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  Also, anyone know the width of RLBL peak lapels?
I received my BL suit in the mail yesterday, August 22. I have not yet steamed the suit, nor do I have a friend on hand to take legitimate photos. When I have both, I will post photos. In the meantime, I'll note my initial comments.   BL REVIEW PART 1:   Timing:   I placed the order on in the evening on August 7, and I requested a full canvas upgrade. So turnaround time was 15 days for a fully canvassed suit, which according to BL requires extra time to...
  Canvassing is only in a jacket. So the up-charge is going to be the same.
  When did you order the suit? Have you compared the measurements you input to those of the actual garment?   I ask because I was about to order the a suit and I am starting to be concerned with the growing number of poor reviews I see here.
  Can you comment on why the suits needed to be remade? I may be misreading your post, but on the one hand you spoke of remaking suits, and on the other you said the fit should be near-perfect.
I went with Black Lapel because of the half canvas and full canvas construction. Perceiving all other things to be equal, this was the tie-breaker for me. I really like a few of the Reda fabrics offered by Indochino in their Vincero line, but for $600+ I am weary of their "hybrid" construction method.
I placed an order today (8/7/12) for a fully canvassed Charcoal 2-piece suit. To have the suit fully canvassed cost an additional $200, and requires an extra week or so to make. The standard construct/delivery time is approximated at 3 weeks, so I hope mine arrives in 4-5. When it arrives, I will follow up with more information and photos.
  Why'd you have it remade?   And can you comment on how low/high the arm-holes are? 
  No. I said they were indistinguishable. Put another way, I'm saying the feel of the Vincero was similar to the Super 110s from Black Lapel. Again, this was only a comparison of cloth, not construction...and it was certainly not an expert's opinion.
I received sample swatches in the mail a few days ago from Black Lapel. I requested swatches for the Solid Cool Grey, Solid Charcoal, and Solid Navy Blue suits. The cloth seems quite superb.   Compared to the Indochino Essential Suits, the standard Black Lapel offerings had a much smoother texture, slightly lighter feel, and an ever so slightly greater sheen. Black Lapel clearly has the superior fabric here.   Compared to the Indochino Vincero Suits, however, the...
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