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 Might get some (more) feedback if posted to the "ebay selling tips tricks" whatever thread.  But PM incoming.
 Great minds ...
 Appears to be a French Roundel...but on what, I do not know.  A helmet?  French stripes on the field as well...  is the pic sideways? 
That sounds awesome! Good luck.
That's a lot of hooey in my opinion. But thanks for clarifying.That sucks - sorry mang.
 ...I thought I had lost mine as well - but on 2nd glance I'm still top-rated, but projected to lose it and drop to "above standard" on my next evaluation period Sept 20th.  Somehow eBay believes that only 83% of my transactions had tracking uploaded within handling time and validated by carrier, when in fact it is 100% when I run the reports.  I think there's some sort of lag in the system, for most recent sales or something.  In any event, double-check your seller...
Nice. I'm definitely doing the vertical bracket things when I rebuild, along with the double-thick shelf supports, as you have. I skimped the first time - gonna do it right this time. Labor Day weekend...and also tidy up my ebay room(s).
Mayday mayday. Entire upper closet system broke & fell down, onto lower system which also failed. Now have 150+ items hanging in various doorways. Fire Marshall would give me a fail for access to a 2nd means of egress. Need to buy some quality z-racks...or start selling some of this stuff. #ThriftAndHorde
I thought maybe "tie raped" was a real term, like "chainsuck"...guess not.
Heh - I get that as well, with the accompanying adrenaline rush.
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