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 that's really strange, if I need to choose I would say opposite. Just look on the heels of Galways and these shoes  
 yes. would love it. Proxy anybody? 
Have you seen there the Chambord II shoes?  Would pay for proxy....
 These are not C&J but EG for Holland and Holland, forgot the name though.
 Already did, and already thought there are not enough participants. Glad to know we have 6!Waiting for the invoice.
 If you are ready to pay 1000 pounds then just ask Vass or Maftei for the boots you want, it will cost you less. Although don't know how much they charge for the shearling and veldtschoen.
 Depends how long are you going to stay outside at -10, if just walking for 10 minutes or brushing the snow off the car it's warm enough, if you want to stay on a stadium and look for the sport event for example, better take uggs or other fur boots. I have a fur lined Santonis that are warm enough to walk 10 min at -20, but not comfortable at -5..0.I also got the shaft shearling Galways that are warm enough till -5, just like any other not lined boots, useless boots for...
Last brown truck delivery?
 Shearling lined Galways are  damned cold  not warm enough for walking in a temperature below -5 Celsius. I have it and would advise you to go for anything full shearling lined, not only on shaft.
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