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Agreed. I've got a pile I haven't gotten to just because it can sit a while before Mr. Right comes along. The navy brass button blazers usually go at a decent clip in popular sizes.
New Kamakura Maker's light blue cotton dress shirt 15 1/2 x 34 1/2 made in Japan:         New Charles Tyrwhitt pink blue tattersall check Weekend shirt Med extra slim fit:        Arancrafts Ireland ivory chunky 100% wool fisherman's sweater Medium Aran Crafts:        Brooks Brothers Country Club lambswool holiday winter snowflake sweater sz Large:        New Folk Clothing UK men's ivory ecru and blue pindot stripe shirt size 3 /...
Canali 1934 current label houndstooth windowpane blazer, US 44R.        Daniel Cremieux by Isaia suit, Loro Piana super 160's wool, 48R 43W, made in Italy.       American Giant Classic cotton hoodie, size XL, made in USA.        Brooks Brothers limited edition Social Primer tailgate blazer, size 45R.       RRL regulation right-hand twill cotton utility / military chinos, size 36W x 32L.         More stuff here.
Mine seemed fine until a day or 2 ago. Before that, I'd get the ebay and paypal notifications at the same time, but lately paypal has lagged several hours behind.
My paypal notifications have been really slow - took about 18 hours to show up, even tho it showed as sold and paid in ebay. I haven't checked directly on paypal to see if the $ is actually there. I hope it is...
I need some cobalt or French blue chinos in 34w x 32l yo.
 Having had a go at numerous items with spots & stains, my average is about 75% success rate but getting better, and it would have paid off for this coat but for one stain that looked very weird.  I always use the "spit on my finger & rub / pick at it" to give me an idea of whether it might come out....then I think about how many times I do that in one thrift and it grosses me out - what sort of crap I must be putting in my mouth after the 3rd of 4th time.   Dice rolling:...
 Huzzah! +1. It's extremely tempting to buy something for the label and post the brag here...but if you're not gonna use it and it's not gonna sell, or not worth the time & effort to sell, then leave it.I had an awesome Willis & Geiger cotton duster coat in my cart at GW yesterday; upon inspection it had some spots that I wasn't sure would come out. Was not machine washable or dry cleanable, so I mustered every ounce of strength I had and put it back.
Brooks Brothers gray 100% wool duffle coat made in England, size XL.  Has a low area on the back of the left shoulder and one small spot within that area that is almost - but not quite yet - a hole.  You can see light coming through but still has criss-cross threads.Otherwise no issues that I can find after a thorough inspection.  $40 including shipping anywhere in the ConUS.    [[SPOILER]]
Congratulations Dalton!!
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