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@DanM if I buy a bunch of stuff at Marshalls using a credit card and don't pay off the balance right away, and the stuff I bought is all for resale, and does eventually get sold in the same year, can I deduct the interest (using the cash method)?
FootJoy made some crazy ass shoes back in the day. .. I had a couple snakeskin pairs liberated from Goodwill.
 Holy carp that's a lot of stuff. Ditto - outerwear been berry berry good to me. 
Buy and Sell - the SF marketplace.
I need to git me one of them there Pantone thingers.
You might get more replies on the ebay thread, but, I'm going to start listing A/W stuff in August. Starting with lighter weight items and go from there.
Was watching this thing...dang.    
 Last I heard, Canali only makes for Canali.  Is that not the case?  Though I suppose there could be a question if there was no other (maker name/label) tag, and all you had to go on was that inside tag.
The Gleaner. Amazon. A few folks here have it, myself included.
I grabbed a flawless recent 100% cashmere Kiton suit last year for $40; had no use for it and ended up with $1100 via ebay. Haven't seen many comps either, but that's where I wound up.
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