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^I was surprised when everyone showed up on Saturday.
Running into sociopathic ex's. Well, more annoyed than pissed off, but yeah...
I'm down for BBQ.
^false they had Stella & Hoegaarden, but those are barely Belgian. And I have to meet a friend for lunch, otherwise I'd post pics!
Here's a quick recap: Braidkid & I had lunch and then headed downtown for some shopping ($40 Dior & BoO ties @ Barneys!). We then met up with Socal and wanted to find gay shit (which Socal heard as "geishas"). I remembered reading somewhere that the Seattle Center is having some type of pride event so we walked all the way over there only to find kids and their parents and no geishas. It's actually today...oops. So we grabbed a few drinks at Spitfire in Belltown, after...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I had no idea Matt Lawrence (guy on the left) posted on SF. Crazy! He doesn't (it's my roommate). Quote: Looks like you guys had fun. No pics of later in the night, you know, back in the hotel room? That's for us only. I'll throw my pix up in a bit.
^shut the fuck up. Today's been a blast. More to come...
Just meet at Chapel. Broadway is not even crowded right now, which is surprising.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Jeez, maybe we should all just meet at Barneys. This would work.
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB Ask Eason AND totallyepic. Bitch, I do not have deep v-neck.
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