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Well under the 10% suggested "rule".  Awesome skate park, movie set, Walking Dead filming location, etc.  On 1600 riverfront acres.   https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/09/12/for-sale-5-billion-non-working-nuclear-power-plant-as-is/
That Turnbull & Asser is sweet...and pretty old, back when they were called "The" Turnbull and Asser (they dropped the "The" at some point - not sure when - but it was a while ago).
I've got a mind like a sieve.
Better check with @capnwes.
   Heh - the perennial garment rack discussion.   I've always been a "want it now" person so bought from BB&B, and they suited me fine insofar as weight and capacity.  Stamps is only open weekdays, though I have ordered other stuff from them.  BUT I see that Dawson Jones is now going to be open on Saturdays starting tomorrow!  I may have to haul my butt down there and check 'em out. Thx!
Weird how everything @impuntura finds is always at the end of the rack. Must be a real time saver.
 Excellent - thanks man!  I signed up for the 20% off single item coupons, using a couple different email addresses, but those take 24+ hours and it would only be for 2 items...and I think I'm getting 3 new racks, so the 20% off entire purchase is just the ticket.  Thanks again!!
 Oh no!  I had that happen twice, when my washer leaked - luckily it wasn't a lot of water and I caught it quick both times.  Ended up giving it away and buying a new set.  Yours sounds a lot worse, having to rip out the carpet and all.  Ugh...sorry mang! 
Thanks to @classicthrifter for posting the link over on the brag thread - I had no idea about the quarterly $25 shipping supplies credit.  Here's the "main" link (I set an Outlook reminder to check it quarterly):  http://www.sd.ebay.com/subscriberdiscounts/ Picked up some 16" x 12" x 8" boxes, which seem ideal for hats (instead of having to ship USPS flat rate large box), boots, etc.   Then I went downstairs to check on something and found this:     ...guess I know...
Mort Kunstler! Hope you can get ahold of him - he still owes me $7 and I want my money.
New Posts  All Forums: