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I got a suit from Jos A Bank (this jacket and matching pants, in case anyone's interested: http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_362522) As I was trying it on at home and thinking about how I wanted it tailored, I noticed one shoulder was misshapen. Upon examination by feeling the inside of the jacket, I found part of the shoulder pad had folded over. It's the part on the back part of the shoulder, behind the seam at the top.   I was able to...
The poplin shirts (and many other shirts) are on sale and I like the look of them, but in the store they tended to be wrinkled and looked like they needed ironing. Can they be worn without ironing, if they're hung up immediately after drying? One of the reviews says you can do this, but I'm skeptical.
I went to a J Crew store and tried on the Ludlow suit jackets since they didn't have the blazer. They seemed to fit well, with just enough room in the midsection. Which is higher quality (construction, longevity etc) between the Jos A Banks (I'd probably go with the Traveler tailored fit) or the J Crew?
The J Crew Ludlow looks like it might be too narrow in the midsection for me.
Is there anything better than the Jos A Banks, that's easy to find without hunting on eBay, classifieds, or rare sales?
I'm looking to buy my first blazer. I would be wearing it casually with khakis or possibly jeans more often than with dress pants.   I was thinking of buying the Jos. A Banks Signature model for $238: http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_357191   although that has gold buttons. I would want to change those to something less flashy and that would add to the expense. Also I was considering the Traveler tailored...
I'm having a lot of trouble finding casual buttoned sport shirts to wear untucked with jeans or chinos. I'm trying to update my casual wardrobe from wearing tshirts all the time. I need shirts that meet the following criteria:   -don't need ironing (non-iron cotton or just regular cotton in a weave that doesn't need ironing) -cut short so I can wear untucked -reasonably priced, not more than around $50 each   I want to wear them untucked because I have a bit...
I'm also wondering about the Malvern. I'm normally a 10.5. My feet are about 10.25 inches long. I have an opportunity to buy a pair of new suede Malverns in size 10. Will that work? With cheaper chukkas people tend to say to buy them smaller than your normal size. And how well will the suede hold up if it occasionally gets a little rain on it?   Also, I'm considering buying this used burgundy split-toe. I think it's an Ashton. Does it look worth buying? Will those...
Has anybody tried the Factory jeans or flannel shirts? Are they decent for the price?   And how often are the 30% sales? I was in the middle of shopping when the latest one ended. Now this stuff is more than I wanted to spend.
How much do the Madras shirts shrink? I'm actually talking about a regular LE madras, not from the Canvas line, but I don't think it's worth starting a separate thread.   I went into a store and tried on the madras shirts. I normally wear a medium shirt, but these were very big. The M was too big, and the S was fine. Are these cut big because they're going to shrink a bunch?   And do they require ironing?
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