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Used but great condition Carmina x Epaulet Faulkner Shortwing in Midnight Calfskin. Originally an Epaulet MTO group for $545, these are in size UK9 or US10.   See the listing in the attachment for the Epaulet website i found using the wayback machine.   Shipping included CONUS, all others please PM me to discuss additional charge.
So my White Gum Soles (ordered 6/22, whatever) arrived yesterday and I'm a little underwhelmed. this just doesn't feel like "highest quality materials". Is this a common feeling or maybe I'm wrong? these don't seem to stack up to other high end whites. Out of the box just didn't seem impressive. I'll have to see how they wear.   And I'm not being a hater, my mystery bag chinos just arrived and I love those. As I do multiple pairs of jeans and oxfords. 6 months is a long...
I don't doubt that. I have a few pair of jeans, an oxfords, t shirts, just ordered a Harrington. Etc. this is been the only failure my mind. I'm hoping you're right in the product lives up to my expectations. Thanks for your reply
What's the deal with the shoe delays? I ordered the white gum soles in June for an October ship, and it's December with only hazy info coming out. I mean I get the business model, but there has to be some recourse here. They should at least attempt to mollify customers. Black Friday came and went, I'm sure there were deals I could've hit for a similar shoe. This is really frustrating.
beautiful video, if the ties are as nice as the video should be great!
Carmina 80189 Split Toe Derby / Simpson / Burgundy / Leather Sole / UK9 US10. Brand new in box never tried on. Box and dust bags included. $375>$360/$350$330$305
Love this this the Vanda x SF?
I purchased a pair of these boots from the Gustin Sample Sale. The Gustin sale was for $199. These are samples so show use and some marks (see pics). Probably what your boots would look like after a few uses. I tried them on and they don't fit (i'm really a 10 these are a tts 9D). Good value I think, I'll sell with shipping CONUS included for $85. Thanks
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