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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I proxied a Mr. Olive G-Type Sweat jacket from the Rakuten Store "FamilyStone". Incidently, Rakuten, yes, the company Rakuten Ichiban (so, the entire Rakuten network), will soon be an affiliate, and I believe that they will be offering us discounted proxy services for those stores that are not set up to ship internationally. There will be an official rep who will guide Styleforumites (who are mostly non-Japanese...
This is impossible to answer. The same product works differently on different people. But I like these MD Formulations glycolic facial cleanser MD Formulations continuous renewal serum DDF sulfur clay mask DDF lightweight moisturizing dew
Brand synergy, yo!
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I feel that with the slightly larger hem and sloppy stacks, you take away from the sandals which look kinda cool sometimes. I can't even really see the sandals and it just looks like you're barefoot in a way. I think a smaller hem (not april 77 joey tiny) in a softer material like wool, cotton, or a linen would allow the stacks to sit a little more elegant and compliment the sandals more. I guess i can't word my...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug epic- I don't think those pants work with the sandals at all. I like what i've seen of them elsewhere, but feel you could do them better. Elaborate plz.
It's probably just the way I'm standing on the edge of my bathtub :P They're size 41. I usually wear size 40.
Dammit, the cumin note from Angeliques SLP is getting to me (still). I hate it.
Rick Owens XS parka and Dior 19cm size 26. Pics when I get them.
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