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Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine - all considered drugs.
Or you can call UPS and have it held for pickup or delivery after you're back, instead of delivering to your house when it arrives.But why this maroon would buy a bike that's too tall is beyond me.
Seriously...adults who cannot spell "suede"...?
 I would not drink from that cup, unless you want to open the seven seals and bring forth the apocalypse.   So I went to take the "cup" to the garage...and it's gone.
  I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for this.  Nonetheless, curiosity piqued.       Do you want it to be a candle holder?  Could be...though no evidence of wax drippings.  Just an aura of evil.     Me neither as long as this thing is in my house.  To the garage it goes, for tonight at least.  Gotta air out the evil. 
 I dunno man - it's nasty inside.  Unfinished - as in - it's the inside of a goat's foot / hoof, far as I can tell.  Then why the silvery metal rim?  No idea.  Evil, I tell you.  Pure evil.  Like the pot roast in Time Bandits sort of evil. 
Who do you think...?  Jerry Seinfeld? 
Unfinished inside and full of evil. I think i'll start a satanic cult, and one must drink Tang from it in order to become a member.
 Think @Fueco is still in Canada - saw the quake news this AM and slipped my mind - yeah - hope all is well with our NoCal'ers!  
 The thrift store cashier said it looked like goat as well, so in the absence of anything to tell me otherwise, and in a preponderance of two expert opinions, I shall say it's goat if anyone asks. Pete will have a corner in my gallery, if / when I ever start hanging these things.  I must have several dozen at this point, with a focus on velvet paintings. EDIT: I just noticed that the older gentleman is sporting red nail polish.   Some days, you just find all the oddballs...
New Posts  All Forums: