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Reborn is overpriced (but have nice pictures). I paid less than half that.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Well, if my word isn't enough, here's an overwhelmingly positive review from Ken Rockwell on the 18-55 nikon kit lens: http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/1855.htm I personally think the D40x is fine - a great deal in fact, just knowing what I know and having experience with the D80, its worth the extra money to me. http://www.bahneman.com/liem/blog/ar...Rockwell_Facts
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I don't know. Surface to Air calls it a bomber jacket. Complain to them. http://www.reborn.ws/shop/surfacetoairparis/safw07007/
Jacket is heavy wool. Hood is Puma for BMW Sauber F1 sample, found thrifting.
Quote: Originally Posted by randomtw how thick is the jacket and the hoodie? Jacket is fairly thick, hoody fairly thin.
cbusguy, you look like someone I know. Weird.
Does the dry coated indigo fade to lightish blue?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus What kind of jeans are those? I like how the fit makes more of an upside-down U rather than a /\\. Why are they like that? They're Dior 21cm slouched pretty low.
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