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Grazie - I'll go with it.
What would you pattern nerds aficionado's call this?  It looks like a mini-check but open full-size and you'll see it's little circles.  Birdseye?      
 My Façonnée runs horizontal, and it's legit.   [[SPOILER]]
atsa nice...!
Yep that's the same WSJ article i saw. I got some miu miu boots marked made in China and thought they were fake until I found that bit.
@FlorianQC i read not too long ago that Prada and Miu Miu were having some stuff made in China. Maybe if you google miu miu made in china you'll find the same article - that's how i came across it.
That DRKSHDW will fly under the radar for most folks flipping the racks. Nice find.
Pretty much the standard.
 I have the same problem with dark navy vs. black...when in doubt, I get something I know is dark blue, and something I know is black, and hold them next to the blazer.
 A lot of folks have gone with Amazon or eBay sellers; I bought mine from a local store supplier (Stamps Store Fixtures) just because the shipping was cheaper for me.  You may have a store fixture supplier in your area.For the everyday / standard forms, there are no real "brands" or models - they're mass-produced and unless you're going for a high-end form (i.e.: Wolf), again, all pretty much the same.Yes, I recommend a solid body form - they are covered in a dense...
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