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"...your stupid a** keyboards that probably aren't even mechanical..."   BURN on all of you browsing right now sitting on the terlet.
Thrift fit video.  
Yes. I had a full suit. Sold it for around 1500.
Some of the stuff is nice, other stuff - not my taste. If you go I'd look for labels on anything with a Greek Key motif - saw a few things...
ATL homies: I spy with my little eye...Versace shirts and more.   And check out that fireplace!  
The most frustrated cat in the world. Got his tweeners removed today; can't lick, can't scratch, hasn't figured out how to eat or drink yet.
Yep, and made my first sale via a local Facebook for sale group last week.
^^ that...is a nice f*****g jacket.
I've used Fabric Reweavers USA in Miami and was happy with their work. However, I had them work on cuts/holes on regular wool, and not moth holes/low spots, so no idea how that might turn out. Their minimum charge is $85 for one hole repair, which includes return shipping.There's another company also recommend on this forum but the name escapes me and I haven't used them.
Awesome- thank you!
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