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 Wow - that has to be the longest way to go for a weekend trip (assuming you're in the US).  Should be fun!  I went in August and stayed in the Loyola University Rome Center dorms - basically empty during summer break and the rate was like $7/night.  Awesome trip.
 I went for 2 weeks some years ago and saw just about every historical / touristy site I could get to.  Aside from what was mentioned: The obligatory selfie at Trevi Fountain.  Spanish Steps for another photo op.  Palatine Hill.  Vatican City (I lucked out and won an auction for a private tour given by a couple of Swiss Guards - we got behind the scenes and into a few areas where tourists are not allowed)...St. Peter's Basilica.  Capuchin Crypt.  Pyramid of Cestius.  Rent...
A dog ate my Serengeti shades. Keep the cat HVO.
I seem to have the thrift-related dreams when I take a Tylenol PM, but I had a really weird one a few weeks ago when I was sick and guzzling Nyquil...somehow I was backstage at an Elton John concert (I have never been to one, no desire to go to one, UNLESS he only did songs from the Benny & The Jets / Saturday Night-era AND wore the same costumes from the 70's - then I'd consider it). On this occasion, he asked me to hold his coat, and I noticed it was a white leather Dior...
 Might have some luck posting here as well...
 Ah - vintage case - horse of a different color.  And I Googled style 4 to see what they were, and can understand your dilemma!  I've only got one vintage case, but it's for clip-on's so probably too small (and includes the clip-on's, so too expensive).
 With shipping, you might be better off just grabbing one for ~ $10 - $12 off eBay...most of the RB cases I see run around $5, plus shipping to you would be another few bucks.  For a few bucks more, you have your pick of styles & colors on eBay.
 Yay!  Was wondering when some of those ties would make it into the listings.  
New Posts  All Forums: