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I know that dude. He and I were good friends. Had a helluva speech impediment, but was always happy to share his merlot.
@impuntura ask @DWFII about elephant hide care.
10% off at shopwafflehouse.com with the code USA10 thru July 4th. Might have to get me some coffee mugs.
Creative Recreation...which I see a lot but usually made in Vietnam. Never seen any made in Italy. Selling for $40 and up, new, on ebay.
You'd be better off going to NMLC yourself and checking the clearance rack for the elusive tie that doesn't have snags or marks on it. They exist, but not in great quantity.
I've been to the bins in Portland and it was a fright. Not nearly as clean or organized as in that pic. It was pretty gross, but it's one of those things you have to check out once and be done with it.
No, they're mostly packed in a box that I never unpacked from the last time I moved.
 ...put me down for a stack of matchbooks if you swing that...  I have a small collection - mostly vintage Las Vegas - but I'm always down for new ones.
Hahaha! Kinda jelly since I havent found jack in a long time; finally get a good lead and it's nowhere near me. But shit son, that looks nice. Real nice! Was real curious what all the blazers were - saw some gorgeous patterns; guess I gotta wait til manana. Congrats!
 Excellent - glad it worked out for you!!  No way I could have gone, so you were the obvious StyFo picker delegate!  Awaiting pics. 
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