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Can be printed on anything - I know Wes' cards have a QR code on them. I did similar but different.Mine arrived today - would have included one in your package but it shipped today...
I have something coming along the same lines - PM me your address and I'll mail you one when they arrive.
Sigh - can't choose your relatives, but sounds like he has good intentions perhaps poorly expressed. I have a relative who, upon coming to see my newly purchased house a couple years ago, said "Nice house - that roof is probably good for another couple years"...already had me worrying about a new roof the day after I bought it. (Had a roofer over not long after who gave it more like 10 years.) He's a nice guy too but suffers from foot-in-mouth disease.
Congrats on the house! Hopefully the father-in-law didn't give you any guff. Looks like a beauty!
Thank you. The more I know, the more I know there is more I need to know.
 It should.  My eBay URL is  http://stores.ebay.com/theneedmachine/  and I'm sure if I changed my store name, the URL would change as well.   Devoted Stye.  Snort.  And we're supposed to entrust the education of our children to the likes of you...?  
You may also get offers for free fixed price listings; if so I just end any that don't have a bunch of watchers and relist on the last day of the promotion, to get them back near the top of search results. Plus list more items if I can during that time. The way I calculated it for me - make a $20 profit on a single item and the month is paid for - overly simplistic but I justify it that way.
Yes. I get 150 free fixed price per month for $20. You can use them as you wish - 10 day, 30 day, good til cancelled (which counts again the next month when it auto-renews). List one item 3 times as 10-day counts as 3. I try to wait until I get a special offer for free auctions before listing as auction but they seem to only come once per month or less often.
New Posts  All Forums: