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You don't have access to some simple text editor that will globally replace semicolons with commas? I do stuff like that all the time at work, and assuming you didn't use semicolons in the title etc it should be an easy task, since a csv file is still an ASCII file until it's imported into something else.
I was a buyer at $99, not 85% higher. Straddling the "buying and selling on ebay" thread with this one...I've never told a buyer I need almost double what they paid, nor have I had ebay inexplicably double discount something on me.
 Reading reviews outside of eBay - if you leave them a neg feedback and it violates eBay TOS, it gets removed.  If it's within eBay TOS, they offer you a refund in exchange for you to remove it - buyer replies that they will remove negative in exchange for a refund - buyer gets dinged for feedback extortion and feedback is removed.  Consignors cannot leave feedback for them, but again - off ebay reviews are not pleasant.  OTOH, most folks take the time to leave reviews...
  I'm a 44.  I bought it. And just got this message: << NEW message from: oxbloodfinery (6,596)   Hello there and thank you for your purchase! Unfortunately eBay double discounted this item (we ran two consecutive 65% off sales and eBay didn't put this item back to full price after the first sale). The lowest we can take for this is $185 since that's what we paid for it. If you don't want it for that, I totally understand and will refund you asap. We're...
Reviews from consignors and customers alike:https://lindas-stuff.pissedconsumer.com
 I switched to 100% no returns over a year ago and never looked back.  I still get return requests infrequently, but I'm not a power seller...if the buyer is decent about it and simply doesn't like the fit/drape and will pay return shipping etc, I usually take the return.  None of them have been SNAD - just something I did out of courtesy. As has been stated, even if you don't take returns, you still take returns. I don't go far as to say "all sales are final", since that...
Thanks for the heads-up, but school nights are typically no-go for me.Haven't fun!
 I won't buy anything from her that is beige, white, tan, etc - any lighter color.  100% of those items came with spots / smudges / dirt.  All returned, refunds received.  [[SPOILER]]
 I'd say half Norfolk but defer to @capnwes on that.
 Yup, that's how it works. If I buy something for $250, $300 or more, I work from home so I'm fine without having to sign for something since I'll almost always be here when it's delivered. If you pay $250+ for something, and USPS leaves it on your porch for anyone who goes by to see (or out in the rain/snow) - would you rather schlep to the post office to get the item?  Or have it show as delivered but if it goes missing you're SOL because I will win the case 100% of the...
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