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    I disagree.  Whether or not you take returns, you DO take returns.  Luckily for Tom Pepper, the buyer is asking to return based on size, and not a SNAD case.  If you don't take returns, you still take returns if it's a SNAD...and a buyer can tailor their return request to meet the requirements in order to return.  In this case, Tom is OK insofar as eBay goes in not accepting the return.   That said, I state "returns only due to not as described" and to check size and...
Maas Brothers...jeez - that's a name I hadn't heard since leaving FL like 25 years ago.
 It probably had a coat of clear lacquer on it at some point - some or all might have chipped off and the exposed areas began to tarnish, and the lacquer itself will turn colors.  I'd strip the lacquer with acetone (nail polish remover will do) and rub the buckle down with super-duper-fine abrasive while still wet with the solvent, then rinse & dry, and polish the bare brass with Brasso, then re-lacquer it if desired.  Remove the buckle from the belt first if at all possible.
IIRC, one of the Shopify newsletters featured several sites for royalty-free non-watermarked images geared towards online store use.
Zero feedback seller probably thinks ebay and paypal fees only apply to sale price.
Grrr.  Called the estate sale I went to on Friday morning, to see if any of the McIntosh equipment is still there (most of it is, thus will be there tomorrow for half off day), but they said none of the A/V equipment is part of the 50% off.  Best they could do is 10% off if I bought 2 or more components.  Given it's already priced around market rate, not going to bother. So some pics instead (one of the cabinets has 2 non-McIntosh items; the rest is all Mc, with wood...
 Since I have a basic store with 150 free BIN's and don't list that many, and usually get offers for more freebie listings, I just end mine a few days before I go and relist when I return.  If I had hundreds or thousands of items, I'd go with the vacation settings (store required); otherwise change the handling time and add a message to all of them.  That's if I'm going on a real vacation - if it's just a long weekend, I don't bother ending/changing.
I was there in early April and didn't have much luck. The newer Goodwill boutique shop did turn up a Zegna Couture shirt, and I grabbed some everyday SC's and a few other things, but it was not worth my time in the end...even if I just wanted to kill some daylight I wouldn't do it again, but I think one or 2 other folks here had better luck.
If Eames, one billion percent a thing. If a knockoff, still could be.
I think PTO had something about this a while back...The True Cost of Your Affordable Wardrobe.  In theaters and on-demand today.
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