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FW 14 bedford FW 13 19th century BD FW 14 Truman cords Paraboot Velva Sheen T
  Birks, Norse Projects cords SS 10 workshirt SS 14 C-1 vest FW 14 brushed hb twill bedford
I took my normal size. Adjustable straps in the back so you can use it as an overvest also
Here's a few looking downs from my recent C-1 mania. SS14 C-1 vest (other: Yuketen, LVC, RL polo, Crescent Down Works)   SS14 C-1 vest, FW13 flannel scarf (other: Alfred Sargent, WWM, Woolrich x Tokito) SS14 C-1 vest, FW12 Ground crew pants, SS11 workshirt (+woolrich x tokito hiking blazer) SS11 workshirt (other: Visvim, Norse Projects, MHL, Filson) Workaday fatigues, Classic shirt (+Visvim, Filson)
What vest is that under the brookline jacket? Duck cloth truman worn reversed lol?
The long bush shirt is pretty interesting piece
This shoulder cape is really tempting  
Enjoy more bad quality instagram pics   EG shawl collar shacket, EG fairisle cardi, Post O'alls 5pocket, Yuketens Nanamica cruiser, EG round collar shirt, Post O'alls 5pockets, NB 576FM, Propery of Dirk travel bag.
I don't have much EG yet. And in late summer you cant really do much layerin either. But its not always about the layering.   FW 12 Shawl collar shirt jacket SS 12 fairisle beach jersey cotton/linen SS 13 madras scarf (WWM SS11 shiprock parka) FW 12 shirt jacket again. (PRL cardigan, Haversack shirt) SS 13 cotton/linen ecru truman pant  (Country rangers, PRL chambray shirt)
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