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 Thanks for this!  Yeah, turns out the Liberty and Pointer overalls are just everyday stuff, nothing special.  Live & learn.   This was the first time I'd ever seen a Kors black tag nor made in Italy, so I grabbed it...nicely made item.  And I remembered how my super-rich ex-girlfriend and her friends would go on about his stuff back in the day, years before they diffused the heck out of it.  Not sure if it's vintage, or if there still is a mainline Kors.   I don't like...
Today.  All N/A until I figure out what I'm keeping...  [[SPOILER]]
A hole!
Helium tank and small balloons - I can ship a wool bridge jacket for 82 cents - it practically hovers over the scale. Ok not really, but a home scale and scheduled pickups (plus ebay shipping discounts) save tons of time and some money.
Since i won the pool on Spoo's Gucci jacket (wasn't i sposed to get a prize for that? maybe i imagined it!) - I'll toss a guess on the velcros at $117.59.
 "gloom of night", wasn't it?  It is, according to Laurie... 
 On the computer now - def Church's.  
Matty: on phone so pics are small but looks like Church's from here.
 Top is newest, yes.  Brown newer than blue, correct.
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