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  I wasn't trying to argue, but I wanted to be clear about why the belt is made the way it is.  Frankly, I may not be able to ever make the belt look good on a suit and still do its job.  If a more classic looking buckle would change the whole look of the belt, then maybe.   I will look over some of the lines mentioned here, and see what I can do.
  Thanks for the link - that Paul Stuart belt is really sharp.  The AE Belt is really just a strip of leather with a buckle.  Not what my niche is after, but if I could sell them for $69, I would have a great margin!
    I am using a high grade Vegetable Tanned Leather from Wickett & Craig.  The belt has a high sheen on it (not gloss though), but I usually try to tone that down on photos, since the glare wipes out the detail in the photos.  It isn't a bridle type leather, as it is too soft for what the belt is meant for.    I will check out the offerings from Mismo and Saddler's Union to see what I can absorb.  I am not sure that I have ever seen a hidden stitch, but will look into...
Nothing against Equus (I have emailed him several times and he has been more than helpful in answering questions), but I actually like the look of my belt better (as compared to the Equus Lined and Raised Belt).  I guess I just don't have the right eye, and I am certainly not going to change my design to something I am not happy with.    The stitching is a requirement of the design (2 Piece with a lining), and the Chicago Screws are required to allow changing of the...
Can you post a picture of the type of buckle that would appeal to you?    I actually get a lot of orders for just the buckle, and personally, I like it.  Maybe not ideal, but it is made in the US and not some cheap import.   I am looking at having buckles made, that have a more slender profile and would look more appropriate with a suit.
Buckles are the toughest part.  The one pictured is a Titanium Buckle I have made, but it is really hard to find nice buckles.  The large companies have them made by the thousands (in China) and designed to their specs, but it isn't always feasible for little shops.    Western and/or flashy isn't my style, so I don't think you will see any of those on one of my belts.
Hi,   My name is John Ralston, and I make custom leather (and I am new to the forum).  This isn't any type of sales pitch (I am so backed up right now I can't even see straight) - I would just like my product to look as good as it can and would like your input.   This belt isn't really intended for a suit - although some gentlemen from certain 3 letter govt. agencies do wear them with their suits.  I don't think it would look "Wrong" with a suit, but I am hoping...
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