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 Have sold logo'd Filson before - will probably flip. The 2nd one looks like the Klondike / KLNDK jacket.  Can't quite make out the style #, but if you google it, 95% of the time you'll find the model name that matches the style #.
 Rugger is good.  And Michael Bastian is better.  And the lambskin nappa leather windcheater jacket is best (I thrifted a minty one last year for $40 - retail was like $800).
Best deal found today...
 Thanks!  Had a saved search for over a year, waiting for a 30" wide Kirman runner to show up, in a usable length, for a good price.  This one is a keeper - had to be over $2k when new. Doesn't best your NIB that you got for free, though - nice!
 Best answer this week.
   Yes, what he said! You can enter the actual weight if you want - I think under 7lbs max for RRA - but no matter - de-select "flat rate" and RRA becomes an option.
 One of the better winter holiday's I had was way the heck up in Ellison Bay.  Rented a chateau-style house on the lake, four-wheel country in the winter.  Mounds of snow.  Fireplace, booze, board games, books, movies, and canoodling with my gal.  The life.    Enjoy! 
Finally found a runner rug long & wide enough (30.5" x 16' 9") for my main hallway, which matches the other Karastan's I have - YAY!            ...Not super-cheap, but I sold a used one two feet longer in somewhat better condition for $1200 a couple years back (at that length and width, they are custom order / custom made), so I'm not complaining...and it's for walking on.  Pad included - those aren't cheap either!  
Can I ship RRA from either PayPal or USPS.com?  I am not finding the option on either site, but I could have sworn it was hidden there somewhere per older posts here.   Thanks!   EDIT: never mind - just found it on usps.com - can't select "flat rate".
LA / SF Valley guys into SW&D: co-worker's son is having a launch party / pop-up shop / art show tomorrow (12/13/14) for his clothing brand Take! Los Angeles.  Some of their stuff is already sold out, so who knows - you may be the first on your block to wear the next big thing.  Here's the flyer if you're so inclined:    
New Posts  All Forums: