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Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso I am so glad that I suggested a contest on page 1 or 2. Seeing you all demean yourselves for Justin (and his clothes) has been really amusing. And this is just the public shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 this is what i would do. You can't tecktonik you way out of situations. God knows I've tried.
And only it.
Just get Diors from Diabro for $208.
He looks like Randy Harrison.
Quote: Originally Posted by braidkid You don't have the right camera or paparazzi lenz. But I do...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Yeah, I keep forgetting you're about as funny as your PM'd invitation to personally walk with me down to Bataan. Nigga please.
whodini still bitter about emoticon swastika? LOL
Eason nudes, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx got something in the mail today, 40% private sale starting Nov. 12th for a week????/ Today was men's only.
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