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Yellow Spot
Any idea when the medium travel hangers will be back in stock?
Picked up a few more ties, very excited to get some more as you are quickly becoming my go to for new ties...
I picked up a couple of sale items, had put in th code, and then the discount disappeared at the end. I checked out, customer service adjusted after the fact.
I'd be in for a few bottles depending on pricing and specifics.
Can't believe no one had picked up the Zenga, had to pick it up!
Having a couple of fingers of Colonel Taylor rye tonight trying to kill off the end of a cold.
Was there any mention of what the discount would be on outerwear?
I typically use Glenfiddich 12 in my rusty nails, inexpensive and pairs well. Are you barrel aging them?
I've paid up to 80 for a bottle of Taylor Rye. It's good but hard to find up in MI.
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