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Quote: Originally Posted by celery Just out of curiosity SoCal, how come your blocked out your face this time? Pic is a repost.
Yes, I agree
I do. I do!
Umm...this happens every time a new gadget comes out. The page was made to look like he was actually selling an iPhone, but with a disclaimer stating "this is for an email address only, not a phone". Just like those people who sell empty XBox boxes, etc.
First one, by far.
Quote: Originally Posted by hustlenflo22 Shirt's ill, what's HG? Hysteric Glamour
^get this:
We have carbonated water at work that are flavored with fruit oils. No calories, artificial sweeteners, etc. Good substitute for soda, and less boring than regular water. This:
Ew. A pidgeon just landed on my window sill. I would've mauled it with my carbon fiber tripod had it flown inside my bedroom.
Quote: Originally Posted by bach got it, i accept the fact that the RL polo isn't the greatest, but it fits ok and the point is, i really don't have many good tops or else i would have worn something different. based on my picture, what type of t-shirts/ polos do you think would fit well and look good? I'll be a good top.
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