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rekoP oopS.
Hermès bag can't be real - they don't do back-and-forth stitching. Last I heard, Hermès store won't authenticate an item brought in, even if you have a store receipt. Go on ebay or CL and look at all the fake H buckles / belts, with the same fake paperwork and receipts - that's why.
 Looks a lot like the mac coat I have from them - different color, same pockets and buttons etc...tho mine's made in CA and has a liner, and yours made in Japan (nice!).  Link to mine for comparison.  Otherwise yeah I'd go with both technical and field, maybe utility.  I have another similar jacket from them with epaulets and it's called a tactical.
That's what I don't know. I never had to cancel a sale before, so I don't know if they can leave feedback or not. If not, I'll block in a heartbeat - really did everything I could and apologized 10 times.
Cripes....the guy whose order I had to cancel has messaged me 8 times since this afternoon, suggesting alternate ways to ship this thing.   FedEx (too expensive) DHL (don't do residential pickups) Make the box smaller (can't do) uship.com (too much $) ABF (too much $) OnTrac (don't serve my area) ...and a couple others I never heard of that don't serve my area or too spendy.    I've already cancelled and refunded the guy, so at this point there is no sale / no...
 Someone is selling a "Nicholas" Cage EZ SC on eBay.  Is that the one, with the name mis-spelled on the tag and in the listing?  Probably the same dude - Beverly Hills and all...
 I figure it's karma some something...not sure what, but I was a bad apple when I was a kid, so, karma.
Talk about an eBay sale gone wrong, and all (well, mostly) my fault... Kinda wordy: [[SPOILER]]
@capnwes so sorry to hear this.  You obviously gave her the best possible life, and will have tons of happy memories of her.  As an animal lover myself, my condolences.  
 "Everything."  Screen-shots / text files of everything.  The sale itself.  If it was an auction, their bid(s).  Your usps receipt and confirmation.  Any feedback they left.  The tracking #.  Whatever else you have communication-wise (i.e. if you send them a message saying "thank you blah blah your package will be shipped in such-and-such day). If you did everything right, and PayPal said "Your item sold - time to ship" they will cover it.  May take a bit of time for them...
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