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 Naw, it's easy - I walk into my local thrifts and ask them to bring me all their Tom Ford, Isaia, vintage Ray-Ban, Barbera (etc - I recite a very long list), then I sit on the leather club couches and have the cutest workers model the items and make my decisions.    In reality, I DID carry a printed list with me when I first started out - my mind was flooded with Brioni Borrelli Barbera Barbra Burberry Boglioli BBBF Balmain Balenciaga Barbour Bijan &c....  But it's an...
  Bad-ass, like Neo the Sailorman.  
I do not want a scarf like Lenny Kravitz's.  So if you have one, please do not PM me.  Thanks.   
 Argh.  Well that blows.  EDIT: does eBay refund via their own buyer protection program (eBay pays the refund), or via the seller's PayPal account (I pay the refund)?  All my returns have been buyers purchasing the wrong size, and while it might sting to accept them (I had a $400 return come in today, which chapped my heinie), it would hurt a lot more if there were a case opened and I lost.  
 How is that possible?  I thought the buyer had to return the item in order to get a refund.  I've never refused a return since it's easier to just do it, block, move on...so if I did fight one and eBay sided with the buyer, eBay would refund the buyer (presumably via my PayPal account) whether the item was returned or not?
Sartoria Partenopea.  
Did not kop due to cops.    
Sartoria Partenopea for Tincati Milano handmade suit.  42R.     [[SPOILER]]
 Cool - sounds like you got a good batch.  I'm bidding on a similar thing from the same seller now - hope it turns out likewise.   My shouts to @SpooPoker for the package - gonna put 'em to good use! 
 Last weekend was the first in a LONG time I didn't hit a single thrift.  Maybe all the Oxxford's came out that day and I missed them....oh well.  You're right - can't complain!
New Posts  All Forums: