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^You should try better beers. We had some Russian River Damnation the other day. This is the first time I've spotted Russian River in Seattle. It was a tasty interpretation of a Belgian golden ale, with a slightly sour finish.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geno Malkin Yeah well there's a difference between liking to and being required to because you can't get laid otherwise. Nigga you jealous.
Buy IR film and IR filter.
Lucky find: last pair @ 66% off.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug What about american apparel? Their shirts are about $60 or something and they always advertise that everything is made in LA at non-slave wages (although, some might consider minimum wage that). I haven't actually laid hands on them so i don't know about the fit and quality. Knowing AA the quality is probably passable but not great. I heard they don't fit as slim as other AA stuff though so maybe size...
Those Uniqlo shirts fit like shit. Way too boxy.
I'd probably buy 5/$100, if you're gonna have XS.
I can't stand to look through the clusterfuck that is Nordstrom Rack.
This is where Socal chimes in about the de-pants incident.
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