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....because I'm trying to be a badass?
I highly recommend the raw black new standards. They are 10x nicer than the indigo version.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorian Ah, that does explain it. So must one wash them for them to begin to soften? Or does it just take a lot longer. Why are they starched, anyway? You can do a soak to remove the starch, but they wear off naturally over time too. They're starched because it helps with the creasing for the honeycombs/whiskers.
Eh, I guess I'll just buy it and worry later. At this price + 25% off, I can't really go wrong. :P Fabric looks awesome.
What's the quality and sizing of this stuff like? Are their blazers, jackets, coats generally very slim?
Yes, raw APCs are starched.
I've seen a few people w/ Nudies in Seattle. One person actually stopped and commented on my Diors. I saw a bunch of Nudies in Vancouver, BC. Probably 10 or so people at the mall.
Sold thanks.
Sorry dude, it was a 2-day sale only.
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