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I kopped dem Lavinz.
I never had him as a professor, but have heard great things from those who did.
I look sweet w/ my gear.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Perhaps this was more "appropriate" for yesterday; but I'm wearing it today: Dries van Noten shirt Dior Homme 19cm Helmut Lang belt Paul May black suede shoes English Edwardian era sterling watch-chain with gold Frodsham pocket-watch 1940s Eversharp gold fountain pen. This looks cool minus the chain.
Dsquared x Diesel x A|X x Energie
Yes, there was obviously post-processing done on that photo.
Sliqs are the suck.
I love long conversations on the phone about nothing. Not too many people do it anymore.
Robert Geller.
Pizza in Seattle is crazy expensive, like $18-22 for a large at regular joints, or $14-16 for a small at upscale places. I miss the East Coast for its $8 large cheese pizzas.
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