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Feliz cumpleanos Herr und Frau HansderHund.
Yes, you remember correctly!
 I've had a few LBM 1911, and all of them have been unlined (save for inside the sleeves), unstructured, natural shoulder.  The last two I picked up:  [[SPOILER]]     NMLC and Saks Off Fifth around here are typically overflowing with snagged Charvet's in their clearance sections.
Always a great cause!! As an aside, I'm trying to give $200 to the ASPCA. All you need to do is thumb a post. No ads etc - I'm not trying to sell anything. Just thumb a post, and for every thumb I'll donate $1 to the ASPCA - up to 200 thumbs / 200 bucks. Only have 114 thumbs so far - need 86 more by 11/30. Link: http://www.styleforum.net/t/480919/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread-part-ii-return-to-the-thunderdome/21330_30#post_8195868 Sorry for the...
I say tux...smoking jacket usually longer and maybe belted...but I'd include the term smoking jacket if I were putting it on ebay. And brocade.
Clark Howard updates the best phone plans on his site with some regularity.
Better get used to being asked a million times if you'd consider selling the trunks...even with NFS tags on them. A shop I go to uses a few as props and I ask every time.
 ...or check out Fabric Reweavers USA.  They did an absolutely amazing (and invisible) job fixing a small slash in a Hackett suit for me.  As J to the Ompso said, depends on the damage...and the fabric / pattern / weave plays into how well it can be rewoven, but I wouldn't leave an upper end item behind if it had some relatively minor damage and was a cheap cop.
 The cool thing about belt-drive turntables is it's easy to listen to all those records that have backmasking.  Hail Santa!
 Halfway there with 101 thumbs.  Hope to get 99 more!! Feel free to post elsewhere on SF - I barged onto the LuxeSwap forum and posted there (sorry @SpooPoker) but i don't hang out on other threads very much...  Link to original post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/480919/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread-part-ii-return-to-the-thunderdome/21330_30#post_8195868
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