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First thing I would do is look at his feedback left for others. If he has a pattern of leaving negs, that is ammo to get your neg removed (I had it happen to me on a legit item, buyer left more negs than pos, ebay removed my neg). But given he only has 8 fbs in return, might not be much he left for others. I'd also cease any communication via email and only communicate via ebay messages. As a rule, never communicate via email. Over and above that, someone else may have...
It's nice to be the king.
Well then problem solved. Feedback extortion. Deny the return / refund and call ebay if he starts anything.
 Yes, almost everything, and yes literally.  Watching that fricking YouTube channel, I've seen some surprising stuff from Supreme...in between watching Gary The Goat videos, that is.
ATL area bros, the gas shortage is definitely real. Saw several 24 hr stations closed, and smaller ones with gas had long lines...plus the price jumped to 2.99 gal for premium - i filled up last weekend and it was 2.35 IIRC. I think there's gonna be a real problem this week unless a shit ton of delivery trucks show up - they only just started working on the leaky pipeline.
$9.99 auctions, no reserve:   New Polo Ralph Lauren light brown roadster 1/2 zip 100% cotton sweater sz Medium   New AllSaints shadow plaid over-shirt shacket wool blend lamb leather trim Large   New Bills Khakis M1PS yellow white seersucker stripe walking shorts 34W trad ivy   Loro Piana peach classic pique cotton long sleeve polo shirt made in Italy Small   New Bills Khakis Parker aqua blue walking shorts 100%...
I have a J Press women's coat sized in cm, with Japanese tags. If that helps allay any worries.
 ...last thing I bought from them was listed as men's, and turned out to be women's...  Yours is prolly fine tho.
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