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Firstly, sorry for the epic fail of color balance. I am shooting in JPEG and editing in Linux, so all the RAW photo tools are not available to me. 1. Engineered Garments Photographer's Vest - XS SOLD 2. Nom de Guerre Walking Jacket S/S 07 - S $90 (retailed for $375) There's a small rip on the right side pocket at the bottom seam, and the top seam needs to be re-stitched. I imagine this costing no more than $20 at a reputable tailor and so I've reduced the price. 3....
So expensive
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 I am the smallest here . 5'1, 110 pounds, around 30" chest, 28" waist It's weird though, I eat as much as possible and make sure I keep preservative shit to a minimum. I don't work out at all either, so I should be bigger (fatter) than I am. Meh. I will be going to a gym, when I can afford it, right now I can't even afford a good diet so I don't want to stress my body out. You're fat. I weigh the...
Quote: Originally Posted by galenpriv I'm pretty sure Macys and Nordstrom have (or had) them as well online. Nordstrom has them on sale for $50 right now.
Club Monaco has selvage raw jeans (blue/black) for ~$70 on sale. They are Made in USA.
Be nice to your Hermes SA, and be rewarded with lots of free samples!
Quote: Originally Posted by dbtbandit67 epic: are all of those items for you, or are some of those items a gift? i can't make out what that is on the lower left of the picture. Yes, they are all for me. The lower left is the travel set (4 x 15 ml) from the Hermessence line (boutique exclusive fragrances by Jean-Claude Ellena). Along with that, the SA gave me 8 x 4 ml samples from the rest of the line and one extra. That's pretty nice, since...
Bought a bottle of Un Jardin apres la Mousson at Hermes upon first smell. It is great, another keeper from JCE.
It was great. I am STILL full even though I only ate half that duck dish. Tomorrow, I'm going to try eating a lighter fare so I have room for dessert.
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