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Pretty damn close! Bit loafers - you know the ones.
I'm still looking for some Cousin Eddie shoes. Loafers tho.
Interesting read re: ebay's Cassini search engine: http://www.ecommercebytes.com/cab/abu/y214/m01/abu0350/s02
 I don't see why not, if you cover the Regional markings with Priority stickers and do the measurements and weight when calculating shipping...hopefully I'm reading into this wrong and you're not really fretting over 38 cents, and instead just don't have any standard Priority boxes, but do have RRA boxes.
You mean tgent87...
Did USPS fix their shoe boxes yet? All the ones I have on hand have an appreciable gap where the flaps do not meet...
I have no idea who these bands are. Heavy to me is Pantera, Melvins, Tool, etc...for metal it's all old school - Maiden, Priest, Sabbath and so on. Guess I'm old...
 That's pretty sweet!  My sister did something like that when she was in nursing school - had to stay in a hospital for several days, stay in the bed 100% of the time, stay sitting upright, and receive injections into her spine every day.  She got like $5k for it - I'd rather turn tricks at the local truck stop, personally.
 Thanks for playing guys, and your chosen charities thank you as well!      
 Hope you get some mad cash!  I used CoinStar since my crummy bank doesn't have a coin machine...but took the gift certificate option so as not to be charged the fee by CoinStar.
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