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 Shearling lined Galways are  damned cold  not warm enough for walking in a temperature below -5 Celsius. I have it and would advise you to go for anything full shearling lined, not only on shaft.
Wow, this is great, stitchy!
Thanks, this helps. With the warm insole it could be good for winter. My Galways are lined only on shafts and are damned cold like ordinary (non-lined) boots.
Shouldaville can you make a pics inside the shoe? 
Boots-boots-boots! Sound like an old song. Junior, what are these?   Nice egs DpprDr!
Should we ask for our normal UK size or we should size up for the fur?
Mid-march is disgusting, 3 month? even bespoke from Maftei will be ready in 8 weeks. Anyway, I'm in for the normal dark brown. Should I already send email or let's wait for the consensus?
Actually I didn't, UK9,5 is my normal size. The Rain chukkas is smaller than I usually wear, but fits better than in UK9,5 (I've tried both sizes in a Hamburg shop before buying). 
 Check my comparison of Soller UK9,5 (nst) vs. Rain UK9   
I could be interested, actually I love these boots, but want different color - like burgundy or dark brown, like you said. Storm welt, speed hooks, grain/hatch/llama leather - this is a must, but commando or ridgeway are both good. No dainite for winter please.   One question - the fur lining is everywhere like on the Bonafe chukkas or only on the shaft like on the Galways?
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