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Psshh...12 yo Glenlivet is so...boring.
At Au Pied de Cochon. Taragon Bison Tongue Duck in a Can Going back on Tuesday for more.
Who's the guy on the left? -->
I want to eat at Toque! but they're closed until Jan 8 Off to Pied de Cochon tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField - budget - likes/dislikes I don't really have a budget, but I'm typically not a big spender when I'm traveling except for a few key things. Likes: Good beer (dieu du ciel), good food (au pied), old buildings, people and things to photograph, small boutiques, music Dislikes: Clubs, douchebags, tourists, most touristy shit
I'm going there next week for 10 days. What are some 'normal' things to do?
I've heard great things about TwinLab Daily capsules.
I paid $114 to replace the shoulder pads, take in the back/chest, shorten the sleeves, take in the waist, taper and hem the legs on my suit. The work was excellent--it just took a while (about 3 weeks) to complete. Highly recommend Northwest Tailors & Cleaners in Seattle for those in the area.
I'll post more tomorrow.
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