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SIGN.  Paging @SpooPoker
Nah i got a Juggalo thing tomorrow, and a Bronie thing on Sat. But enjoy!
 As would I...some Chanel in there too.  Probably gon be gud.
So LA CA bros, estate sale feat. lots of Emilio Pucci (appears to be all/mostly women's, but still...) and pinup / pulp.
I was like....fuuu...there better not be 1350 pics when I click on this thread.
I must have some old RRB boxes or something - the side-load ones I have only say for Domestic use, but my RRAs say Domestic and Intl.... In reality if you cover up whatever it says with priority or express stickers, there's no reason I can think of why the USPS would reject it, since it's based on weight & dimensions if it's not flat rate.
 Can't use RRB for international.  The big-timers who ship everywhere do usually go Express due to tracking, but it's more expensive.  I typically only ship to e-delcon countries thus using flat-rate boxes works for me, without paying extra for Express.  You will surely be able to fit a suit into Medium flat rate (boxes available at most PO's) unless it's a really thick wool or giant sized, and maybe can squeeze it into an RRA without it being over-stuffed.  You can use...
 Depends on what you're shipping.  I almost always go standard priority.  $28 for a shirt in the flat-rate padded mailer.  Ties, socks etc $22 small flat-rate box.  Blazer/sport coats (and maybe a suit if it fits and weight is low enough) $40 flat-rate box.  All of these have lower weight maximums than if shipping to the US in the same packaging.  I use the flat-rate shipping mainly because in most cases it prints the shipping label and customs form on one page and I can...
Seems that the online shop is closed down as of today...
Thank you (and @concealed)! Yes I have a Marshalls / TJX card I only use for those stores, only buying for resale, never anything for myself.
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