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These pants don't look right:
Do Jil suits come in size 34? I definitely want one of those suits.
Agreed on the suit. This outfit is tops too, minus the clunky shoes:
n(n) jeans are on sale right now. They didn't have the black stretch jeans in my size, but they said the raw blacks were $180.
chrono - I overdyed my grey Skulls 5010XX black and it turned out awesome. Very matte looking. Pics tomorrow in natural light.
From SuFu's ugliest jeans in the world thread:
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock the knit is the best part! where to KOP? On sale @ Bloomingdales for $100....ssshhh it's energie.
I know you guyz love goth ninjas so...
Yes, XS. I'm glad I didn't hold out for the next markdown then!
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I like JLinden and TE's uses of the photography vest in each of their pictures. Thanks. I like that it has a sword holder on the back.
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