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If that's true, then my tax guy has been telling me the wrong info...he told me I can only write off the resale value, as in, what Goodwill would resell it for.
Aye, sent yesterday.
When you go to his shop and meet him in person, you can see what he really looks like. Here's a pic:
 Awesome bike, man!   Here's mine from a couple years ago - 1973 CB350 G (only year for the "G" - front disc brake).  About 9700 miles.  
@txwoodworker pretty sure that arcteryx is the Livewire jacket - had a few over the years. Can't find it on Google, but it's several seasons back so no surprise.
Reminds me of my ex-girlfriend.
Estate sale was 75% off today, and everything here was $1 or less per item.             The BB in this pic is patchwork madras - never saw one before today:                  Printed 1971:   
All of that!
I buy from Lowe's (they have double thick boxes for good prices), but UHaul has more variety for picture boxes etc.
 The more I drink, the more sense you make!  Thanks boss!
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