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Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Pics please! Go back a page, the first 2 pics are veggie dye. I would post fit pics of those, but (1) they fit exactly the same as the synths and (2) I fucking broke my $400 flash !!
They're the new unisex (labeled as women's) model, Mary.
I love these jeans.
They are, just that guys sizes in 28 seem to be low stock. And by the "slim" of your username, I thought you might be looking for small sizes.
Their new women's cut jeans (standard yoke) fit very similar to Dior MIJ 19cm and go down to size 24.
BOoo.. OBGY-WAYWN would've been better.
I went there yesterday. It was amazing. $80 for any pair of S&S, including the expensive natural indigo. Today noon-10pm. Kitty corner from Goods on Pike & Boren.
Dammit! People are buying all the small sizes of S2A before I get a chance to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 Really, that's probably too harsh. But it just seemed so tailor-made for a macro, that I couldn't resist. Anyways, by way of introduction, kitonbrioni is our resident elusive Texan(?) academic Doctor-Who enigma, who posts only pictures of his vast, exotically skinned shoes and kiton/brioni clothes. He even has kiton jeans, IIRC. Yeah I already clicked the link, and it was fucking stupid....
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