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Better give it some mouses for the trip. I assume you've seen the Maru videos on the youtubes?Edit: you're not shipping a dead cat to someone, are you...?
I buy picture books alla time - photo, rugs, antiques, cars, design, art deco / nouveau, architecture, etc. That clan tartan book would be cool.
Read it, and all the replies...many of which said folks are selling most of their stuff elsewhere. What are the options these days? Etsy (and try to sneak it into either vintage or handmade)? You can't sell clothes etc on Amazon without a premier account or whatever which costs money. Grailed? Or maybe most of the comments are from sellers who don't hawk clothing etc...
Someone oughtta cop this Belstaff Circuitmaster leather jacket from Barneys main site, one left, size 38.  Originally $2895, on sale ~ 75% off at $719, free shipping, free returns.  Also on sale at the Belstaff site for $1158.  I damn near copped it for flipping, but I wimped out and bought something else instead.  ...the Belstaff is pretty badass tho:  [[SPOILER]]
 I had the same thing happen a while ago but forgot how to fix it...dug around yesterday when it happened again, saw that online - light bulb went off and I remembered.  Did it myself yesterday with no problems, and fixed the Chrome issues with lost redirect.
Definitely - compare & contrast - before chicharron:    [[SPOILER]]
Don't know Mac.I was experiencing it yesterday until I flushed the DNS. No problem since.
Re lost redirect:Delete browser cookies in Chrome. Close browser.Go to a command prompt.Type: ipconfig /flushdns...and press enter.Exit command prompt.Open browser and you should be good.
...but I don't know why one would, if shipping to the UK, Belgium, Sweden, etc is the same price; Japan and Australia the same, and so on. I flat-rate those as grouped chunks of the globe and don't do it separate any more than that.
I'm not sure you can do calculated shipping for international buyers - I have to set a flat rate for big chunks of the globe - i.e. Europe is one rate etc unless you really want to over-complicate how you list things each time. That said, flat rate is ok by me.I'll relist several times - no set number. Sometimes let things rest a while, change how I list them, save for the right season etc. If it's a nicer item but just not getting bids, send to Spoo and forget about...
New Posts  All Forums: