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 Yeesh.  Vote goes to Wes for the picking this round.  May the best man win...or, lose... or whatever the desired outcome is.
 Wanna see the one Wes had to list, that you thrifted for him.
New 10-day auctions just listed.      Amazing Maus & Hoffman multi-color candy stripe summer seersucker suit 44R 38W            Hickey Freeman "Beacon" 100% worsted wool gray blazer, size 40L, made in USA            New Vineyard Vines custom Alpha Omega Alpha AOA silk tie new w/ tag 3.5" x...
 Next time, just take half a hit.  You're trippin' hard ese. 
Mad props to @highvoltorb for the agreeable deal on these blue Bally shoes - I didn't purposefully match them to my pants.  These kicks are baller - perfect for my FL vacation in Sept.  Thanks chief!    
Optional roof rack...which is kinda dumb over the panoramic sun roof so I'll have to cram the trunk.
Picked this up today, partially thrift-funded. Because I'm worth it.
That rocks!
Big love for that coat, and the fit pic!
 Is there a point at which one is required to file quarterly tax returns & make payments?  I got into the selling semi-seriously in 2013, and had to pay taxes on sales as well as self-employment tax when I filed in April 2014...but I do not know if it's something I should do / need to do quarterly from now on.   Also, picked up some decent-looking wide-shoulder hangers for $1 each, free shipping on a pack of 25 from here.  I'll honestly be surprised if they hold together...
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