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I liked Brussels.
^lolspam Pull barcode scanning would be neat:
^that happen to you a lot? I hate bad smells: nasty breath, cheap perfume, etc.
I don't like Rosetta Stone. It's too easy to "cheat" and skip through the lesson really fast by memorizing sounds to pictures. I find the old school audio-only Pimsleur works best for me.
Have you guys tried Jubilation XXV?
I think Orval tasted like nail polish.
Lol, pho factory? I think I'm going to order some banh xeo today.
Well, that and their clothes are terrible.
Pre-ordered the Canon 5D Mark II.
L'Artisan Parfumeur "Tea for Two" today, and every day this fall probably. Mmmm honey, tea, and tobacco.
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