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In short, yes. You take returns whether or not you take returns.
 Yes - at least - the Burberry's are.
Got a very nice Paul Stuart SC, windowpane plaid, butterfly lined, 70% silk 30% wool, tagged 44 Long semi-tall. No flaws. Noticed when taking measurements that the right shoulder is doubled padded compared to the left, so, a tough sell on ebay. On the outside chance that this would work for someone here, offered at cost ($12) plus shipping. PM for measurements and pics.
...and LuxoticThreads is an SF member...(snoogz)
 I had this happen and ended up canceling the sale and refunding the buyer...I couldn't get the address recognized when buying postage via eBay, and the buyer insisted it was correct and to just ship it to the address listed (which, of course, you can't do since eBay will say it's not recognized).  Buyer said he'd had several things shipped to him from eBay sellers, but the sellers had to hand-address it and ship at their local USPS in person.  It was a higher-priced item...
   Might not work...depends on what limits you have on your account.  Men's Shoes has a category limit, in which you're limited to selling a certain amount (money-wise and number of items listed).  See this page for more info, how to see what limits you have, and how to get limits raised.
Holy cow...just got back from a cookout and Braves game with family, who asked if I might help unload some stuff for them on eBay.  First thing was a bag of 90% silver Mercury dimes with $500 face value (5,000 dimes) - bag weighed like 20 pounds.  Unsearched, so might be some good ones in there.  Next was several rolls of silver dollars, appeared to be mint uncirculated.  Several ounce bars and one 10-oz bar.  Several bags of circulated loose silver coins.  Several US mint...
I shipped a framed pic via FedEx - they have a special box that "suspends" the picture inside by way of a plastic sleeve thingamabob. I think it was about $40 but depends on weight and destination.
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