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Sorry, by this discussion we are highjacking the Carmina-p0rn thread. Actually this has already been discussed in GG appreciation thread in 2011  - differences between the seamless wholecut and simple wholecut (with a closing seam)This one doesn't have a closing seam:http://www.styleforum.net/t/236162/gaziano-girling-appreciation-shoo-porn-theard/615#post_4661614  [[SPOILER]]   And there are many other samples of shoes described as a wholecut derby = single piece of...
Don't have SC on riva last, but can tell about classic last. UK9,5E in 341 = UK9,5F in classic
 Wow, I love your Bontonis justin!  Classy and dressy, stichy :)
 Thanks,no, this is Forest last  Thank you mac!
 Lucky you.  Great look again! My marlows do not close as well: 
Raining today.   Carmina and gray flannels
 As usual stitches, love it.How do you get your lace tabs so closed, going +1 in width?   Very comfy look mcarthur! Your shoes are shining as always.  The colors makes it looks great!
Happy birthday?
  Mac, love your cigars!  CC, your nst looks good with jeans. I have same boots in different make-up (JGilbert) and love the nst on plaza.
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