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Rudals, that's what he wants, pic from the bottom side.  
Great photo Crat!
EG Gresham, my only pair in black.  
 All look like Crispins, but those boxes made me doubt.
Very nice EGs, CrackedCrab!
Not really. But I love yours instead.
   Love your both days! Keep on posting.
  Etude in gray tones! I was in brown mood today, now don't like how the socks looks on a iphone pic , nothing close IRLBTW who was asking about ios7 pictures? It's really blurry, can't solve this.
Traditional comparison shots   E888 UK9,5 and E82 UK10 - longer and wider, more space everywhere than in 888 which are still  tight after many wears. Maybe because of brogueing?     D202 UK9,5 and E82 UK10 -it's longer, but same width at a ball as 202, although the 202 is more generous overall.  
You didn't baby your Galways Crat!  Have a new aquisition from a fleebay. My only black boots, but I can't stay away from a 232 euro deal for the NIB boots.EG for Ed Meier, black calf Gresham on 82 last, single rubber sole. Size is UK10E and compared to my usual UK9,5E these are not snug fromthe beginning, should keep this size for 888 and 82 lasts.   [[SPOILER]]   Applied some shoe love to the heels and toes. Can do better, but let it be like this till the better days.   
New Posts  All Forums: