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Quote: Originally Posted by bach got it, i accept the fact that the RL polo isn't the greatest, but it fits ok and the point is, i really don't have many good tops or else i would have worn something different. based on my picture, what type of t-shirts/ polos do you think would fit well and look good? I'll be a good top.
^this dude is fucking gangsta.
Yup, my waist is small too (27").
Quote: Originally Posted by wutang4life would pics b possible? My SLR batteries are dead and I can't find my charger.
It's too boxy.
I have that hoodie. The material/cut is nice but I hate how the bottom hem has no elastic so the hoodie looks very rectangular.
I didn't. I sized up 1 if anything. They're 27 and I'd prob be best with a 26.
Polo: Backhand Jeans: Dior 21cm Belt: Rather not say Shoes: Lanvin
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC There are few who can withstand the Socal Rape Whistle. It was too much for pink A&F polo dude.
Socal, it's been fun. Come back for more geishas soon.
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