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LOL what are cats anyway?
That vintage Z28 speed racer jacket is baller.
I stopped getting timely emails this past Friday. They came thru eventually - like a day later. Minor hassle for me; big hassle for anyone who sells more I'm sure.
Mine are the solid black. They can't replicate the original zipper pull, which was a leather tab, but as long as they work I'm OK with that.
 Those are the ones I have - side zip rubber rain boots. Baltimora model. Brand new with both zipper pulls missing.  Didn't notice it until I got them home and were not returnable.  Brought them to a highly-regarded shoe & luggage repair shop (figured if anyone could do it, they could)...going to take a week, but the lady was 100% certain she could put new pulls on them, along with new stoppers top and bottom to keep it from happening again.  $30 total for the fix.  She...
Just lamenting the fact that I have an eBay store, and subscribe to this thread, yet struggle to have even 20 items for sale at any one time...then I look at Brian who has thousands.
Yesterday was errand day...haircut...dropped off some Ferragamo boots for zipper repairs...Rx glasses finally...New Samsung Galaxy S7 phone (it's so sweet).   Only grabbed this one ridiculous sweater - not sure which came first, "Snow Beach" or this "Ski Tropix", but definitely got an 80's vibe to it.      
Is that a kids Moncler? If so, IIRC everything matches the one I sold a while back, and was legit. Can't be 100% certain - pics kinda small.
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