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IIRC there was a Subaru / LL Bean Outback or similar that did well. Not to be confused with the Daewoo / LL Cool J collab which was a flop.The Hermes / Bugatti was ok looking but too Hermesey to take seriously.
@SpooPoker  limited edition.
 For auctions, I ship priority small flat rate box and charge US buyers $5.50.  USPS charges me $5.20 to ship that way but eBay and PayPal take a cut of the shipping costs so I end up losing a bit on that.  For BIN, US shipping is free, by the same method.  Canada is $22, everywhere else is $26.50, via the same method.I loosely fold it in fourths, then seal in a plastic shipping bag which I buy in bulk on Amazon, then into the box.I can't imagine how you'd be shipping...
Not much...just a few books and a 1950's Hull pottery piece.  [[SPOILER]]
Those Burberry Brit tags look legit based on all the others I've seen.
TJX had a pile of those chick magnet belts. Wish I picked up all of them - quick flippery.
Planning winter vacation; came across this when checking out Barbados:   Illegal Activities The wearing of any form of camouflage is illegal in Barbados. Do not dress in, or carry, items made of camouflage material.    Not even if it's this DSquared2 shirt I picked up last year???!!11!   
 Any day of the week that has the letter "a" is a reason to wear a baller midnight blue shawl lapel tux.
Thank you, USPS, for sending my package to New Hampshire instead of Georgia.  Fairly certain it's headed to Acworth, NH instead of Acworth, GA...only 1,130 miles off-course.  Hey Wes - can you go pick it up for me?       
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