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Was there any mention of what the discount would be on outerwear?
I typically use Glenfiddich 12 in my rusty nails, inexpensive and pairs well. Are you barrel aging them?
I've paid up to 80 for a bottle of Taylor Rye. It's good but hard to find up in MI.
I had the EH taylor single barrel last night for the first time. It was enjoyable, but I can't remember if it is substantially better than the regular EH taylor.
Anybody had the new single barrel Balvenie 15 year sherry. One popped up at a local store, wondering if I should pick it up?
I've got a bottle of the clynelish 14, though not flora fauna. Not sure how much a difference there is between the normal bottling and the flora bottling. I've found it enjoyable and would pick up another bottle in the future when this one is done.
6-8 days has been my usual experience to Michigan.
I paid about 120 for it shipped, but that's also because I was able to spread the shipping out among more than one bottle. I thought it was fantastic when I had some, actually thinking about picking up another bottle since I'm not sure we'll ever see it again with the changes at Mortlach.
Having a Brewery Vivant special release Hubris from Grand Rapids. Pretty good Belgian style ale coming in at 11.5%.
@NewYorkIslander how is the Colonel Taylor, and is their rye or bourbon?
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