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/\  I believe they are the model 017
redux: luc anatomic j's (aw10)+layer-0 1.5 boot (aw11)  
carpe diem - basic models:   s21 - backzip boot s22 - captoe derby s23 - lace boot s40 - sidezip boot s45 - derby
a bit derivative, perhaps...but one of the best derbies of the season: a1923 ss13 kangaroo one-piece, image courtesy darklands    
  no longer producing work under his own name, but working for one of the more innovative design houses in Paris...
m.a+ ss13 camel leather staple ankle boot (images courtesy atelier)  
Harnden indeed, quintessential captoe boot, produced in any variety of fabric and leathers since the late 90s  
perhaps there is more than one model...  
/\ Rocks.  Totally.  Hats off to David and his team.
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