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Justin, your bontonis are great. Do you know if Bontoni have the names for their lasts? What last is those monks on the last photo?  Can't find relevant information on their site.
Nice EGs jhcam, I was wearing Galways today, forgot to make a pic.
 Happy Birthday, nice shoes!
 Same happened to me before and he was able to redirect the parcel on it's way. Just tell him he has to.
Shannons looks good with these pants! Brecons in water, snow and mud.
Happy Birthday justin, excellent outfit!
Good combo with loafers Justin, Mac - really love both recent combos. Stitchy and Cleav - great shoes!
Thanks again, this knowledge is exactly what you can expect from a shoemaker. What leather would you advise if I prefer lightly structured leather like impala - hatch grain or raindeer comes to my mind, both hardly available by Maftei.
Many thanks. For sure I'll discuss this with shoemaker, just want independent opinion. Actually I was impressed by impala shoes in the nutcracker's thread. But if calf is better then i'll stick to calf. Luk-cha, may I ask you to post a pic of your impala leather shooz?
I'm thinking about next bespoke project, now a seamless wholecut with or without medallion. What do you guys think about impala leather for a wholecut? I was impressed by the structure of it, what about durability, maintenance? Or I better stick to calf?
New Posts  All Forums: