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Wait...what's $108 at UO?
They sold out of the whites when I got my blacks (in July). I doubt they still have any left.
Here are a bunch of mine. I have 2 more pairs, but they're MIA at the moment. Dior MIJ 21cm sz 27 S2A wax coated sz 29 (waist taken in, yet measures 30") Skull 5010XX grey sz 28 Sling & Stones Mary natural indigo sz 26 Sling & Stones Mary synthetic indigo sz 26 APC NS Black sz 25
Surface to Air made some that were non-stretch and super skinny.
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 I did order smalls. Lots of them. What about extra smalls?!
Wow. That's so awesome.
What about Business Ninja? Yeah, dressing like this is pretty fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by staedler can you give us a rundown please? brands and such? Edit: chrono's got it. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 all these discount codes are killing me anyone know why that surface to air bomber is a whopping 497? while the seemingly same bomber jacket (although in much less universal blue and red colors) is more than a hundred bucks less on active and oak? would they really charge that much more for a different color? The red & blue bombers are cotton whereas the black one is "heavy wool" according to the S2A...
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