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Evening wear last night, island style, pre-fit pic: Shirt: Coast, thrifted. Pents: Sid Mashburn, thrifted. Belt: Dooney & Bourke, from @capnwes. Socks & underwear: none. Not pictured: Sperry canvas boat shoes, some shoe store.
Another store today, another Brioni blazer (slubby silk), and a pair of barely worn AE Park Ave's. Was going to swing by a consignment store that has a nice cashmere Brioni on sale for $125, but after finding 3 this week at thrift prices, not gonna bother with it. Now to decide whether to buy another suitcase and lug this shit home with me, or UPS it to myself...probably the latter.
I'm not going to lose my shit until / unless I start seeing some repeated negative repercussions from all this. Looking at snobswap.com and tradesy.com as alternative places to list stuff in addition to ebay, but I'll wait until ebay gives me a reason to leave before I do.As Hans mentioned a while back, hopefully no one is counting on ebay to the point they'd be hosed if they got suspended or banned entirely (I know some folks do, but they sell enough and have high enough...
Forgot about these guys I picked up today as well:
Day whatever of my thriftcation netted another Brioni Nomentano jacket (probably an orphan but I have a strict no Brioni left behind policy), 100% cashmere Jack Victor blazer, cashmere Borrelli tie, NWT vineyard vines tie, vintage Florsheim caiman croc shoes, some vintage leathers, and other stuff. One shop had a sweet ass vintage Schott flight jacket in a lighter brown than any I've seen - big signs everywhere claiming 50% off everything except jewelry (coat was priced...
Salvation Army store gave up a few things: two piece Paul Stuart suit, three piece Paul Stuart suit, and a Pringle for Selfridge's sweater (gotta be 100 cashmere but didn't find a content tag). Eh...been busy with friends so not much vacation thrifting.
Lower starting price on a desirable item will attract more views and bids. I hate reserve auctions as well and have never bid on one, even if the opening bid is 99 cents. I'd list as BIN for top dollar, ten days, then relist as BINOBO same price 10 more days and set the auto-accept/reject prices. With reserve you get yahoos bidding it up to find out the reserve price then cancelling their bids.
I think the bobble head is awesome. Used to go to the fronton in Tampa back in the day. Never fully understood the game but was fun to watch.
I had this on my snipe list, hoping it would sell for squat like the wimmins Kiton cashmere blazer I bought a few months ago, but it got bid up at the end:http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=351162162051&alt=web
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