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Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus What kind of jeans are those? I like how the fit makes more of an upside-down U rather than a /\\. Why are they like that? They're Dior 21cm slouched pretty low.
Lots of interest, but no serious buyers soooo priced lowered. Now asking SOLD shipped for both!! Sending it back for store credit in 3 days.
That's got nothing on 'gay porn karaoke' at the Eagle. I haven't been there though...yet.
Other notes: jacket is fused and has no shoulder pads. I need to sell this by the end of next week or else it's going back for store credit. Thanks for the interest so far.
D&G...maybe. Lanvin, fuck no.
Yeah I live like 1.5 blocks away. Stumbling home is fun.
I sorta like/don't like Neighbours. On the one hand, cover is cheap most of the time (esp Thurs for 80s night). On the other hand, the people there really fucking suck at dancing and it's being overrun by straight people nowadays. :P
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I dunno, I suppose I'm just not much of a "club" guy. I like sitting down and drinking, I don't much care for dancing, and I like being able to hear and be heard over the music. Have you been to Stumbling Monk?
I ran into Trevor (SuFu) at Hot Mamas pizza on the way back home too. They went to see Shonen Knife @ Chop Suey.
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