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Well it's slightly complicated by the fact that AE has weird sizing. I'm a 9 in AE, but a 9.5 in Dacks - and I wear 9.5US or 10 (43 eu) in most other shoes, including runners.
The Matthew Dack shoes use US sizing. F width is regular width.
The Canada Goose are good for a very specific thing, which is very cold, very dry conditions (since they don't use waterproof fabrics) . The Constable is one of their lighter coats, so I'm not surprised that the Norrona is warmer. They "know cold", but the cold they know is dry cold - of the kind we have in Yellowknife. Not much good for anywhere where it could get damp - including Toronto, where they're made.
Thanks for the info - wound up going with the CG Westmount purely for warmth. Too bad, I really like the look of the Norrona!
 I'd be interested in knowing more about the Norrona 29 parka if anyone has one.  How warm/puffy is it?  Would it be suitable for -30 to -40 weather (I live in Yellowknife)?  Also, is it full-length (i.e. knee-length)?  I am wavering between it and a Canada Goose Westmount.
In case anyone is wondering about the new Dack's being sold online (at matthewdack.com), I just picked up a pair - the Harrison in "dark leaf".  They seem to be quite well made.  I have noticed that, on the inside, they are marked "Harrison 73/F" - Possibly an indication that they are made on a 73 last.  They appear to be identical in shape to my Last 73 Churchs.  BTW Matthew Dack is having a sale on right now, in case anyone is interested.
  I have a pair of Neos - They are pretty good, but when I first got them there was a rough bit of nylon on the inside which wound up damaging my shoes.  So check them carefully if you get them, and maybe use a bit of sandpaper to smooth out any sharp parts.  The insulated ones are fleece-lined and shouldn't have this problem. http://www.overshoe.com/Pages/Product.aspx?category=Non-Insulated&cat=HLS-OVERSHOE&pid=VIS1   The other brand popular here is Acton.  A bit more...
In case anyone is still curious, I recently sent my PB Shannons in for the Church's repair service, and specifically asked them to something (if they could) about a couple of scuffs that had gone through the binder.  They didn't do anything, and they also didn't do a very good job with repairing the linings either.  That's the last time I blow £90 + shipping on their service...   I was wondering though (maybe Nick V could answer) - Is there some kind of dye that...
Hate to break it to you, but a better LSAT score won't necessarily get you into a T14 school, let alone get you a free ride.  LSAT is only one part of the equation. You also will need excellent undergrad grades, and preferably a CV that explains how you singlehandedly discovered the Higgs boson while breastfeeding orphan puppies.   That said, you can do well at a lower rung school, as long as you are good at making connections and go to school where you want to live/work....
Good point about skate shoes - I walk around all day in them on the weekends, but they're not the greatest for long distances, especially if you're carrying a backpack. As for outdoor shoes, this should give you an idea - on this page, i think the scarpa mojito and manhattan, as well as the Keen Arcata and Coronado are pretty nice- http://www.mec.ca/AST/ShopMEC/Footwear/OutdoorLifestyle/Mens.jsp.  Even though a rubber soled leather shoe may sound heavy, they are actually...
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