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The only ones I liked were number 3. You could wear any tan, khaki, or even rust colored pants with them and would look great.   For the others, try Boardwalk Empire for ideas.
For my office in Silicon Valley, we'd need to add a level 6 and possibly 7.   6   Men: company logo t-shirts, shorts, gym shoes, jorts, logo polo shirts Women: jeans, shorts, t-shirts   7   Men: sweatpants, flip-flops, oversized t-shirts, athletic shorts, socks with sandals, shorts with long sleeve shirts women: yoga pants, flip-flops, athletic tops, workout wear, short skirts, low cut tops   The CEO dresses somewhere between 3-5 in the boardroom.   Some...
I'm seeing many more lavender shirts lately. I'm more of a conservative dresser but I'm leaning towards adding one to the rotation. I sort of view the lavender as a bit less daring than the pink while still being a bit bold.   Thoughts on this fabric:  
Bump. Help please.
I just bought the Strands in walnut. I think the Gucci's are pretty ugly, especially that buckle. Today I read the following quote regarding monks: "Monk straps are brogues that went to better schools."   My vote would be for the Strands or the Monks depending on your style. Maybe because you have two AE already branch out and go for the monks.   I have nothing but good things to say about KW.
I know that square toe shoes are to be avoided. I bought these and have been wearing them to work with jeans and a sport shirt. Today I realized, they are kind of square in the toe box.     Other views:   Square toe or okay?
Several times today already I've seen colleagues dressed in shorts with long sleeve sport shirts. The only person I've seen pull off this look successfully was Pharrell Williams. Assuming I don't work with him what are your thoughts on this look in an office environment?   
  Sunset time for the day in question is in fact at 6:08PM.  The next day is the end of daylight savings time (an extra hour to party I say).  The fact that I'll have some formal photos taken starting at around 2PM (pre-ceremony) clinched the deal for me to forgo wearing solely evening wear for the whole day.   Suit size is 50R.
After much deliberation, reading, and soul searching, I finally decided on the following attire for my upcoming wedding:   Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony (2PM - 6PM) Black stroller jacket and separate gray pants for groom (me), groomsmen, and father of the bride.  Buff vest, turndown collar, traditional wedding ties and white linen pocket squares.  I chose this Cappelli for myself:   I chose four similar but unique wedding ties from Jaan J. for the three men in...
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