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Send me free Raf stuffs plz.
Quote: Originally Posted by braidkid ^ I'll "settle" for those jil shoes. filippa k coat TaT suit mytailor shirt tie from amazon or ebay, can't remember ndc Lern 2 iron.
Alex McQueen mainline suit: $1850 a/t -> $1000 a/t
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC w/o me? Maybe next time Quote: Originally Posted by WhoKnewI Sexy. Totally Epic, what bag are you wearing? Thanks. It's just a camera bag...Domke J-3.
Quote: Originally Posted by antsonysf Size 7's are like unicorns. If you find it buy it right away. or someone else with a small foot will buy it the second you put it down. Just my experience selling shoes. Hmmm...I find shoes size 7/40 on sale all the time. Jackets/shirts in XS and jeans/pants in 44 on the other hand...
You get a error message before you commit to buy if you exceeded your limit.
^it's 12 per account. SwedishFish: I had one that was canceled because they said the order had been refunded. I emailed customer service and it took 2-3 emails, but they eventually fixed it. If your transactions are valid on both eBay & Paypal, don't worry.
Heh, I bought a bunch of cameras, lenses, a printer, 13"x19" photo paper, and ink. Should tide me over for a few months
I maxed out my 12 transactions. Damn.
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