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Oh snap you reminded me that I used to have a Handspring...and even learned some of the programming to make a few dumb apps. Lot of good that did me. But I could definitely use a cable modem upgrade - it's been like 4 years. Good idea. Now to figure out why my smartphone wifi says I have a very strong connection, but all the apps using wifi run incredibly slow to the point my phone will switch to 1 bar 4G signal in order to run at all.
Bold font and subtitles don't show up on mobile when scrolling thru the listings, so I don't see it to begin with. If I'm on a computer, they make no difference - I look at pics.Sales stats say that 50 to 60% of my sales are via mobile, and yours may be similar - if so, half the people may not even see any bolding or subtitles.
80 bucks for the best router money can buy?? I bought one of best home routers money could buy (at the time) in Dec and it was 200. CNET's top rated is 350.
I definitely would have asked for more pics and a description of the condition / any flaws etc...but was too lazy for the back-and-forth. Hope it's minty and that you score it!
Made an offer on this ladies Loro jacket and not gonna accept their $100 counter-offer; might be worth taking a flier on it if you can get more pics and a condition description, knowing you can get it for a hundo: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=222099328352&alt=web
...if it were me, one of the first things I would invest in is the time to call my ISP and find out why I am not getting the speeds I am paying for.  Could be an issue with the wiring or equipment outside / into your house that's slowing you down from the get-go.   One of the better upgrades I made recently was to a simultaneous dual-band (2.5 and 5ghz) Wireless-AC WiFi router.  Linksys EA6900 is the one I picked up.  But it's only useful if you have devices that are...
Norfolk...or maybe half? @capnwes
I'm switching to not taking returns (though even that means I still take returns, if someone wants to go the SNAD route somehow). Closing my ebay storefront, selling some BIN / BINOBOs here and there, and consign the rest.
No such username...
Some airlines are now monetizing the middle seat, and charging more for a window or aisle seat.
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