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 Thank you!!!   Edit: also seeing "bridge coat", so that helps too - thx!
Stuff I bought today...   [[SPOILER]]
Love that Kliban tshirt a few pages back. Is the cat singing the song about eating birdies (on my phone so can't see)...nibble on they tiny feet?
Cookies. Ebay still knows who I am (was) when logged out, unless I delete my cookies or log in using a different computer or a browser I've never used for eBay.
 I vote nay, unless it was a free shirt included when you bought some of their sport cologne or something.  Tag is too weird.
 I have relatives who insist on buying things and will never take no for an answer...so for them, I suggest a few things I replace often, or at least once a year.  Since it's your girl, she probably wants to get you something "statement", so I'd suggest the Barbour Golf umbrella from Orvis...unless you already have a nice full-size umbrella.If she's the cozy-up type, maybe the wicked good (moccasins, slippers, chukkas etc) from LL Bean (I get a new pair every year).A...
 That's one of those times I briefly contemplate doing something shady, like find the manager, slip them a couple bills to make it unsold and hide it in the back until I can pick it up...but I never do - tens of thousands of those have been sold over the years, you'll find yours and I'll find mine!  
   Thread has ruined me....I now recognize Finamore even though the blur is like Mister Magoo vision.  
  I don't wear tailored clothing, but have dealt with long-time businesses where the elder statesman was making way for his successor, and the transition was not an easy one for me, the customer.  This was in totally unrelated fields, but I found that having them both in front of me, both in front of the project, both working with me a couple times made a real difference.  The younger got a sense for exactly what I wanted and saw how the older was able to almost predict...
@jebarne just downloaded your .pdf - great write-up man - thank you very much!  
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