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maxfield - so far the only autumn Layer-0 delivery
no flash just store lighting + shitty iphone pic agree on color, much more eggplant than plum irl
Layer-0 FW2014 1.5 h7b derbies in eggplant:  
re: Guidi not comprehensive, but a useful roundup of styles and fabrications, courtesy LIFT
/\  I believe they are the model 017
redux: luc anatomic j's (aw10)+layer-0 1.5 boot (aw11)  
carpe diem - basic models:   s21 - backzip boot s22 - captoe derby s23 - lace boot s40 - sidezip boot s45 - derby
a bit derivative, perhaps...but one of the best derbies of the season: a1923 ss13 kangaroo one-piece, image courtesy darklands    
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