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Linda Farrow x Raf Simons
Quote: Originally Posted by braidkid meh, cap'n jazz were better. No.
Yah, bro.
Depends. For lighter scents like CdG Odeur 53 or Series 4 Citrico, I literally drench my pulse points with the stuff. For louder scents like Costume National Scent Intense, 1 spray to the chest & 1 spray to the neck.
Yeah, I tend to be.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I know I'll probably catch some shit for saying this, but I don't get all the "for men" lines and stuff. I've used baxters of Cali, and also jack black, and art of shaving. None of them seemed to work very well. Then, I forgot my stuff one weekend going to Lish's apartment and just used her regular girlie stuff. It worked much better for my skin, so since then I've just been buying the girlie facial stuff. ...
25 in two weeks and I still look underage, but I get carded less often than braidkid.
^not teeth, just gums and only for a day or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle If you are into a musical culture, then it would be, but if you are just like "hey i listen to so and so" then I don't see how... When I was going to at the minimum 4 shows a month compared to now where it is more like a max of 1 show every 2 months, I obviously was dressed more /w the culture... Agreed. When I was booking shows/going to 2-3 a week + having the majority of my friends from the...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I proxied a Mr. Olive G-Type Sweat jacket from the Rakuten Store "FamilyStone". Incidently, Rakuten, yes, the company Rakuten Ichiban (so, the entire Rakuten network), will soon be an affiliate, and I believe that they will be offering us discounted proxy services for those stores that are not set up to ship internationally. There will be an official rep who will guide Styleforumites (who are mostly non-Japanese...
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