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This is impossible to answer. The same product works differently on different people. But I like these MD Formulations glycolic facial cleanser MD Formulations continuous renewal serum DDF sulfur clay mask DDF lightweight moisturizing dew
Brand synergy, yo!
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I feel that with the slightly larger hem and sloppy stacks, you take away from the sandals which look kinda cool sometimes. I can't even really see the sandals and it just looks like you're barefoot in a way. I think a smaller hem (not april 77 joey tiny) in a softer material like wool, cotton, or a linen would allow the stacks to sit a little more elegant and compliment the sandals more. I guess i can't word my...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug epic- I don't think those pants work with the sandals at all. I like what i've seen of them elsewhere, but feel you could do them better. Elaborate plz.
It's probably just the way I'm standing on the edge of my bathtub :P They're size 41. I usually wear size 40.
Dammit, the cumin note from Angeliques SLP is getting to me (still). I hate it.
Rick Owens XS parka and Dior 19cm size 26. Pics when I get them.
^Yup, that's exactly right. Oh man, I want some banh bao and thit kho like right now.
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