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  No, I also think it would look good, but I'll get Alden #8 versison soon (from J.Gilbert).
  Would participate in this MTO as well. The stock model doesnt impreesd me at all. Also would love the same choko suede as these LeatherSoul Aldens.   PS If I only could buy these aldens...
  Is the store in the Gaudi house or nearby?
  Fully agree with above, I have the same experience.
  I love this combo, deets?
Nice combo mcarthur!
Love the new leather! BTW, what last are these DM on at the 3rd picture? Chiseled but too wide for U.
Great shine on your monks mcarthur, and I love the color combo, although here both combo are nice.
upr_crust - love the combo.   macarthur - very nice cigar nst! You have the greatest split toe collection over here.   Justin, I love your single monks and chestnut bontonis, very different and both very nice! The patina on the monks are superb.
I like ravello more, but both are nice mcarthur!   PS Isn't it too warm for the wool socks?
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