree).    
 Ditto this re: family names - figured there would be some amusing suggestions (Spoo for the win); I've got a middle name that is the same as my father's, grandfather's, great-grandfather's, and before that was the maiden name of my great-great-grandmother.  So the OP isn't relegated to standard naming conventions - old family surnames can now be first or middle names.  
 Welllll....depends on what you paid for it.  If thrifted / garage sale or something, you might be able to flip it for a profit.  I know there are stand-alone flash triggers but how you'd sync it with a phone is beyond me and probably not possible.  Does your phone not have an always-on flash feature?  (mine does: off, auto, or always on)If you're trying to step up your lighting game, you need lights.  It's been discussed before, but, folks who get sucked into this whole...
 If you're taking phone pics, you can't use that flash...it attaches to a standard camera hot-shoe.  Sorry, I don't really have any input - I use flash sometimes, and other times not, and cannot imagine how it would be useful to you taking phone pics.  
 Rarities - no idea - didn't even crack it open.  I just buy printed auction catalogs, because, you know... Thanks re: the Gucci!     Got a couple PM's on the toddler drivers, but you're in line.  You're thrifting baby names?  I'd go with Rag N. Bone Thugz N. Harmony Korine Abdul-Jabbar 
 Yeah, you're right...just that it was my honey-hole, 5-hour round-trip drive plus about 5 hours in the store, and they switched from winter to summer, so, no more outerwear, and struck out on sport coats when normally I can grab 6 or 8 pretty easily (just the one suit).  The Ferragamo's turned out to be Caesy's, which are still current, so not bad on those at least...  
Philipp Plein t-shirts (just answered my own question) - fucking $400+ for a t-shirt?!  I left one behind because I didn't like it...the one I grabbed is studded, limited edition.  I have Monday off - might be worth it to go grab the one I left (store is closed Sundays)....
 No, nothing special about the inside pockets.  I had a similar Orvis as well a while back, with suede patch elbows and all the trimmings, but this one is anonymous (no maker or size tags, which I almost never pick up, but this one was interesting). Now that I think about it, the Orvis was action-back (had the extra pleats near the back shoulders), which this does not...so, not action back.  Belt-back or something?  
 Did you kop?
From today.  I must be getting jaded because it's pretty lame in my opinion.  Nothing available EXCEPT the kid's shoes.  [[SPOILER]]
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