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I think just linen and hemp this season - the last time Alessio did a nice cotton was back in the days of the double notched hook blazer - I'm referring to the FW12 model in a lovely weave with an extemely dry hand, not the following spring's jersey. Seems he's a bit more invested in the povera these days...  
Layer-0 ss15        
in my experience trying on several models, yes.
The shoes are essentially bespoke, as in handmade. Cost is close to 2k to Maurizio - given retail markup...figure it out.If he makes $500 a pair I'd be surprised. 
No. I have found the one piece derby on the smaller end of tts - I'm usually a 42 and take a 43 in these - has a bit to do with the toebox shape.
The only Guidi lace ankle* boots are the 994 and 017 (both have 6 holes)  - I believe all the 4 holed shoes are derbies.If there was a lugged sole version the code would be followed with a "v" (for vibram, prob...) *I doubt you are considering the Z5, though they are 4 hole
CCP workboots, courtesy LIFT:        
If it matters - the 'flat' last has a 2 cm heel, whereas the 'pointy' has a 1.5.  Alessio also offers the older last with a 3 cm heel for women - it looks great and would work for men as well. I find the new last a bit more modern, the other more classic - my gf much prefers the older last (and by last I don't really mean the last but the attachment of of the upper to the vamp) and also prefers me in Harnden over cdiem. At least on top. No innuendo intended. I slightly...
maxfield - so far the only autumn Layer-0 delivery
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