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Just received Carmina GMTO winter boots, thanks guys from the Skoaktiebolaget. Anybody else got his pair? Want to know opinion, cause having troubles to express mine. I would say Carmina did their job on 3+ from 5 possible and that's why: First impression was good. Really love the leather on the vamps and toes, the color, the welt.The fur is strange, my teddy bear 40 years ago had the same. Better than on Gallways, much worse than on Santonis. Hope it's warm. Then noticed...
 Tell me more about this "usual 2-3 months delivery time" Patrick. Waiting for the fur boots since december.
Hi Patrick, any news about gmto Carmina winter boots? What went wrong with it?
Hi NAMOR, thanks, mine are doing well  similar to Jakezero's pair, but only 2 eyelets+6 speedhooks instead of 4x4 on his pair and mine has 270 grad goyser. 
Yeah, looks too red - thanks to applephone' camera 
 I'm interested as well, not as if I want to wear them this season, but anyway...
Maftei wholecuts  
Thanks folks, appreciate your opinion!
Thanks laufer, seamless wholecuts are Maftei speciality, so you should go for these!   yes, I specially asked for Thomas heels because already got it on the another pair. It kinda works as an arch support I believe, at least it feels like this. And again yes, I asked for the full wood pegged sole, but for the opposite reason - because I never had it before  I also opted for the elongated last, bevelled waist, medallion, three-nails heel design and six eyelets.   I...
Hello Patrick, can you give an update on the GMTO for Carmina shearling boots? I remember they were planned to ship end of March, are we in time?
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