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 If you have to choose between the two, I say keep the wife. 
 Nope - I lived there for about 7 years before moving here (Atlanta area) a few years ago.  I used the OR Department of Employment once, about 8 years ago...nice to know they keep all my personal info online long after I stopped using them and moved cross-country.  
And the hits just keep on comin'!  Got a letter today that my info was part of this security breach.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.
Church's for Alan McAfee blucher shoes, made in England, UK 9C US 10C nice cond. 28d 8h left $114.00 Buy It Now Free Shipping   New Jack Spade burgundy crewneck sweatshirt XL medium-weight cotton NWT $145 28d 8h left $51.00 Buy It Now Free Shipping   New RRL Ralph Lauren Double RL gingham check Western snap shirt Small NWT $185 28d 8h left $66.00 Buy It Now Free Shipping   New RRL Ralph Lauren Double RL plaid workwear...
  I would have bet money that you already had one of these:    ...so I had one of those "thrift dreams" y'all talk about sometimes.  In this dream, I scored a giant box full of new Brioni, Burberry Prorsum, Cucinelli etc shirts, cashmere sweaters and outerwear, and while in the store I inspected them all and they were mint / NWT....but when I got them home somehow they were all children's clothing.  Same brands etc, but I failed to notice they were tiny in the store.  But...
 "Will do - too small for me"  -Shoeluv
Couple favorite non-clothing items picked up.   [[SPOILER]]
 Not very many have sold for more than $200, and if you'd be happy with your return on investment and haven't gotten any better offers...
 Weren't those EG ties great, man?  If I wore ties I'd have bought them all (I think they had 1 left of each).  
 I may go back to FireFox, as I don't recall having this issue when I used that browser (see above - @dukedishin apparently has the same issue that I do - if you have it, you know what I mean)...
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