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Margiela 60% mohair / 40% wool navy suit. I'm boring.
Skulls sold & price reductions on the two remaining items.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 It's just PR strategy. It's part of his image and why he got elected. He relates to the "average" American and advisors tell him exactly what to do and where to go. They probably planned this little trip months in advance. Yeah, it's kind of annoying.
More pics of Skulls, as requested.
Updated w/ pics for those asking.
Bought at Blackbird. Have the box and everything, almost like new. Pics tomorrow. These: Asking $175 shipped.
Shoulder = 16" Chest = 19" Back length (from bottom of collar) = 23.5"
Skulls are Waist = 14.5" Thigh = 10.25" Hem = 6.75" A77 are Waist = 15" Thigh = 9.75" Hem = 6"
Shoulders = 13.5" Chest (at the bottom of the sleeve hole) = 18.5" Back (from bottom of collar) = 24" It's also on hold right now for someone on Sufu until tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar sad that multitouch is licenced to Apple!! I haven't tried it, but apparently you can jail break your G1 to use multitouch. Basically, the hardware is there, but it's disabled in software due to the patents.
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