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 The "made by England" is a little weird though - thought it said "made in England"...sorry, no idea on that one.
 I like #12 - the black with the red borders...but changed to matte black instead of glossy, with a nice card stock.  Somehow it just pops when scrolling thru without scrutinizing each design / color combo - that one caught my eye.  FWIW...
 Dammit.  Racking my brain - I found a suit that had text like that inside the front pant pockets but didn't buy it because the pants were ruined...and it was a label I normally would have picked up otherwise.  Argh.  Was only a couple days ago, but I did some orphan hunting that day (don't usually) and my brain is full of mud.  If it comes to me I'll reply again.  Is there no tag anywhere with the RN #, at least?  Or, a tag inside one of the pants back pockets?
  New RRL Ralph Lauren Double RL plaid workwear shirt size Large 100% cotton NWT     New RRL Ralph Lauren Double RL gingham check snap front Western shirt Small NWT     New RRL Ralph Lauren Double RL plaid workwear shirt size XL 100% cotton NWT     New Gant Rugger blackwatch shawl collar tux shawler jacket, US 36, working cuffs     New Jack Spade burgundy crewneck sweatshirt XL medium-weight 100% cotton NWT  
 Damn.  You are hardcore, popping them back yourself.  Ice, for the fingers, and the Jack.  Repeat until no fucks are given.
NWT Brioni cashmere is still a pretty big deal in my book - great find!
Are we talking about the TV series only, or...?  Because from the TV series I could swear at least one nemesis (and maybe his/her henchman) were also inside.  But if you Google this crap, and eyeball Wikipedia (which is of course 100% accurate because it's on the internet, and so am I, thus also 100% accurate), you get stuff like:   << The location of the cave is known not only to Batman, but to several of his allies. In addition to the so-called "Batman Family",...
 Spoo = Batman.Mrs. Spoo = "Robin".The dog = Alfred, I assume.The Spooncess, not old enough to keep secrets yet, no access granted.
New Gant Rugger "The Gingham" single button shawl collar (tux shawler) blackwatch blazer.  Dual vent, working cuffs.  Wool blend.  Partially lined.  Unstructured / natural shoulders.  New with tags.  Euro 46 / US 36.   Available - also posted on the Unofficial buy/sell/trade/want thread.   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: