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We used to get them in the back yard when I lived in Clearwater. At least one little dog in the neighborhood went missing that I knew of.
 1) It exists and I have taken it - saved a bunch on cabs, but if you're going a short distance might be better served hailing a cab.  I've taken the SDX between the airport and downtown (I always stay downtown) - otherwise cab fare is like $50, or shuttles take forever because they stop at every hotel on the strip first before hitting downtown.  Depends on where you are staying, where you are going, how much time you have and how much you want to spend on transit.  The...
Don't bust your coccyx on that new deck. I hopped on one after a long hiatus and nearly made a eunuch of myself. #oldman
 I set mine to fire off at 6:30pm ET, per post #1 of this thread.  If anyone else did as well, I'm sure there will be more showing up in the next 30 mins +/-.
  Make sure to try a Peanut Coke when y'all blow into town. 
He's that smooth.He always ends with a swirl, too.
I learned stick on a test drive. Friend came with me who knew how to drive stick and he drove the car off the lot. Went around the corner and we switched places - got about 30 minutes of lessons and had the basics down. Hardest to learn was keeping it in the sweet spot when stopped pointed uphill, but that'll be somewhat different on every car so you pretty much have to figure it out on each car.
Agreed - that tag does look fucky (or it's new and I haven't seen it yet). But the other one - CiPa - looks like others I've had and they were legit.
Kiton looks legit - Ciro Paone line.
 The only logical response:  
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