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Galway time, well done! Nice rugged Grensons, cleav.   I'm wearing fully fur lined Santonis today, freaking cold.  
What boots are these junior? Did you protect these from snow somehow?   Was wearing alden's nst last sunday  
 Love the cigars mac! very laconic, appooh! Simple and nice.  Same to you upr_crust, just little more colors :) My rugged Galways (hard day to them).
Justin, your bontonis are great. Do you know if Bontoni have the names for their lasts? What last is those monks on the last photo?  Can't find relevant information on their site.
Nice EGs jhcam, I was wearing Galways today, forgot to make a pic.
 Happy Birthday, nice shoes!
 Same happened to me before and he was able to redirect the parcel on it's way. Just tell him he has to.
Shannons looks good with these pants! Brecons in water, snow and mud.
Happy Birthday justin, excellent outfit!
Good combo with loafers Justin, Mac - really love both recent combos. Stitchy and Cleav - great shoes!
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