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 Very cool - thanks for the info (and to the others who chimed in)!    Holy shit - that's pretty fast for home use!  Who do you have as a provider? Tested mine for yucks:  
@SpooPoker that's the most insane thing I've read on this forum to date!  Congrats!!     Swung by a GW since I was driving past it and all, even though I was just in there a couple days ago.  Few grabs:   Epicure M602 speakers.  Beasts - weight 60 lbs each.  Made from 1974-1976.  Often described as "an upgraded version of the Bose 901."                                                        
 Hellz no - haven't been back inside there since my rant about them a while back.
 Pickups from yesterday were a mix of thrift and resale shop (resale shop being priced well above thrift, but not NMLC / SoF or anything like that). Suit's not my size - headed out somewhere, eventually.  Loro jacket is my size, and contemplating keeping but probably let it go as well.
Resale shop. Well above thrift pricing but still worth the cop.
I interrupt your normally scheduled schwag, to say that this post needs your thumbs:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/480919/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread-part-ii-return-to-the-thunderdome/21330_30#post_8195868   ...all you gotta do is thumb.  Need 200 by 30 Nov.   Sorry to impose; back to it, gents!  
  I will donate $1 for every thumb, up to $200 for 200 thumbs, to the ASPCA.  Starting with THIS post / reply, which has zero to start with.  Thumb now through 23:59 ET 30 Nov 2015. Won't you please thumb? 
Wow - 27 thumbs in just a few hours - don't think I've ever gotten that many on anything!  Then again, I've never popped on a Tom Ford suit, nor a Loro Piana mainline jacket quite like that one.    Thanks guys!       To celebrate my good fortune, I went to the market and bought myself a 12 pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and some eclairs, and donated Thanksgiving dinners to two families of four at the fundraiser they were having.     Smiles, everyone!  
Yikes.  Just found the Loro coat I posted on the thrift brag thread - original retail is $2,925.  Not a 100% cashmere Horsey, but it'll do.  My size, too.  Internal struggle ensues [keep vs. sell].      What's retail on a fairly recent / current Tom Ford suit - like $6k +/-?  I've never shopped for one, but I know they ain't cheap.
Pimpin' ain't easy, bit it'll be a lot less difficult now that you have the right jacket.
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