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No etiquette or rules - walls of pics encouraged. Callahan = Tommy Boy. Easy peasy!
Two estate sales were a total bust - got nuthin'.  Had a lot of errands to run so only one thrift stop:        First Oxxford Crest label I've found:        I never hit pants.  Will in the future:                      Almost sure new without tags - rear vents and pockets still basted shut, zero evidence of wear:          FU polyester for the FUn of it:                                ...
Georgia shoppers don't forget - this weekend is the back-to-school tax holiday. Nearly all clothing, shoes, accessories like ties etc are tax-exempt (unless an individual item is over $100). Thrift store purchases included! Same for computers etc $1k or less per item.
Did not kop.
It was kinda funny - I bought 10 bottles, came home and they sold in like 15 minutes, so I ran back out and tore thru every CVS, Walgreens and grocery store in a 10 mile radius. It was like a treasure hunt.
Off to USPS to ship a box your way (along with the $ I owe you from that bet). Deposit the last 2 checks you sent me. Hit an estate sale and a thrift or two. Typical Saturday.
The recall was for a particular lot # with a specific expiration date, but the manufacturer decided to recall all of the products. Some stores in my area were slow to pull it from the shelves and I bought all that I could find. Resale was about 5x retail at worst, 10x at best. But it was only a 1-day window before it was gone from every store.I thought about that a few years ago when the remote-controlled flying fish and shark were supposed to be the hot thing; found a...
Maybe a recall? I sold a metric ton of Pepcid during that recall for a ginormous profit.
From the land of sky blue waters (waters)!
@capnwes I've only found a couple things from Triminghams and they've all been pretty cool, but nothing as baller as that jacket! @Nobleprofessor I'm always on the lookout for nice unique vintage low-brow beer stuff (Pabst, Schlitz, etc), but looks like that sale was all hard stuff and maybe spendy. Massive collection tho!
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