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Balvenie 15 year single barrel. Was worth picking up a bottle before they all disappear?
Yes, I have in the past.
This made my day, thanks for sharing!
I've spent more for things that were far less enjoyable.
Had a chance to pop this open last night. I was surprised by how peppery it was, and expected the red berry that hangs around after to be more forward than it was. Overall, different than I was anticipating but definitely enjoyable and worth a try.
I'll try to post some thoughts after I get a chance to try it.
This showed up today...
The deal was now too good, had to pick up a few additional ties. Thanks as always!
I've been known to do this too. If you barrel age the rusty nail, it usually knocks down whatever I don't love about the scotch.
I was in over the weekend and my SA gave my March 20 as the next CIS event.
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