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Thrift shop: Another Hartman belting leather & tweed suitcase:   [[SPOILER]]       Needs some collar attention...     New Saks Off Fifth opened in town.  They had tons of Brioni and RLPL / RLBL.  I only shopped the clearance rack and got:          From TJX on clearance: BBGF tuxedo.  Is this Martin Greenfield?    [[SPOILER]]    
Thanks gents!
Anyone able to identify the maker? It's on a Fendi suit.
Agree on Canali being fake - rather - someone sewed that inside tag onto a non-Canali jacket.
Ones I have been to like this, you arrive and write your name on a nunbered list. Earlier you arrive, lower number you get. If you get there real early, bring a crappy old beach chair. They let in numbers 1 thru 20 or whatever first, and as people leave they let in more people. No time limit. Usually limited access due to high end stuff and they want to keep an eye on everyone, and/or the place is over-stuffed with items and not much room for a lot of people.
What a wench. I hide that shit when I find it - buried under stuff in my cart or hide the label if I'm carrying it.
 I had to do that with a Movado, which turned out to be fake.  What sucked even more was that the store had a 2 week return policy, but by the time I got it back, it was too late (I paid a fair amount for it, but assumed I was getting a nice deal on a legit Movado).  What sucked still more is that they KNEW it was a fake and didn't mark it on the tag or tell me before I bought it - when I called to complain they said "check your receipt", which I did, and on the receipt it...
Same group of stores, different name in the UK.
 Scottsdale has a TJ Maxx with The Runway but it's only women's.  When I'm in a new town, my trick is to find a TJX that has a The Runway for Men and check out that store, and see if there are any Marshall's nearby - if so, they are generally a "good" Marshall's that also carries the higher end designer labels.  Failing that, I call a store that seems to be in an affluent area and ask the manager if they carry the higher end stuff, and if not, if there are any stores in...
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