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Cross-post from Austro-Hungarian thread Seamless wholecuts from Maftei (Alexandro), full bespoke.      [[SPOILER]]
Have got my seamless wholecuts from Maftei (Alexandro), really pleased with the result.      [[SPOILER]] Quick pic on the feet, haven't wear them really. 
 I did for my shearling Galways, and yes, it darkens the leather. But no fear of water stains and salt anymore. Also used tarrago nano protector for the shaft suede The pic taken right after the applying of snoseal (not a thin layer, but 2 applications with fan). Afterwards they lighten a bit, but are still darker than initial. 
Crat, this is cool!
 Very nice DpprDr! I was wearing Carmina NST today
Don't have experience with this vendor, but all european shops taking off the VAT when shipping abroad, the % varies from country to country.
I've asked about UK10 only, you should contact tassels directly.
   Already gone Alternatively they have an Epsom in Black/Slate/Grey Suede Tri-color on 40% off from HKD 10,500. something like this for 800USD + shipping 
Great pic, Crat (as usual although), and what a shine!
 Thanks, received and paid.Merry Christmas and New Year!
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