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 Damn, that's nice! Don't think I ever posted this here - got it a few years ago.  I believe the faded writing on the tag says "FL 86" (above the "Lauren"), so, probably A/W 1986.  Not nearly as nice as eazye's find, but the only sample I've ever come across...    [[SPOILER]]
 Got off the phone with eBay, stated my case (mainly being the guy tried to return "due to size", I accepted, then they left a negative that mentioned size...and they had a pattern of leaving negs - 6 in the last month).  Took about 30 minutes but eBay rep stated the neg should be removed within 24 hrs.  Just checked and it's already gone - huzzah!  
Buyer left negative feedback on an item, saying it was fake (which it wasn't - real as real can get).  They had previously opened a return, which I accepted, then they closed the return for an unknown reason and kept the shirt.  And now today, the negative.  How can I go about getting this removed?   Chain of events:   Mar 15: Item sold: NWT Zegna shirt.   Mar 18: Return requested Reason: It's the wrong size or doesn't fit Comments: Smaller than the average Zegna...
Jeez...how many reach-arounds did that take? I've been on 2 or 3 times, months apart, single items. Which was of course an honor, but aside from Spoo and the guys who feature their own items, never seen that sort of rerecognition. Congrats!
 Only GC I've ever found was a pair of shoe trees...scoured the store for the shoes from whence they came, but no luck.  [[SPOILER]]
@Jompso I've been thru that part of LA. In a car. Alone. At night. While white. Was not made to feel welcome. Got lost and ended up there coming back from Long Beach, before realizing where I was and making a hasty departure.
If I ever saw anything like that at a thrift, I'd pounce on it.
 Picked up this velvet black light poster at a thrift a while back.  Just because.  [[SPOILER]]
Speaking of possible fakes on eBay, what's the deal with those cheap Loro Piana Storm System jackets, like these?
Just checked that Formosa suit...wow, that ...[Escaladed Quickly - hahaha!]  
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