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So I've got these ZB DNA jeans during the winter zfactorie sale, and I've worn them less than 10 times since. They're in a typical J-shape and the quality is really good too. Selling them because I got bigger. Condition is like 9/10, there are almost no signs of wear. Sorry about the picture quality, I only have my phone, but I can post more if asked.   I'm open to negociate on shipping, I'll even do it for free if you're in Korea.
Is it safe to dye reverse calf augustas? Mine are black but they have this greenish tint I don't really like, so I'm planning on making them darker.
I'm looking for a plain baseball cap, preferably gray/charcoal. Where can I find a decent one with no branding at all?
So how do you join Vitamori? Is it by invitation? I tried to sign up, but nothing yet... I really want to get in on the Julius sale and maybe some backzips! 
I paid on the 7th, no tracking yet
Anyone got tracking on their wool MA-1 yet?
Damn I hope this is for real. I sent you a PM on sufu, might as well post here.
Layer-0 size 41 for pretty cheap, damn I wish they were my size.
Sorry if this has been asked too many times already, but when does the sizing chart come out?
Is there a size chart for the suit? How do they fit? Like regular h&m?
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