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Came home to $40 in coupons from Marshalls / TJX in my mailbox, so swung by and picked up some stuff, including a new belt for me...because apparently I'm on a belt kick as of late.   [[SPOILER]]
Couple meh things from Goodwill today:  [[SPOILER]]    These came in from Bae today:  [[SPOILER]]    And this women's stuff from an estate sale today.  It was the final day, so, 50% off.  There was a shit-ton of 100% cashmere but apparently the lady didn't like tags rubbing up against her neck because most of it was missing the brand tags.  Makes me wonder what they had on the 1st day (looked it up on estatesales.net and yeah they did have Chanel etc).  [[SPOILER]]
Estate sale this AM was aight...got there late cuz I had to swing by the auto dealership. .. hate to think of what I missed (heard whispers of Chanel but no such animal when I was there). Waffle House now....mmmmmmmmm.
Eff yeah!!
Probably hit a few today, fingers crossed for something nice.
    Lots of Isaia showing up lately...I can count on one dick the number of times I've found mainline Isaia.
 I see a few z-racks and some others that may work for you, on CL.
From Unionmade, yes?
 I've been working on a complex issue as well, and I think I have cracked it.  I have been trying to disprove the theory of relativity - spoilered below because it's rather complicated.  [[SPOILER]]
  I know I speak for many people when I congratulate you on getting your "v" fixed.   Here's a cool story, bro's:   [[SPOILER]]
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