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Still used by a lot of stores today...I came home with one still attached to a Canali blazer a couple weeks ago (that I paid for). Need to bust out the pliers and get the thing off so I can list it.
   So everyone else: 
  HUUUUUGE thank you to @jebarne for an updated set of images!!!  
I was going to point that out, but too lazy to edit out pics on my phone. Either way, I'm sure both of us would rather have our respective items sold vs. lamenting views/watchers and no sales. I'm the clear winner in the the loser category.
 Cool - might be helpful to also post in http://www.styleforum.net/t/352887/the-official-thrift-thread-maker-label-guide/0_30 
The word you seek is "tertiary."
I don't remember who originally posted these (and thanks to whoever did - I use them on occasion), but, I'm wondering if that person could do me a huge proper and edit them for me / how I measure?  If so: For pants and suits, I never measure across the knee - can that "across knee" be removed? For jackets and suits, I measure shoulders across the top at the seams (where I put the red arrows) - can that be moved up?  (incidentally, more often than not, I get asked to...
@TheODGuy There's almost always a model # on the little white tag, which you can google to find the model name.
There are factory stores all over the country but none in NYC proper. One on LI. Can find PRL cheap at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.
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