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Whoa that's really  nifty. Great post.
Tees - Threadless, Desigual or randoms from travels Jeans - Levis  Sneakers - Onitsuka Tiger and Puma (love the football campaign and the new Bolt one).  Shoes - Randoms online, cos this store specializes in shoes and they got really cool stuff thats otherwise hard to find when it comes to shoes in Singapore Shades - Ray Bans Leather jacket - unbranded Sporty Shirts - Official sports jerseys -- Canterbury for All Blacks, Liverpool etc. 
In my experience, even girls with distinct styles tend to change their looks over time. I think it's pretty cool, they explore with different things. I don't mind girls with makeup but not layered on. Can't say the same for the average guy at clubs tho, they do seem to like the most plastic/tacky of girls. Emma Watson looks great there, but I do think those kinds of clothes can look drab on a girl who isn't as pretty.    I like girls in dresses or jeans and top....
Uniqlo just made it to my country recently. There was so much hype. After walking in there a couple of times, I think it was overrated... 
I found a ninja turtle coin purse from my childhood the other day. Shaped like a tiny backpack and has a keychain on the end. Used it everyday at school. Easily the best thing I own. 
Fan of the uber-girly lychee martinis but they are spectacular enough for me to push on through. Jager Meister for crazy nights out. Beer was excellent when I tried out physical labour by working on a farm. Totally understood the need to settle down after work with a beer or two with some mates.
Oh. I thought this was about shirts with sleeves folded up. My ex-gf was crazy about that. Seriously. i don't know what it is with women, but she seemed to be intoxicated when sleeves were folded up. The same shirt worn right, nothing. Fold it up and she's putty in your hands. 
That barking up the wrong tree blog looks good. I'm gonna have to start checking in on that.   I quite like the articles by Luke Leitch on the fashion telegraph. And this one post was funny but I don't follow it or anything. 
Didn't realise socks could be so sexy.     I was very tickled by a blog semi-mocking rich people. This post is about how rich people wear fancy expensive shoes but no socks because they are showing off that they are so rich, they can just ruin their shoes with sweaty glands, toss it and buy new ones.   Would you go risque and bare some skin? It seems to work for girls... Joking, don't hurt me.   Have a read guys, the other posts are just as funny :)  
Whoops that dbl posted. Where is the delete button! 
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