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Wait...when did you go back to Neighbours? I thought you guys went to some Belltown joint. Baltic Room is nice, but it's pretty small and doesn't pick up until pretty late.
I take it back. I don't we can help you here. Try HonestForum.
Don't listen to the douchebags...just stick around. You'll be a raw converter in a few months. are the measurements finally. Jacket: Chest 19" Shoulder 17" Sleve 25.5 Length along back 29" Pants: Waist 16.75" Front rise 9.75" Hips 11.5" Knee 9" Leg opening 7.5" Inseam 33" (although you can let out about another 1" or so) Note: the pants have the tags attached, jacket has tags but they were cut off (arrived that way). Both items are 100% wool with 100% cupro lining, and both are Made in Japan. I'm going to the DMV now, but I'll take more pictures...
Surface to Air Gucci Engineered Garments Ferragamo
BTW, nice plug for your website.
Yeah...I just can't get to it right now.
I got this suit and it's way too big on me. Before sending it back for store credit, I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in getting it for much cheaper than currently available (asking SOLD shipped within US). PM or email Measurements when I get home from work. Pics courtesy of Hejfina (click to go to product page).
Why the HELL did they use that guy as a model?!!!!
There is no good way to tell what size AA shirts you should get because they all differ, even in the same cut & color. AA quality control = shit.
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