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Think of the aerobic:anaerobic:strength paradigm as a venn diagram where when any one circle increases it will overlap the other two more and more.  The total area of the diagram doesn't get much bigger as one singular circle overlaps more however, if the other circles start to expand then the area increases much more.  There will be times in training where the opportunity benefit from aerobic work exceeds that of maximal strength and times where anaerobic work exceeds...
Wanted to share an update with one of my clients!     Lifts (3RM): Bench: 75 lbs. to 115 lbs. Squat: 115 lbs. to 165 lbs. Deadlift: 135 lbs. to 195 lbs.     Weight/Body fat: Week 0: 150 lbs./16% Week 12: 163 lbs./16.3%   Some great results here and keep on going.  Really got his technique down in the big lifts and he's starting to fill out shirts and even has some abs starting to show (the bodyfat % increase may be off honestly...
Not all protein is the same.  Bioavailability differs significantly based on source.  This is just one reason why Soy isn't nearly as an effective protein - poor bioavailability, not a complete protein, phytoestrogens are reasons too.   Steak is always the better option.  I've run experiments (only on my self, not on clients) for periods of time where my main source of protein x>75% comes from 1) whey, 2) lean sources such as chicken and white fish, 3) steak while keeping...
They make firmer foam rollers ya know.  I've got a stick and a few different densities of foam rollers.  I've got your typical black foam roller, some PVC piping used as a roller, and then I went and got a rumble roller which has rubber spiky nubs on it as well as being much firmer.  The stick is alright but nothing compares to a rumble roller or lacrosse ball in my opinion.
Most of the Russian/Eastern bloc manuals prescribe a lot of sub-maximal work to cause adaptation.  You don't HAVE to have max effort work to progress in your max though I would say it's necessary for peaking.  Depending on which smolov/shieko/whatever other Russian cycle you're running you'll notice that most have a base cycle which is much heavier on submaximal work and most have a peaking cycle which usually has you working more often above 90%.
Just google.  There is a spreadsheet around with most of the major templates that are self-calculating with some inputs on the last tab.  I've got it on one of my external hdd if you can't find it.
One of my teammates fainted at his last meet on his second attempt squat.  He got shot out like a cannonball from underneath the bar luckily.
It takes me almost 8 sets just to warm up and at times may be hitting as many as 15 total sets.  On days where I'm focusing on work capacity I'll do 25 sets of 2 box squats against the clock.  Hell my squat crew will use the monolift for 2 hours if the group is big.  Luckily we have 2 monos and a rack though for anyone else who needs access.
Well hope everyone had a great weekend and got some training in.  I had 700 lbs on my back for the first time and took it for a ride.  Didn't hit depth (my back flared up about half way down so I came back up early) but it didn't crush me and I handled the weight.  Good to know that my confidence is still there and my nervous system is still primed for heavy work.  Onwards and upwards!
  Again unless they were dictating all factors outside that could affect health indicators - which unless they have them under lock and key and even then that would make for negative health indicators due to the increased stress of being imprisoned...then it is very likely that variables were not maintained.  That is a problem inherent with human health science, most of it is correlative and not causation based evidence wherein the correlations can be affected - both...
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