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Well done fuji, well done haha.
Yes.  Chances are you're failing with pullups, rows, pulldowns because you cannot pull the weight fully into your chest which requires higher utilization of the forearms and biceps (at the bottom of those movements the ratio of back:bicep/forearm is much greater) due to the in decreased leverages of the back.  The easiest example would be the pullup.  How often do you see someone do a pullup and them only get about half way up?  The lats are much more engaged at the...
Very very rarely is the back going to tire before biceps unless pre-fatiguing methods or other various "special" methods are used to force it to do that.  The back is simply a much larger muscle group and has a much higher work capacity.
Bench more than you squat?
  Single arm snatches/cleans/swings while compound - and unilateral generally load the body asymmetrically throughout multiple planes (generally not the best way to be fixing imbalances).  When approaching imbalance issues, try to minimize the multi-planar facets and isolate the actual issue.  As an example - if I have a herniated disc (I do) - I'm not going to try and FIX the issue using squats/deadlifts etc due to the movement through multiple planes when the issue is...
Updated the site with a few videos/pictures from this past meet where I set 3 new American Records in the APC and qualified for Worlds in Argentina.  Feel free to check it out!  Also running a special on prices because I'm pretty excited about how the meet went and how amazing it is to be a coach (some of the kids I coach showed up at the meet to cheer!).
Fair enough - I was talking more about the powerlifts - and it's also why I didn't say "ALL compound lifts fail to take the elbow through full ROM".  Though to be fair C&J the primary focus of getting the weight overhead is coming from your leg drive and while it does take it through the full range of motion it doesn't do crap for improving bench (which ultimately is what I care about as a powerlifter).  I'm not a huge proponent of the olympic lifts in general due to 99%...
Very few compound movements take the elbow joint through the maximum range of motion.  Further very few compound movements can help fix imbalances and usually are creating them.
  Neglecting your arms in terms of strength isn't particularly smart.  Training your arms are indeed important from a "strength point of view".  Keeps your elbows healthy, helps your lockout on bench, helps your grip for deadlift.   Some videos of my new American records at the meet the past weekend.
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