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Some surprises in there like the Guess Jeans striped tees, and some ultra rare Polo stuff I'd only heard about but never seen. Enlightening on the Polo Sport and Hilfiger as well.
Hermes doesn't do authentications, unless they changed their policy.
Forgot who posted the link to the Round Two YouTube channel, but thanks - I've been watching them when work slows down...great primer for anyone (like me) who is not totally up on SW&D, "is this is XXX I'm looking for", etc.  Still mostly lost on sneakers - I suspect one has to have been into them for years, and know from memory what's what.
Oh my God. So sorry to read this, Mike. My thoughts are with you your wife.
When it happened to me, I uploaded screen shots of EVERYTHING. Original sale, order details, tracking info, shipping info, PayPal payment info, etc. Every damn thing. PayPal covered it.
USPS parcel (or whatever they call it now). I don't really shop around - I just bring it over there and pay what they tell me.
Who doesn't keep their apps in alphabetical order?! Is that an iPhone thing?
New Ralph Lauren Black Label shawl lapel tuxedo jacket, size 40R.   Black 100% wool tuxedo / formal / dinner jacket from Ralph Lauren Black Label. Anthony fit. Made in Italy. Single button front. Unvented. Shawl lapel. Two waist pockets and one chest pocket. Two interior pockets. Fully lined. Fully canvassed. Modern / fitted cut. Includes original packet of thread & spare buttons.   New with tags.  Never worn, altered or dry cleaned.  First quality with no...
(tm) (R) (c)I'll take my percentage off the top, plus points on the back-end, and renegotiate when the film is optioned...starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
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